‘Dancing on Glass’ (2022) Mystery Movie Review and Ending Explained

dancing on glass 2022 review

When a ballerina in a new prominent position is put under strain, she and an outcast dancer construct their own universe, free of others’ expectations.

Air date: 1 April 2022 (Spain)
Director: Jota Linares
Distributed by: Netflix
Costume design: Alberto Valcárcel

Jota Linares directed the Spanish drama film ‘Dancing on Glass‘ (also known as ‘Las Nias de Cristal‘). It follows two young ballerinas as they try to figure out how to manage the challenges of being a dancer. When Irene (Mara Pedraza) is chosen to be the prima ballerina in her dancing company’s next production, she strikes up a whirlwind connection with newcomer Aurora (Paula Losada). As the two young women find solace in one other, they are confronted with several problems posed by the environment in which they live and become isolated.

The emotional link between Irene and Aurora drives the touching and complicated plot. The film, however, closes without providing a definitive resolution as to what happens to the women after a surprising and unexpected incident. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Dancing on Glass’ movie, if you’re looking for an explanation!

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'Dancing on Glass' (2022) Mystery Movie Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis of the plot of ‘Dancing on Glass’ (2022) Movie

Maria, a ballerina, dives off a New York building top in the first minutes of ‘Dancing on Glass.’ Irene is a young dancer that performs with a Spanish dance group. Irene and Maria are both members of the same dance company. Maria will be the prima ballerina in a future production of ‘Giselle.’ Irene is chosen over Maria’s close friend Ruth as the new prima ballerina after Maria’s unexpected suicide.

In the meantime, a new dancer named Aurora joins the troupe. Aurora’s mother is a former ballet dancer who wishes for her daughter to achieve her goals. Irene’s family, on the other hand, is perplexed by her decision to pursue a career in dance and is doubtful of her life choices. Irene prepares for the responsibilities of being the lead dancer and finds herself alienated from the rest of the group almost immediately.

Irene and Aurora strike up a conversation at a party, sparking a friendship between them. Aurora soon begins to assist Irene in dealing with the pressures of being the main dancer. At the same time, Irene is assisting Aurora in overcoming her social phobias.

Jon, an attractive and pleasant young man, invites the two girls to an underground theatre. Jon kisses Aurora after the performance, and she falls in love with him. When Jon fails to return Aurora’s calls, Irene advises her friend to visit him in person. When Aurora arrives at the theatre, however, she discovers Jon kissing another woman. Aurora flees, distraught, only to be involved in a car accident, which puts her dance career in jeopardy.

Aurora’s mother forbids her from seeing Irene after the accident, feeling she is a negative influence on Aurora. Meanwhile, Irene is beginning to crack under Norma’s demands. Norma also advises Irene to isolate herself from the rest of the world in order to concentrate on the forthcoming opening night performance.

Aurora, she believes, is merely a distraction for Irene, who is meant to be a great dancer. Irene and Aurora, on the other hand, find a way to reunite and continue to enjoy their special friendship. Despite this, the challenges of being a dancer catch up with the two women. The plot revolves around their ability to overcome these obstacles.

'Dancing on Glass' (2022) Mystery Movie Explained

Are Irene and Aurora Dead at the End of ‘Dancing on Glass’ Movie?

Irene is finally ready for the opening night after a rough rehearsal period. However, she has a squabble with her co-dancer shortly before the event after he inadvertently drops her during practise. The incident demonstrates that Irene is reaching the pinnacle of her mental instability, and she will break under the strain of performing as the lead dancer.

Furthermore, she believes that everyone in her life, including her family, is pulling for her to fail and does not want her to succeed. Despite this, Irene finds peace in Aurora, who serves as the lead dancer’s anchor. As the story progresses, the similarities between Maria and Irene become more apparent, and viewers are left to worry if Irene would suffer the same fate as Maria as a result of Norma’s oppressive actions.

However, audiences will realise near the end of the film that Maria died as a result of her own shame, not because of Norma’s pressure. Furthermore, Norma is only one of the psychological difficulties that Irene is dealing with being a prima ballerina. Irene is under pressure from her lack of self-confidence, and her concerns and insecurities about failure are transferred onto others around her.

As a result, Irene will be put to the test when she takes the stage for the first time on opening night. Aurora, on the other hand, is present backstage during the performance and assists Irene in concentrating on the act. During the first act, Irene gives an enthralling performance that earns her a standing ovation from the crowd.

When Irene and Aurora meet backstage during the intermission, Norma notices them and urges Aurora to go, so she doesn’t disturb Irene. Aurora is chastised by Norma, who claims that she will never be able to dance again as a result of her injury. Aurora stabs Norma in a fit of passion, and then Irene pushes her against a wall, killing her.

'Dancing on Glass' (2022) Mystery Movie Ending Explained

Irene completes the second act of her performance and is greeted with an overwhelming ovation by the audience. On the other hand, Irene exits the theatre with Aurora as soon as the play concludes, and the two make their way to the top of the structure. Irene and Aurora are seen standing on the edge of the terrace in the last minutes, followed by photos of them dancing together.

The film closes with Irene and Aurora dancing and enjoying each other’s company in a freeze-frame. Aurora educates Irene about her “safe” place, an imaginary location that she visits during her performances, earlier in the film. She says that in her safe area, no one can hurt her, and she decides to share it with Irene.

Irene readily accepts the concept, and the two ladies frequently spend time in this fictitious world where the constraints of life as professional dancers, as well as external and internal expectations, are irrelevant. The duo is seen in their safe location in the final scene. The movie ends on this note, implying that they have relocated permanently to this location.

Irene and Aurora are to blame for Norma’s death, much like Maria, whose psychological stress drove her to do the heinous act of letting her mother die. Similarly, the duo’s guilt about the circumstance is a breaking point for their psychological stress, and they would most likely commit suicide due to their guilt. As a result, they are finally free of all their burdens and can spend the rest of eternity blissfully in their secure space.

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