Brittany Clardy Murder: Where is Alberto Palmer Today?

Brittany Clardy Murder

Brittany Clardy Murder: Where is Alberto Palmer Now? – When Brittany Clardy’s dead body was discovered in a car’s trunk in a Columbia Heights impound lot, the Twin Cities region of Minnesota witnessed a horrible murder. Authorities later found that Brittany was reported missing around two weeks before the body’s discovery. The documentary series “Grave Mysteries: A Secret Life” on Investigation Discovery tells the story of the horrible killing and the investigation that led to the conviction of the murderer. Let’s investigate the specifics of the crime to learn more, shall we?

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How Did Brittany Clardy Die

Brittany Clardy’s Cause of Death

At the time of her murder, 18-year-old Brittany Clardy lived in the Minnesota Twin Cities region. Brittany was a natural planner who enjoyed planning events for everyone, according to her loved ones and those who knew her. She also had a strong link with her family, especially with her mother, and was well-regarded for being a kind and giving person. The jovial 18-year-old, according to the programme, had a secret, though, as she worked as a sex worker to supplement her income and cover expenses.

Brittany never intended to do it for very long because she had other goals for the future that were all destroyed by one hate-motivated crime. She left her home on February 11, 2013, to travel to an apartment in Brooklyn Park. However, it was the last time anyone saw Brittany alive because she didn’t come back, which caused her family to be concerned for her safety. After several hours went by with no word of the 18-year-old, Brittany’s family decided to file a missing person’s report.

The police promptly opened an inquiry and sent out a search team to scour the neighbourhood. They also spoke with several of Brittany’s friends to determine whether foul play was possible. The investigations turned out to be fruitless, and those who knew the missing girl did not immediately come up with a suspect. As a result, the case lay idle for two weeks, leading Brittany’s family to fear the worst.

Sadly, just two weeks after Brittany vanished, the police found an abandoned car in an apartment complex next to Brooklyn Park, confirming the fears of Brittany’s loved ones. The police found a body under a blanket after forcing open the car after it was carried into a Columbia Heights impound facility. Brittany’s body was quickly identified, and an autopsy revealed that the victim had been strangled before being killed by a blunt, heavy instrument.

Where is Alberto Palmer Today

Who Killed Brittany Clardy and Why?

Due to a lack of leads, the first investigation into Brittany Clardy’s murder was complicated for the authorities. Additionally, none of Brittany’s friends understood why someone would want to hurt the 18-year-old. The police searched the area where the abandoned automobile was first discovered, but they could not find any witnesses and were forced to start over. However, when investigators found that Brittany had advertised herself as a sex worker on a website, they made their first significant advancement.

Cops discovered that Brittany was scheduled to see Alberto Palmer on the day of her murder after looking through her client list on the adult website. Interestingly, Brittany’s body was discovered not far from Alberto’s brother’s home. Alberto admitted to meeting Brittany that day when the police questioned him. He stated that he had brought Brittany back to his flat but that when they started bickering over money, he lost his cool. Alberto later admitted to strangling Brittany first, then killing her with a hammer.

Large bloodstains on the floor matched Brittany’s DNA were discovered when the police thoroughly searched Alberto’s brother’s flat. Additionally, a resident of the same apartment stated that Alberto had wrapped Brittany’s body in her blanket and that she had seen the suspect cleaning the crime scene with what appeared to be Kool-Aid. Naturally, these facts, combined with Alberto’s admission, were sufficient grounds for his detention and subsequent murder charges.

Who Killed Brittany Clardy

Where is Alberto Palmer Now?

According to reports, Alberto Palmer was once suspected of assaulting and sexually abusing three sex workers in Georgia. In addition, the police discovered Klaressa Cook’s body while Alberto awaited his trial and was able to connect his murder to it. Alberto Palmer admitted to first-degree murder in both cases, although Klaressa and Brittany’s murder trials were conducted independently.

Alberto Palmer received a consecutive 40-year jail term for the murder of Brittany and a life sentence with a minimum of 30 years in prison for the murder of Klaressa, both in 2014. Alberto is, therefore, still imprisoned at the MCF Rush City in Chisago County, Minnesota, as he is still ineligible for release.

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