Where is Christian Griggs’ Ex-Wife Katie Griggs Today?

Christian Griggs' Ex-Wife Katie Griggs Now

Where is Christian Griggs’ Ex-Wife Katie Griggs Now? – The terrible tale of a young father is revealed in the most recent episode of Investigation Discovery’s “True Crime Story: It Couldn’t Happen Here.” When Christian Griggs arrived at his estranged father-in-law’s house to pick up his then-4-year-old daughter, Jaden, he was shot and killed outside. When the shooting took place, Katie Griggs, who had been split up from Christian, was inside the residence. So, here is what we know if you’re wondering what happened to her.

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Who is Katie Griggs

Who Is Katie Griggs?

A shy and attractive young woman, Katie Chisenhall was raised in Angier, North Carolina. When he was 29 years old, Pat Chisenhall became a preacher. Patrick was the older brother of Katie, the younger child. At North Carolina’s Harnett Central High School, Katie first met Christian, and the two quickly started dating. Their daughter, Jaden, was born in November 2008, just a few months after Katie became pregnant during their senior year.

Christian initially received a full ROTC scholarship to attend North Carolina State University, but he left after one year and joined the Army to support his daughter. Later, Christian’s parents said that Katie frequently accused them of treating her disrespectfully. Everyone involved was stressed, and Christian and Katie’s parents didn’t even get together until four months after the couple’s wedding in January 2009. Marriage has its share of problems. As part of his deployment, Christian spent time in Iraq; the tour was completed in August 2011.

Christian and Katie then purchased a property in Harlem, Georgia, but their stay there was troubled. Katie contacted 911 in May 2012 to report that Christian had locked himself in a room with a gun because she feared he might commit suicide. He said that it was just done to frighten Katie when the police showed up. Then, in September 2012, Katie called 911 from Georgia to report that Christian had made suicide threats. He was at his parents’ house in North Carolina at the time. Christian claimed to the police that he had just spoken to Katie a few hours earlier while he was sleeping.

The next day, she was in Angier and redialed 911, complaining that Christian wouldn’t leave and that they had gotten into a fight over custody of Jaden. Before deciding to call it to quit in 2013, the couple made one more attempt to make things work. On alternating weekends, Christian went to pick up Jaden, and on October 11, 2013, he did so. However, a fight followed, and Katie later reported to the police that Christian had destroyed a window and torn out an AC unit. Christian was subject to arrest warrants the same evening for breaking and entering and domestic criminal trespass, thanks to Katie and Pat.

The next day, October 12, 2013, Christian returned to pick up Jaden, but it was unclear what actually transpired. Pat reported to the police that Christian had been angry and threatening. The preacher then instructed his daughter to enter the home. Then, according to Pat, Christian allegedly began pounding on the house’s windows and doors to get Katie to leave. Katie contacted 911 and claimed Christian threatened them and broke into the house. Katie claimed she had been hiding in a closet before the shooting. Pat ultimately stated that he had shot his estranged son-in-law out of self-defense.

How Did Christian Griggs Die

Where is Katie Griggs Today?

The Harnett County, North Carolina, the court sealed Katie Griggs’ account of the incident, making Pat’s account the only one that was made public. She attended the wrongful death trial in which her father was found civilly liable, which was brought by Christian’s parents. Jaden, who is currently a teenager, is currently under Katie’s care.

As of 2018, Katie Griggs and Christian’s parents were engaged in a legal back-and-forth about Christian’s access to Jaden. Katie later got remarried, and in January 2018, she submitted the necessary paperwork for Jaden to assume her new husband’s name. She wants our names to remain the same because “it is also my married name,” according to her petition. It is said to have been approved the next month. As far as we can ascertain, she still resides in North Carolina, but she likes to lead a secluded life.

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