The Playboy Murders on ID: Christina Carlin-Kraft Murder: Where is Jonathan Harris Now?

Christina Carlin-Kraft Murder: Where is Jonathan Harris Now? – Christina Carlin-Kraft, 36 years old, had a beautiful appearance. It was no surprise that she became a successful model, given her remarkable beauty, fantastic figure, and undeniable passion for fashion. Christina Carlin-Kraft and her fiancé were living it up after their engagement. She went out and made a poor choice in men, which cut short her glamorous and promising existence. Before Hugh Hefner’s untimely death, Christina Carlin-Kraft worked with him as a Playboy model.

The Investigation Discovery’s mini tv crime series ‘The Playboy Murders‘ episode 3, “Moth to a Flame” focuses on the horrible murder of Christina Carlin-Kraft in her Philadelphia apartment in August 2018. If you want to know more about Christina Carlin-Kraft’s death and her killer, keep reading the full article.

Official Synopsis:

Episode 3 Moth to a Flame

“The murder of Playboy Cybergirl Christina Carlin-Kraft in her Pennsylvania condo takes police on a search for her killer from the streets of Philadelphia to a psychiatric ward. Detectives rely on surveillance video and a public plea to find the culprit.”

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How Did Christina Carlin-Kraft Die
Christina Carlin-Kraft (right) at a party in New York

How Did Model Christina Carlin-Kraft Die?

After growing up on a farm in Jersey, Christina Carlin-Kraft, now 36 years old, became a model for cosmetics and lingerie brands, including Vanity Fair and Maxim.

Christina Carlin-Kraft was born on November 11, 1981, in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County, New Jersey, to parents Stuart Carlin and the late Dawn Ann Carlin. She began modeling at an early age, and her Model Mayhem website is littered with endorsements from prominent businesses and newspapers. Her self-assurance and affability helped her enter the fashion world at an early age, and her other qualities kept her there.

These characteristics eventually led the rural girl to the catwalks of New York’s West Village and Philadelphia’s Main Line, respectively. Vanity Fair, Maxim, Victoria’s Secret, Playboy, Redkin, L’Oreal, MAC, QVC, and Smashbox were among her numerous clients. Christina Carlin-Kraft stated in her bio, “I conducted a classy photo shoot for Playboy that exceeded Hollywood beauty.”

Whether she was with her family, her pets, or her coworkers, she exuded a gracious and friendly aura wherever she went. On the morning of August 22, 2018, it was shocking to discover her body in bed with her face cracked and covered in deep bruises. The authorities were summoned to Christina Carlin-Kraft’s Ardmore residence at the request of her fiance. The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office autopsy determined that the victim had been strangled with a ligature.

Who Killed Christina Carlin-Kraft
Killer Alex Ciccotelli

Who Killed Christina Carlin-Kraft and Why?

Alex Ciccotelli, the boyfriend of Christina Carlin-Kraft, testified that he had anxiety anytime the couple went over 24 hours without communicating. This was quite uncharacteristic of her. Concerned, he checked the apartment’s security system’s updates on his phone and discovered that the condo had been occupied until 5 a.m. He said that he went to her apartment to check on her and found that the door was latched from the inside.

Alex Ciccotelli immediately dialed 911, and the officers noticed blood splatters in the kitchen and main bedroom of the apartment. The body of Christina Carlin-Kraft was discovered wrapped in her blankets and clothing. After beginning their investigation into the model’s disappearance, Philadelphia police uncovered security footage of her and a man outside a pizza shop.

According to investigators, the model and her friend were driven back to the model’s apartment by Lyft driver Andrew Sanford. He observed Christina Carlin-Kraft kissing her male partner and remarked that she “seemed to initiate much of the contact,” hinting that the two were romantically linked. After reviewing surveillance footage from her residence and requesting the public’s assistance in locating the missing couple, officials released images of the two enterings her apartment together.

In a few days, the police gathered sufficient evidence to arrest Jonathan Harris, 30, on multiple counts of drug trafficking. He was recently released from prison, where he had been spending time for armed robbery, and has a lengthy criminal record. The authorities obtained his texts about meeting a “beautiful woman” and visiting her apartment. A week after committing the act in August and fleeing over state lines, Harris was caught in Pittsburgh, where an arrest warrant had been filed.

Before confessing to the murder of the model Christina Carlin-Kraft, Harris informed authorities that he and Christina Carlin-Kraft had used narcotics and consumed wine together. According to him, they had battled about her refusal to pay the projected $1,200 fee for the medications. Harris allegedly punched her many times, fracturing her sinuses, after she allegedly struck him with a wine bottle to the head. Harris allegedly attacked and strangled Christina after she called 911 to report a drug dealer, according to the suspect.

I could not stand to see her in pain, “Harris, the witness, delivered testimony. She stated, “I wrapped a blanket around her.” I immediately recognised that she had sustained a significant injury after watching her facial expression. According to the toxicology results of the medical examiner, the victim had a substantial amount of alcohol but no illegal substances in her system. The legal team for Harris contended that their client was intoxicated on the night of the murder.

Where is Jonathan Harris Now

Where is Killer Jonathan Harris Today?

According to their evidence, Harris reportedly informed another hospital inmate that “there is nothing like squeezing somebody and feeling their last breath leave their body.” In Harris’ trial for the murder of Christina, which began in May of this year, numerous pieces of evidence and witness statements have been used. In addition to murder, he was found guilty of kidnapping, possession of an instrument, and strangling.

Harris was sentenced to life in prison for murder in August of this year (2019), in addition to 22-45 years for other crimes. After the trial, her stepmother, Casey Kraft, said, “She was a brilliant star, but he annihilated her.” His case transcripts indicate that he is currently incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution – Phoenix in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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