Forever Queens: Are Lorena Herrera and Roberto Assad Still Together?

Are Lorena Herrera and Roberto Assad Still Together

Are Lorena Herrera and Roberto Assad Still Together? – The four divas featured in the Netflix Mexican reality series “Forever Queens” are unquestionably not your typical women. The mayhem and drama that the four queens bring when they come together to record a song cannot be missed.

Show business legends Luca Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, and Lorena Herrera are the subjects of the reality series Forever Queens, which follows their special friendship. These women come together to bring the dark side of their lives to the big screen by sharing their scandals and experiences with the public.

Only Lorena Herrera was in a committed relationship throughout the first season of the four ladies around whom the drama is based. One of the primary focal elements of the presentation was their chemistry as a couple. Roberto Assad. The journey was everything but easy and had its share of ups and downs, which made many people unsure of how the relationship was going right now. We are fortunate here to investigate the same.

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Lorena Herrera and Roberto Assad’s Journey Together

Lorena Herrera and Roberto Assad’s Journey Together

After dating for three years, Celia Lorena Herrera de la Vega, also known as Lorena Herrera, and Roberto Assad got hitched in January 2007. They are both well-known actors in their own right, and their bond appears to have never wavered. The pair used every opportunity to express their love for one another to their followers on social media and other open forums over the years. The attractive couple never shied away from expressing their happiness over each other’s successes and remained constant in their support for their respective marriages.

Given the apparent affection they held for one another when Lorena and Roberto first debuted in “Forever Queens,” their union could easily be described as ideal. However, Lorena said that she had been keeping something from her husband at the very beginning of her tenure on the reality show. Before her confession, Lorena had not had the slightest inclination toward any sexual activities and had made every effort to stay away from them not to hurt Roberto.

Roberto was more than sympathetic and tried to figure out what was wrong because he sensed something was amiss. In the end, Lorena found the strength to tell her husband how she was feeling and also consulted several physical and mental experts to determine the root of the problem.

Based on the direction of the experts, the two chose to test out various settings to spice up the bedroom and perhaps reignite Lorena’s passion. But did the two succeed in their endeavours, or did they fall out? So, let’s go over all we know about it!

Are Roberto Assad and Lorena Herrera Still Together?

Indeed, Lorena and Roberto are still a couple. Roberto took Lorena on a surprise date with lovely arrangements for his wife around the end of season 1 of “Forever Queens.” He told her how much he loved her there, from the bottom of his heart. He said that regardless of their relationship’s sexual aspects, he would always love her for who she is. In response, Lorena acknowledged her undying love for Roberto and her desire to spend her entire life with him.

The heartwarming scene undoubtedly reassured those who might have been concerned about the future of the marriage. They do appear to be as in love as ever, and they never hesitate to make social media updates that include their partners. The couple does not currently have any children. We wish the couple all the success in the world and look forward to seeing more of them if the Netflix series gets renewed for another season.

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