My True Crime Story: Where is Dartanyon Williams Now?

Where is Dartanyon Williams Now

Where is My True Crime Story’s Dartanyon Williams Now? – The intriguing tale of Dartanyon Williams, who the FBI infamously labeled “The Master Identity Thief,” is recounted in VH1‘s show “My True Crime Story.” In his 20s, he built a sizable fortune by stealing substantial sums from financial institutions. Still, eventually, he decided to change his ways and devote himself to educating people about the very crimes he had perpetrated in his youth. Now, if you’re interested in learning more about Dartanyon and his current activities, we have all the information you need!

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Who is Dartanyon Williams

Who Is Dartanyon Williams?

Dartanyon Williams, a native of Louisiana, claims that he was a naturally curious child. He only started experimenting with identity theft when he was 15 and used his parents’ identities to steal money. Dartanyon continued down the route, excited by the potential of generating quick cash, and by the time he was 19, he had amassed $1 million. The adolescent made money by robbing credit card companies, auto dealers, and other businesses using other people’s financial information.

Dartanyon had a narcotics operation in addition to identity theft, further solidifying his place in the criminal underworld. He quickly expanded his business and began hiring more employees thanks to his brilliant mind, abilities, and competence. Unsurprisingly, at the age of 23, Dartanyon was in charge of a multimillion-dollar criminal enterprise that employed 40 individuals. A large-scale operation did, however, come with risks because it quickly put the Louisiana native on the FBI’s radar.

Given Dartanyon’s youth, the authorities couldn’t understand how he managed to perpetrate such huge financial scams. His technological equipment, such as the printers, fonts, and plastic required to create fraudulent credit cards and identification documents, piqued the FBI’s interest. Dartanyon was, however, eventually caught for his crimes around the age of 25. During that time, he was the subject of 23 criminal arrests, four state convictions, and two consecutive stints in federal prison.

Dartanyon was sentenced to five years in jail for the first offense—a federal allegation of conspiring to steal identities. He was imprisoned for drug trafficking the second time in 2005, which resulted in a harsher punishment. He was sentenced to three years in solitary confinement, which was against the law at the Tangipahoa Parish Jail in Amite, Louisiana. Dartanyon claims that while alone during this time, he had a profound spiritual connection with God. Nevertheless, this time had a significant impact on his life.

The Louisiana native decided to change his ways at this point and give up his life of crime because he wanted to be there for his children, who were still relatively little. Dartanyon started working on himself and constructing a new life by embracing the spiritual path.

Where is Dartanyon Williams Today

Where is Dartanyon Williams Today?

Dartanyon Williams started working on his rehabilitation after serving his sentence by assisting the FBI, Secret Service, and Louisiana authorities in tackling fraud and cybercrime. In addition, he started teaching the populace about the dangers of identity theft and how to counter them. Dartanyon wrote his memoir, “The Master Identity Thief,” based on his actual experiences, and it was released in May 2020.

Readers get a firsthand experience of how identity theft and fraud can be recognized and avoided in the two-volume best-seller, which dives into the author’s previous life and quest for self-discovery. Dartanyon now goes by the name DAW and lives with his family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He also has two profitable businesses, The DAW Group, LLC, and DuckPond Technologies, Inc., which create cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies and solutions.

To represent Louisiana in the US Senate, Dartanyon campaigned for office in November 2020. Even though he wasn’t elected, he nevertheless offered state legislators and Congress suggestions to safeguard citizens from financial fraud. Dartanyon is currently preoccupied with his business endeavors and frequently speaks in public and gives back to the community to further his cause of empowerment. We wish him the best of luck in his aspirations since his road to redemption is unquestionably inspirational.

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