Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (2022) Movie Review and Ending Explained

Yaksha Ruthless Operations (2022) Movie Review and Ending Explained

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations Movie Review: Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (Korean; Hanja; RR: Yacha) is a spy action film directed by Na Hyeon and released in 2022 in South Korea. Sol Kyung-gu and Park Hae-soo feature in the film. The film is set in Shenyang, China, and follows the head of an espionage agency’s secret operation black team, as well as a prosecutor who has been relegated to the espionage agency. On April 8, 2022, Netflix released the film worldwide.

Air Date: 8 April 2022
Director: Nah Hyeon
Distributed by: Showbox

When an unsuspecting prosecutor arrives in the industrial city of Shenyang, he finds himself in the middle of a multi-national espionage fight. The spy action film from South Korea digs into the complicated plans and counter-plans of opposing intelligence services from China, Japan, and South Korea, resulting in a tangled narrative of secrets. The action is never far away, as Ji-Hoon, a normally desk-bound prosecutor, is paired with Yaksha, the legendary maverick secret agent “affectionately” known as a human-devouring spirit.

As Yaksha strives to take possession of an essential target before his opponents, a diverse cast of people is drawn into the fast-paced quest. If the movie left you with a lot of unanswered questions, we’ve got the solutions! Let’s look at ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations‘ in more detail.

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Yaksha Ruthless Operations (2022) Movie Explained

Synopsis of ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ (2022) Movie

Kang-inn, aka Yaksha, is the victim of a horrific attack in the beginning of the film. Yaksha vanishes after killing the double-crossing agent who puts him in danger. After four years, we meet South Korean prosecutor Ji-Hoon, who is attempting to convict Chairman Lee, the CEO of a huge international corporation, for tax cheating.

Unfortunately, Ji-Hoon makes a critical blunder in his procedure, allowing Lee to walk free and relegating the prosecutor to a dull National Intelligence Service office (NIS). Ji-Hoon volunteers on a trip to the besieged town of Shenyang, which borders North Korea, in an attempt to be reinstated.

Because of its proximity to North Korea, Shenyang is a beehive of spies from all over the world. Ji-Hoon is entrusted with determining why the Shenyang intelligence arm of the South Korean government has been turning in bogus reports. The unwitting prosecutor finds himself in the centre of a gun conflict shortly after arriving in the city. He encounters Yaksha, the rogue head of the South Korean intelligence bureau in Shenyang, amid these tumultuous conditions.

After initially being ignored, Ji-Hoon persuades Yaksha that he is serious, and the latter exposes the situation. Every espionage agency in Shenyang is striving for the capture of Moon, a North Korean defector in charge of the totalitarian Kim family’s multibillion-dollar wealth. Ji-Hoon believes the Shenyang agents want the money for themselves, having doubts about Yaksha and his devoted team’s objectives.

When Moon is found dead and his daughter, who possesses a crucial secret, is apprehended by the Japanese intelligence organisation lead by super-agent Ozawa, a larger conspiracy emerges. It’s evident from an away that Yaksha and Ozawa have a long-standing feud, which includes a horrific attack on the former four years ago. With Moon’s daughter in Ozawa’s possession, Yaksha and his team, which includes Ji-Hoon, devise a plan to free her from the Japanese embassy.

After the job is completed successfully, Moon’s daughter discloses that her father gave her a list of covert agents from around the world, which she has placed on a remote server that only she has access to.

Yaksha Ruthless Operations (2022) Movie Review

Where is Kang-inn, alias Yaksha, at the end of ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ Movie?

Ozawa retaliates by tracing down Ji-Hoon and threatening to kill his mother and sister in Seoul unless Moon’s daughter is returned. He also instructs the prosecutor to assassinate Yaksha, which Ji-Hoon accomplishes by shooting him numerous times. Moon’s daughter ultimately gains access to the list of global secret agents who are all under Ozawa’s control in Ozawa’s lair. The Japanese intelligence agent intends to remove the list from circulation so that none of his operatives can be identified.

Yaksha’s team attacks the facility just in time, and Yaksha himself shows up for the last battle, wearing a bullet-proof jacket (which he is infamous for not wearing). While Ji-Hoon assists Moon’s daughter in escaping, Ozawa and Yaksha continue to fight to the death. Ozawa believes he has triumphed and tries to delete the list of agents (or moles, as they are referred to in the movie), only to discover that the list has been transmitted to intelligence agencies all over the world. The agent is killed by Yaksha before the latter vanishes into the falling structure, his scheme wrecked.

Despite the fact that the breathless finale favours Ji-Hoon and Yaksha’s troops, the main character appears to have died. Yaksha’s squad believes he is dead, and Ji-Hoon, who is restored as a prosecutor and assigned to Seoul, is astonished to get a call from an unknown number weeks later. The call is from Yaksha, who is alive and well and appears to be on a new mission. He tells Ji-Hoon about the new twisted enemy they’re up against and says he’ll need the prosecutor’s help shortly.

The mid-credit scene also shows Yaksha reconnecting with his former colleagues, who are now dispersed over the globe. When we see Yaksha again at the end of the movie, he appears to be in London, England, and is already working on his new task.

Yaksha Ruthless Operations (2022) Movie Review and Ending

Is Ozawa going to Die in the Movie? What Happens to His Mole List?

Ozawa is one of the few opponents who can compete with Yaksha, which makes their rivalry exciting. It is revealed that the Japanese spy defected from his intelligence organisation and established his own network of moles or double-agents strategically placed throughout the world.

Ozawa appears to be killed at the end. Surprisingly, the film does not feature any on-screen killings, instead of relying on the sound and flash of gunshots to indicate that a character has been slain. This can also be utilised to deceive viewers, as in the instance of NIS Director Yeom Jeong-won, who Yaksha is seen shooting multiple shots at.

Given Ozawa and Yaksha’s intense enmity and the latter’s promise to exact vengeance on the Japanese spy, Ozawa is almost certainly dead by the final bullet of the film’s conclusion. Regardless of whether Ozawa is alive or dead, his list is provided to intelligence agencies all around the world, effectively destroying the rogue Japanese agent’s spy network. As a result, Ozawa is almost certainly slain, and the basis of his power, his spy network, is obliterated.

What Happens to Ji-Hoon in the End of the Movie

What Happens to Ji-Hoon at the End of the Story?

Ji-Hoon has been sent to Seoul and restored as a government prosecutor. Most importantly, he is allowed to resume his unsuccessful probe of Chairman Lee upon his return. A number of agents and damning transactions are uncovered in Lee’s company as a result of Ozawa’s list being public. As a result, the film concludes on a gratifying note, with the prosecutor ultimately succeeding in bringing the smug boss to justice.

As demonstrated by Yaksha’s call, Ji-Hoon appears to have developed a penchant for violent spy missions. The prosecutor claims that he will need Ji-assistance Hoon’s in bringing down a particularly ominous villain, and the prosecutor appears eager to help. It’s unclear how Ji-Hoon will balance his responsibilities as a prosecutor and a potential secret agent, but it appears that our hero may have picked up some rule-breaking advice from Yaksha.

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