My True Crime Story: Where is Coss Marte Now?

Where is Coss Marte Now

Where is Coss Marte Now? – Coss Marte enjoyed the good life in New York up until 2009, earning enormous sums of money as a drug lord. But his detention in federal jail and subsequent arrest changed everything. When he got inside, the prison doctor informed him that if he kept up his current lifestyle, he would not survive long. Coss changed his ways, and after getting out of jail, he used his talents significantly, achieving outstanding accomplishments. The most recent installment of VH1‘s episode My True Crime Story focuses on Coss’ inspiring story of redemption. Therefore, let’s learn more now, shall we?

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Who is Coss Marte?

When Coss Marte’s mother was still six months pregnant, his parents relocated from the Dominican Republic to the US. Coss was a good student and received good grades as he was growing up. But when he first tried marijuana at age 11, he understood he could easily make money selling drugs. So Coss started selling marijuana and cocaine precisely as he had planned.

Coss excelled in academics and sports simultaneously and eventually received a scholarship to a boarding school in Rhode Island. He claimed, “I thought selling drugs was not a bad thing. I thought it was just a way of living. And people do this as a job.” Coss was eventually found with ecstasy in his room and was then taken to a rehab center. His roommate there showed him how to turn cocaine into crack.

Coss’s family pleaded with him to halt drug peddling, but he refused. After just one semester, Coss was expelled from SUNY-Albany in New York. He soon started earning about $3,000 per day just from selling drugs. Then, he took over when one of his sources for cocaine retired, and things picked up. To prevent the police from discovering his cache during a raid, Coss collaborated with other dealers and created a sophisticated drug-dealing structure.

Coss eventually had his men deliver drugs by bicycle and then by rented automobile. To minimize police suspicion, he even made them put on suits. Coss was making almost $2 million a year from his heroin deals by the time he was 19 years old. However, Coss received a 7-year term after being nabbed once with cocaine and crack in the inner of his jacket. But it made little difference because he managed his empire from behind bars until he was released four years later.

Coss had a son with an on-and-off partner by age 22. Then, during an undercover investigation, federal investigators detained Coss in March 2009. Before it was lowered to seven years, he was given a 12-year term. He wed his son’s mother around that time. Coss was obese when he began his prison term, and the doctor warned him that if he didn’t change his way of living, he would pass away in five years.

Coss then started exercising using the tools he had at hand. He did everything he could in his prison cell to get active and shed weight, other than subsisting on canned tuna. Coss shed 70 pounds over the following six months due to his efforts. He was motivated to improve himself in part because of his son. Along with helping himself, Coss shared his fitness routine with other prisoners to assist them in losing weight.

Where is Coss Marte Now?

Coss Marte spent four years in prison before being released in 2013. He continued his regimen after that and eventually launched CONBODY in 2014. To create a boot camp atmosphere reminiscent of a prison, Coss employs ex-offenders to instruct exercise sessions. Coss has become a supporter of the imprisoned over the past few years thanks to his foundation of the same name. Over 70,000 people have been his customers, and he has worked with numerous inmates.

In addition to CONBODY, Coss recently launched CONBUD, a marijuana dispensary business in New York. He intended to give former inmates a second opportunity by hiring them as employees. Coss, who now resides in New York, formerly spent the two years following his parole working as a resume writer. Second Chance Studios was co-founded by Coss as well. It’s a nonprofit digital media organization that wants to educate and hire ex-offenders.

Coss stated, “The fellowship program teaches technical, life, professional, and soft skills to meet the needs of returning citizens to be reskilled for well-paying jobs in areas such as podcasting and video production, in addition to pairing them with seasoned industry mentors. We plan on utilizing the fellows to create content for CONBUD to give opportunities to formerly incarcerated people at all aspects of the business.” Coss and his wife Roxie recently welcomed a new child into the world.

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