Death by Fame on ID: Catherine Davis Murder and How Did Actor Johnny Lewis Die?

Catherine Davis Murder

Catherine Davis Murder and How Did Actor Johnny Lewis Die? – On September 26, 2012, Los Angeles officers initially responded to a report of an assault, but their investigation quickly evolved into a homicide investigation. Catherine “Cathy” Davis, the landlord, was discovered dead by the police, and her cat, Jessie, had been brutally murdered. Investigation Discovery’s documentary ‘Death by FameSeason 1 Episode 2 “Man of Anarchy examines in detail the tragedy and the investigation into its cause. Let’s get straight to the point and discuss the specifics.

Official Synopsis:

Johnny Lewis has everything any 28-year-old actor could ever dream of, but not even a hit show or celebrity girlfriend could keep him from falling headfirst into the most terrifying role of his life.

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How Did Catherine Davis Die

Who Was Catherine Davis and How Did She Die?

Catherine Davis, 81 years old and physically robust, was the landlord of an apartment complex in Los Angeles, California. She catered primarily to creative types, such as authors, actors, and actresses, who were only in town for a short period and required lodging. Catherine was regarded by those who knew her as a kind and giving person who went out of her way to help those in need while maintaining a constant grin. Tenants and the rest of the neighborhood were stunned by her premature death. She was usually reclusive and maintained cordial relationships with her tenants.

On September 16, 2012, the Los Angeles Police Department received a report alleging that Catherine’s tenant had hurt two neighbours. The police were astonished to find extensive damage to the second floor of the residence, which they suspect was caused by an attempted break-in. Catherine remained lifeless on the floor as the police began their search, which yielded the body of a badly decomposed cat first.

At first appearance, the homeowner appeared to have suffered a head injury, but an immediate examination revealed that he had been brutally beaten to death with a large blunt weapon. According to the authorities, Catherine, an 81-year-old woman, had her cat Jessie killed by the same individual who attacked her.

Who Killed Catherine Davis

Who Killed Catherine Davis and What was the Reason Behind?

When police arrived, they discovered that Johnny Lewis, the 911 caller, had attacked two neighbours. A dramatic turn of events occurred when the police discovered his body in the courtyard and quickly surmised that he had jumped to his death from the roof. In addition, the autopsy discovered signs of strangulation on his neck, indicating that he had been involved in a struggle before his death.

It was discovered that Johnny, Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend and a person of interest in the inquiry, frequented the residence. They found that he and Catherine appeared to get along well and had never fought before to the occurrence. When Johnny’s body was discovered in October 2011, the authorities suspected foul play until they discovered that he had died from head injuries acquired in a motorcycle accident.

Johnny’s wounds were too serious, and since then, he has exhibited strange behavior. The investigation also discovered that he had a history of drug misuse and had recently been released from jail on unrelated charges of violence and burglary. Additionally, neighbours recalled hearing a woman crying prior to calling the police, and the majority of them held Johnny accountable for Catherine’s assault.

This theory gained traction as further pieces of physical evidence connected Johnny to Catherine’s death. In the perspective of the law, the 81-year-old was innocent, but DNA evidence tied her to the strangling marks found around Johnny’s neck. To deflect suspicion, the authorities classed Johnny’s death as a suicide, claiming he killed Catherine and the cat before jumping from the top.

How Did Johnny Lewis Die

How did Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis Die?

The authorities immediately considered the possibility of a murder-suicide after determining that Johnny was responsible for the deaths of Catherine and her pet. Given his history of drug misuse, it was reasonable for them to ask if he had taken anything to explain his unusual behaviour.

Since Johnny’s autopsy revealed no symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse, a murder-suicide cannot be ruled out as a cause of death. Evidence led authorities to conclude that the actor murdered Catherine and their pet before attempting to flee by climbing onto the roof, where he tragically lost his footing and perished.

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