Dana Satterfield Murder Solved: Where is Killer Jonathan Vick Now?

Dana Satterfield Murder

Dana Satterfield Murder Case Solved: Where is Killer Jonathan Vick today? – When 27-year-old Dana Satterfield was discovered slain on July 31, 1995, inside her own salon business, the ordinarily tranquil community of Roebuck, South Carolina, experienced a terrible homicide. Dana Satterfield, 27, was renowned for her welcoming smile, excellence as a mother to her two kids, and unique talent for hairstyling.

The Perfect Murder: Death and the Maiden,” a program on Investigation Discovery, tells the story of the horrific incident and the investigation that led to the conviction of the murderer.

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How Did Dana Satterfield Die

Dana Satterfield’s Cause of Death

Dana Satterfield, a recent divorcee from her spouse Mike, was the mother of two kids. On July 31, 1995, at about 6:30 p.m., she purchased a bottle of cleaning solution from “Shirley,” a door-to-door salesperson. Dana was cleaning up when Shirley drove by her salon at 8:11 p.m. and waved. She then proceeded to two more stores.

Shirley went back to the salon at 8:30 p.m. to wait for her transport home when she heard odd noises coming from within. Then she heard a tremendous noise, saw a man jump out of one of the windows, and the lights went out. She sprinted to the closest liquor store to make a police call. However, she ran into the man in front of the liquor store. She raced toward the road to signal a driver out of concern for her safety. She sprinted to the closest house when it didn’t work and dialed 911.

Upon arriving inside the salon, a deputy sheriff discovered Dana’s body in a closet. She had been beaten, sexually assaulted, and choked. As nothing seems to have been taken, authorities ruled out robbery. Mike, her husband, was looked into but was later ruled out as a suspect. Authorities think the murderer was a stalking predator who may have been a serial killer.

Later, Ken Smith, another witness, spoke up. On the evening of the murder, at about 8:40 PM, he noticed a suspicious figure close while driving past the salon. He gave him a dirty look as he stood next to a car. It is assumed that he was the murderer, given the timeline and description. Despite the witnesses, nobody was ever taken into custody for her slaying. There was a $50,000 prize for information leading to an arrest.

Who Killed Dana Satterfield

Who Killed Dana Satterfield?

Mike, Dana’s estranged husband, was initially thought to be the murderer by the police. The water heater next to her body had his fingerprints on it. But he claimed to have installed the water heater when speaking to the police. He also mentioned how amicably they parted ways. He did not match the suspect’s description, either. They also considered the idea that he may have hired someone to kill her on his behalf. They were unable to uncover any proof for the notion, though. Due to the violent manner in which she was killed—which did not resemble a professional hit—he is no longer regarded as a suspect.

Police believe the murderer may have followed Dana around. They think he is a serial killer or another kind of predator. The suspect, who was between the ages of 18 and 25 (in 1995), stood between 5’6 and 5’9 inches tall, weighed between 145 and 170 pounds, and had blonde or light brown hair. They assert that he operated a blue Ford Bronco with modified wheels and out-of-state registration.

Authorities charged a local guy named Jonathan Christian Vick with killing Dana in October 2005 after following up on tens of thousands of leads. He was also accused of engaging in illicit sexual activity and kidnapping. When Vick was seventeen years old in 1995, authorities started looking into him. However, until a witness—his buddy David Pace—came forward, they lacked sufficient proof to link him to the crime. Vick allegedly told him that he would meet with Dana that night on the day of the murder, according to his account. Vick allegedly threatened to kill David if he told anyone that he had visited her that evening, according to David’s account to the police. Years later, David was struck with regret after meeting Dana’s daughter. Then he made a choice to call the police.

Semen from Dana’s body was compared to Vick’s DNA by authorities. Vick was found to own a Ford Bronco with custom rims, and also fit the suspect’s physical description. Before Dana’s murder, he had also been a patron at her salon. After the murder, he allegedly drove his ex-girlfriend to the salon and warned her that she would become ” that woman if she didn’t listen to him, she would become “that woman.” He also assaulted several people while serving in the Marines. He had a reputation for having a “violent temper.”

Where Is Jonathan Vick Now

Where Is Jonathan Vick Today?

In November 2006, the four-day trial got underway. After less than 20 minutes of deliberation, the jury found the defendant guilty on all counts—murder, criminal sexual behavior, and kidnapping.

Authorities informed the cast of “In Ice Cold Blood” it was “the jury’s way of conveying a message.” “It takes less time than watching a sitcom. That is how abhorrent we find you to be.

Ashley, her daughter, has dedicated her life to advocating for victims, which has helped her overcome the terrible pain of losing her mother, which has never really gone away.

He received a life sentence after being found guilty of the charges in December 2006. He assaulted another prisoner in 2010, resulting in the prison being locked down. In Ridgeland, South Carolina, he is a prisoner in the Ridgeland Correctional Institution. Before 2035, he won’t be able to apply for parole.

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