Classified Ad Rapist Case: Where Are Cindy Brown Now?

Where Is Cindy Brown These Days
The woman who was his childhood sweetheart and father of their two children, Cindy Brown, said she believes he is getting what he deserves. The couple divorced in 1980 before his murderous spree

When Cindy Brown was married to Bobby Joe Long, she was subjected to constant physical violence, but she had no idea that she had gotten away with her life.

Evil Lives Here: The Monster I Married,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, shows how, just years after Cindy and Bobby divorced, the latter initiated a reign of terror that concluded with his incarceration in 1984.

If you’re intrigued by this case and want to know where Cindy is right now, we’ve got you covered.

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cindy brown and bobby joe long
Brown, who divorced Long in 1980, said she regrets not killing him after a brutal beating and the decision has haunted her ever since given the lives he later destroyed

Cindy Brown: Who Is She?

Cindy and Bobby were high school sweethearts who had known each other since Bobby was 13 years old.

She remained by his side during his high school days, and the two married in 1974. Their relationship looked to be going well at first, and Cindy began to look forward to her new life.

Bobby, on the other hand, began to display his unfettered hostility months into the marriage, forcing his wife to bear the brunt of his violence.

Despite the fact that fights and quarrels were quite common, Cindy later stated that Bobby never hesitated to physically or mentally harm her.

cindy brown bobby joe long

Cindy was scared by his violent outbursts, and after the marriage had two children, she began to fear for the safety of her children.

Bobby allegedly choked his wife senselessly and smashed her forehead on their tv set in one instance, according to the episode.

Bobby eventually seemed apologetic for his conduct, but he threatened to murder Cindy if she told anybody about it.

Following the death threat, Cindy allegedly planned to take a gun & shoot her husband in the head. But, unable to bear the torment any longer, she chose to divorce him in 1980, prioritising her own life.

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Long and daughter Sara Crosby-Castelli
Long and daughter Sara Crosby-Castelli

Cindy was living in Miami at the time, and Bobby had visitation privileges to his children while perpetrating the murders.

Furthermore, sources claim that Bobby called Cindy and confessed to a number of his misdeeds over the phone before she was told of the official arrest.

Where Is Cindy Brown Now

Where Are Cindy Brown Now?

Cindy supported Bobby’s death, but she put her children first, and she didn’t want them to have to deal with the consequences of their father’s crime.

Cindy reportedly remarried following her divorce from Bobby, but she has chosen to keep her personal life private, keeping her present location unknown.

Cindy, on the other hand, hasn’t run away from the limelight, appearing on a number of shows to share her traumatic experience with the public.

Furthermore, she appeared to be deeply sorry for her ex-actions husbands and expressed her condolences to the victims, adding, “Every one of the victims and their families are in my prayers.”

I know they’re going through a difficult emotional roller coaster, and I’m really sad. I know it’s not my fault, but please tell my heart. Persuade my heart to trust it.”

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