Dennis and Norma Woodruff Murder Case: Who Killed Them and Why?

Dennis and Norma Woodruff Murders
Dennis and Norma Woodruff were brutally murdered on October 16, 2005.

Dennis and Norma Woodruff Murders: Who Killed Dennis and Norma Woodruff and Why? – Brandon Woodruff killed his parents to hide a second life? Authorities said he had a double life, and they discovered a weapon that contained one of the victims’ DNA and could have been used in the crime.

Dennis and Norma Woodruff were found slain inside their house in Royse City, Texas, in October of 2005, which shocked the community. Although the crime appeared to be a robbery at first, the authorities soon discovered that the perpetrator knew the victims intimately.

The horrible murder is depicted on ABC’s20/20,” which follows the police investigation, which leads much closer to home than expected. If you’re interested in learning more about this case, we’ve got you covered.

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What Caused Dennis and Norma Woodruff’s Death?

How Did Dennis and Norma Woodruff Die – Dennis and Norma Woodruff appeared to have a nice family life and were content with their son and daughter. The family lived in Royse City, Texas, and according to sources, they had recently relocated from Heath, Rockwell County. Dennis and Norma were well-liked in their neighbourhood. Family and friends appreciated the couple’s giving and caring personalities. They were also looking forward to their children’s university education; thus, the heinous killings came as a shock to everyone.

Dennis and Norma’s daughter, Charla, called her parents on the night of October 16, 2005, but received no response. She quickly alerted her extended family, who were unable to communicate with the pair as well. As a result, the police conducted a welfare check the next day but opted not to enter the house forcefully.

Dennis and Norma Woodruff Murder Case
Dennis and Norma Woodruff with their son Brandon Woodruff.

Thus, Dennis and Norma’s bodies were only discovered after Charla’s aunt notified Todd Williams, a longstanding family acquaintance, who subsequently broke into the house. When first responders arrived on the scene, they discovered the pair seated on the couch next to each other. They were declared dead right away, and an initial investigation revealed that there had been no serious struggle prior to the murder.

The sight, however, looked like something out of a horror film, with blood all over the couch. A blood trail even led from the room to the bathroom, where the killer washed up before departing.

Dennis was stabbed nine times in the face, neck, and chest before being shot in the face, according to an autopsy. Norma died from a stab across her neck and five bullet wounds. Surprisingly, there were no traces of forced entry, and the couple’s wallets were the only valuables missing.

Brandon Woodruff
Brandon was found guilty of capital murder in 2009 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Who Killed Dennis and Norma Woodruff and Why?

The original investigation into the murder of Dennis and Norma was delayed since the police had few leads to work with. The crime scene did not yield much evidence. Despite the police’s best efforts to compile a suspect list after many interviews, the majority of them were ruled out following additional inquiries.

Law enforcement officials discovered that Dennis and Norma’s son, Brandon, was the last person to see them alive during their investigation. Brandon, on the other hand, insisted that he had nothing to do with the murder when questioned.

Furthermore, he indicated that on the night of the murder, he had a pizza with his parents before leaving for Abilene Christian University. When one of Brandon’s friends, Robert Martinez, mentioned that Brandon was scheduled to pick him up on the night of the murder, but didn’t show up on time, the police began to suspect his account.

Furthermore, when Robert encountered Brandon, he noticed that he was not wearing a shirt or shoes, which was unusual.

Additionally, detectives discovered information that led them to believe Brandon was lying about his location on October 16. As a result, the police detained Brandon, confident in their investigation, and discovered that he was in possession of his parents’ debit card.

The most crucial piece of information came in 2008, when Norma’s sister, Linda Matthews, discovered an ancient dagger among the family’s belongings. The blade was immediately sent in for testing when the police suspected it was the one used in the murder. Authorities were astonished to learn that a skull near the base of the dagger contained blood that was a perfect match to Dennis Woodruff’s DNA when the results arrived. Brandon was found guilty of capital murder in 2009 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole based on this evidence.

The Dennis and Norma Woodruff Murder story aired on ABC’s “20/20.”