Are Archie And Jughead Alive or Dead? Who is the Big Bad of ‘Rivervale’?

Archie and Jughead Dead Or Alive

With its 5-episode ‘Rivervale’ event, ‘Riverdale‘ season six completely explores the horror genre and places its characters in a variety of ludicrous and horrific scenarios.

The entire impact of Rivervale’s quietly odd society becomes apparent as its citizens continuously alter their loyalties and openly interact with otherworldly powers.

Fans are naturally curious as to whether Archie and Jughead, two of the series’ most popular characters, are living or dead in this community that isn’t afraid of extinguished souls and bodies.

Given the crazy nature of Rivervale, it’s no surprise that the fate of the two youngsters appears to be in jeopardy.

In addition, sinister secrets about Archie and Jughead are exposed, altering our perceptions of the two towns.

So let’s get started and learn more about these two.


Jughead Dead Or Alive

Are Archie & Jughead Alive or Dead?

After his sacrificial slaying in the opening episode, Archie returns in season 6 episode 5.

Nobody is surprised by Archie’s abrupt appearance; in fact, everyone is preparing for Archie and Betty’s weekend wedding, which Jughead, despite being the best man, appears to be clueless of.

We find a body in front of Rivervale’s town sign right at the start of the episode. Dr. Curdle later realises that the body is Jughead’s.

Even though Jughead has began to discover the existence of Riverdale, we can tell that he is alive and well with his companions.

Despite Betty’s dismissal of Dr. Curdle’s assertions regarding the body, Jughead resolves to visit the mortuary and examine the body for himself.

As a result, Jughead comes face to face with his doppelganger’s cold body. He digs through his possessions and finds a collection of ‘Archie’ comics that deal with the Riverdale/Rivervale conundrum.

Later, his duplicate rises from the grave to prevent him and Betty from committing themselves in the explosion that will split the two towns’ parallel universes.

Obviously, no one dies in Rivervale.

The doppelganger, which is essentially narrator Jughead, describes how he traveled to a kind of heaven that resembled Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe and housed a large collection of ‘Archie’ comics.

Between issues 95 (Riverdale’s ending) and 96 (Rivervale’s beginning), he discovered a special edition comic book that explains how the power of imagination, or creation, is required to split the two universes and put an end to the dark forces wreaking havoc on both.

Since a destructive force (Hiram Lodge’s bomb) gave birth to Rivervale, a constructive force (Jughead’s writing) must now save it.

Later, when Archie tries to attack Jughead, Betty shoots him dead, but he is quickly resurrected due to Rivervale’s mystical quality.

In Rivervale, Archie, writer Jughead, and narrator Jughead are all living. Jughead is also alive in Riverdale, albeit his hearing may have been injured by the enormous explosion in Archie’s room, which Archie and Betty appear to have escaped.

Naturally, we assume Archie is still alive in Riverdale.

Archie Dead Or Alive

What Does Rivervale’s Big Bad Want, And Who Are They?

Rivervale’s “big villain” is revealed to be Archie. Archie is the bad guy in Rivervale, similar to how Hiram is the bane of everyone in Riverdale.

He is yearning to see his dead father, Fred, who died in a hit-and-run accident at the start of Season 4.

Archie begins murdering his own friends who try to break the destructive tie between the two universes in his effort to bring Fred back from the grave, which is only feasible in Rivervale since “everyone comes back to life.”

Betty shoots Archie after he tries to choke Jughead to death, as previously stated. As a result, Archie dies for the time being.

Later, the narrator, Jughead, discovers a means to restore normalcy to Riverdale and Rivervale.

Archie, on the other hand, reawakens and goes to attack Betty and narrator Jughead, who are in Archie’s room attempting to recreate the birth of Rivervale.

However, writer Jughead is able to keep Archie out of Rivervale’s plot by separating the two towns’ stories.

As a result, we watch Betty and the narrator, Jughead, leave the room and descend to greet their pals, who are now all normal and free of demonic influences.

Betty reunites with Archie, who is happily not as murderous as his prior incarnation, while Jughead returns to Tabitha.