Dennis and Norma Woodruff Murder: Where Is Brandon Dale Woodruff Now?

Where Is Brandon Dale Woodruff Now

Dennis and Norma Woodruff Murder: Where Is Brandon Dale Woodruff Now? – Brandon Woodruff was found guilty of murdering both his mother and father. Brandon Woodruff appeared to be a typical 19-year-old small-town Texas youngster until both of his parents were brutally killed in 2005. Woodruff was charged with capital murder, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison after an inquiry.

Woodruff has already completed 13 years of his life sentence and claimed in his first interview since his conviction that he is finally ready to tell his story.

“I’m not guilty.” In an interview with “20/20,” Woodruff stated, “I did not kill my parents at all.” “I believe you should consider the entire body of evidence.”

“I’m not going to stop now.” “I’m going to keep fighting and fighting to prove my innocence,” he declared. “In my heart, I feel it will happen.”

The double murder of Dennis and Norma Woodruff in October 2005, which terrified the citizens of Royse City, Texas, was documented on ABC’s ’20/20.’ The investigation, however, quickly took an unexpected turn when evidence pointed to the couple’s son, Brandon Dale Woodruff.

Brandon maintained his innocence, but evidence of his involvement in the murder remained inconclusive until evidence unearthed in 2008 cleared the air. Let’s take a look at what happened on that fateful night, as well as Brandon Woodruff’s current whereabouts!

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Who is Brandon Dale Woodruff

Brandon Dale Woodruff: Who Is He?

Brandon Dale Woodruff grew up with his sister Charla and enjoyed a fairly pleasant upbringing. Throughout high school, he was an outstanding student. Brandon was a student at Abeline Christian University in Abilene, Texas, at the time of the murders.

Brandon appeared to have a wonderful relationship with his family and was pretty close to them to the outside world. According to the episode, he was gay and planned to tell his parents about it around the time of their deaths.

Unfortunately, Dennis and Norma could not afford Brandon and his sister’s university costs. As a result, in order to save money, the family just relocated from Heath, Texas to Royse City, Texas. Dennis and Norma were brutally killed inside their Royse City, Texas, home on October 16, 2005. Dennis was stabbed nine times before being shot in the face, according to an autopsy, while Norma had five bullet wounds and was also stabbed across the neck.

However, the investigators were surprised to find no evidence of forced entry and nothing gone but the couple’s wallets. Brandon appeared sad and filled with emotion after learning of his parent’s death.

He even admitted to being the last person to see his parents alive when questioned. Brandon, on the other hand, stated that he had nothing to do with the murder and that he had a pizza with his parents before returning to university that fatal night.

Brandon’s account contained several inconsistencies, which the police discovered after additional inquiry. For starters, even before the police released the circumstances of his parents’ death, Brandon suspected it wasn’t an accident. Furthermore, he claimed to have his father’s credit card, and the police felt that he was lying about the timeline of his movements on the night of the murder.

Furthermore, one of Brandon’s pals, Robert Martinez, stated that the suspect was due to pick him up on October 16th evening. When Martinez contacted Brandon on his cellphone, he didn’t show up and appeared to be out of breath. Martinez noted Brandon was not wearing shoes or a shirt when he eventually met up with him, which was odd and suspicious.

He also stated that he got lost and was unable to meet up at the scheduled time. As a result of the police investigation, authorities were positive of Brandon’s involvement and arrested him immediately.

Where Is Brandon Dale Woodruff today
Brandon was sentenced to life in prison in 2009, without the possibility of release. Brandon Woodruff spoke from prison.

What Has Happened to Brandon Dale Woodruff and Where Is He Now?

The gun used in the Dennis and Norma Woodruff murder was never recovered, but the most important piece of evidence was discovered in 2008 when Norma’s sister discovered a dagger among the family’s belongings at their old property in Heath. At the base of the blade was a skull. Detectives discovered traces of Dennis’ blood within it after examining it. They assumed the weapon was the one used in the murder right away and chose to use it against Brandon during his trial.

Brandon Woodruff entered a not guilty plea after being brought before the judge. However, following a quick trial, the jury found him guilty of capital murder. Brandon was sentenced to life in prison in 2009, without the possibility of release. Brandon has attempted unsuccessfully to overturn his conviction since then. As a result, he remains detained at Tennessee Colony’s Mark W. Michael Unit.

The Dennis and Norma Woodruff Murder story aired on ABC’s “20/20.”