Where is Brandon Woodruff’s Grandmother Bonnie Woodruff Today?

where is Bonnie Woodruff today

Bonnie Woodruff Now: Where is Brandon Woodruff’s Grandmother Today? – When Dennis and Norma Woodruff were murdered in October 2005, the police assumed it was a ruined robbery. Everyone was surprised, however, when the couple’s son, Brandon Dale Woodruff, was detained.

The terrible murder is chronicled in ABC’s “20/20,” which exposes how the Woodruff family is still divided over who should be held responsible. Bonnie, Brandon’s grandma, has always maintained her grandson’s innocence and is willing to battle for him. Let’s take a closer look at this case and figure out where Bonnie Woodruff is right now.

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where is Bonnie Woodruff today
Bonnie Woodruff

Bonnie Woodruff: Who Is She?

Brandon’s grandma, Bonnie Woodruff, was as shocked as the rest of the family when she learned of Dennis and Norma’s deaths. On the night of October 16, 2005, Charla, the couple’s daughter, called her parents and received no response.

When no one answered the door, the police conducted a welfare check the next day but opted not to break into the residence. The murder was eventually discovered when a family acquaintance, who was checking on the couple at the request of a relative, forced his way in.

Dennis and Norma were seated on the couch when first responders arrived on the scene. Blood was all over the place, and a blood trail even went to a toilet where the killer had washed off before departing the scene.

While Norma was shot five times and then stabbed across the neck, Dennis was stabbed nine times in the face, neck, and chest before the killer shot him in the head. The detectives, however, were surprised to find no murder weapon or shell casings at the crime site.

There was no trace of forced entry, and the couple’s wallets were the only items gone. Brandon was deemed a suspect by the police from the start of the investigation since he was the last person to see Dennis and Norma alive. Despite Brandon’s insistence on his innocence and claims that he had pizza with his parents before departing on October 16, the Woodruff family appeared to be split on who to blame.

Bonnie, on the other hand, never doubted her grandson’s innocence and stood with him throughout the police inquiry. She even testified in his defence when questioned by the detectives, and she was taken aback when Brandon was arrested for the murder of his parents. Despite Bonnie’s best efforts, Brandon was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release in 2009.

Brandon Woodruff
Bonnie Woodruff’s Grandson Brandon Woodruff

What Has Happened to Bonnie Woodruff and Where Is She Now?

“I know Brandon was wrongly judged,” Bonnie stated, referring to how she believes Brandon was singled out from among the suspects. What about murder? Brandon did not do it, I now know. Someone else is allowing him to bear the brunt of the responsibility.” Bonnie has been on a quest to get Brandon the justice he deserves since his incarceration, and it doesn’t appear that she will be stopping anytime soon.

Bonnie stated on the broadcast that she still believed in his innocence. Unfortunately, the murder tore the families of both victims apart, with members of both families disagreeing about Brandon’s involvement.

While Brandon stated that he would fight to clear his name, Bonnie stated that all she wanted to do now was hug Brandon and welcome him back home. Bonnie continues to campaign for Brandon and is optimistic about proving his innocence.

Furthermore, she feels that once the truth is revealed, the family will come together; as she once stated, “We are all still a family unit, and we all love one another.” People can believe whatever they want, and I can believe whatever I want because I know the truth, and the truth will come out.”

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