Ashley Freeman and Michael Grinnan Attempted Murder Story: Is Leeroy W. Rogers Sr. Dead?

Ashley Freeman and Michael Grinnan Attempted Murder

Ashley Freeman and Michael Grinnan Attempted Murder Story: Where is Leeroy W. Rogers Sr. Today? – Ashley Freeman and Mike Grinnan were really eager to go off-roading on a hill in Dallas, Texas, in the summer of 2002. But they were unaware of the horror that was waiting for them just there. In “Dead Silent: The Stranger on The Hill,” an episode on Investigation Discovery details how a stranger robbed Ashley and Mike before attempting to kill both of them. Even though the couple could flee without harm, it took some time for the police to identify and apprehend the offender. Let’s investigate the specifics of the crime to learn more, shall we?

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What Happened to Ashley Freeman and Mike Grinnan

Mike Grinnan and Ashley Freeman Brutal Attack Story

Ashley Freeman and Michael “Mike” Grinnan met in college and fell in love. They had high hopes for the future and wanted to start a family. Those who knew them characterized them as a fun-loving pair who were smitten with one another. Ashley and Mike were also well-liked by their friends and well-known for lending a helping hand to anyone who needed it. It’s interesting to note that the two were about to start their summer vacations at the time of the attack, but the horrific event severely derailed their plans.

On June 14, 2002, Mike and Ashley were in Texas visiting Mike’s family when they decided to take a drive up a hill in Dallas. However, a stranger who approached the passenger side window flashed a revolver and demanded money, abruptly ruining their planned romantic date. Ashley and Mike complied since they didn’t want to cause any trouble, but the stranger soon forcibly removed Ashley from the car before tying Mike inside and igniting it. Ashley could only watch helplessly as the fire grew, unable to run away as the man pursued her and dragged her into his own vehicle.

The man then drove to a remote area where he viciously raped Ashley twice. Ashley was sure she was going to die at that point, but the man asked her to flee before pulling a revolver and shooting her in the back. To her astonishment, the attacker instead chose to escape the scene rather than go for the kill. Although delirious, in pain, and in need of assistance, Ashley managed to drag herself about a mile down the road to a work site where she could phone for help. When officials arrived in response to her call, they transferred her to a hospital immediately.

She then discovered that Mike could also liberate himself from his restraints and find salvation. However, the offender remained at large, and the two were prepared to assist the police in any way they could. They helped the authorities identify the perpetrator as a tall black male and gave them information on the make and type of the assailant’s vehicle. However, the investigation proved to be rather difficult, and the police were left searching in circles for over a year.

Eventually, in 2003, a citizen alerted law enforcement to a vehicle of the same model, and when they tracked it down to the owner, they discovered that the man fit the attacker’s description. Police quickly detained Leeroy W. Rogers Sr., who had a long criminal history and had spent more than 30 years in and out of prison. However, Leeroy was charged with attempted murder, aggravated sexual assault, and robbery with a deadly weapon for the incident in 2002.

Is Leeroy W. Rogers Sr. Dead or Alive

Is Leeroy W. Rogers, Sr. Still Alive or Dead?

When Leeroy was brought before the court in 2004, he admitted guilt and was given a 10-year prison term. Despite being released in 2013, he could not maintain sobriety and quickly returned to his criminal activities. After that, in 2016, Leeroy made an appearance in court for the 2015 shooting deaths of Kendra Carnes and Kimberly S. Clupper in Massillon, Ohio.

In addition, despite overwhelming evidence against him, Leeroy admitted guilt to both murders and was given a life sentence with the possibility of release after 61 years. Recent jail records indicate that Leeroy has subsequently passed away, despite being imprisoned at the Lorain Correctional Institution in Grafton, Ohio, following his trial.

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