Ending, Explanation & Reviews Of The Movie ‘A Hero’ (2021)

Ending, Explanation & Reviews Of The Movie 'A Hero' (2021)

Asghar Farhadi‘s film “A Hero” is an Iranian drama directed by him. It follows Rahim, a middle-aged guy who is currently serving time in prison for failing to repay a loan shark.

Rahim comes up with a plan to repay his creditor after he is released from jail on a two-day leave. However, when the crisis worsens, Rahim finds himself in a precarious predicament.

The movie examines the genuine nature of a good deed through Rahim’s situation. By the time we get to the end of the story, Rahim has run out of alternatives for escaping.

Here’s all you need to know about the ending of ‘A Hero,’ including what happened to Rahim and whether or not he succeeds in his goal.


Synopsis & Plot of ‘A Hero’ Movie

‘A Hero’ begins with Rahim taking a two-day break from prison to see his family in Shiraz. His brother-in-law, Hossein, is introduced to him.

Rahim instructs Hossein to meet with Bahram (Mohsen Tanabandeh), his creditor. He discloses that he has devised a plan to pay Bahram 50% of his debt.

When Hossein phones Bahram, he refuses to drop the complaint against Rahim until he is paid in full. Rahim later runs across Farkhondeh, who has discovered a handbag containing seventeen gold coins.

To compensate Bahram, the pair intends to sell the coins and raise funds. They appraise gold coins obtained from a jewellery store and discover that gold prices have dropped.

Furthermore, although if Bahram takes Rahim’s offer, he will still need to develop a way to pay a big sum per month to pay off the entire debt.

Rahim becomes hesitant to sell the coins over time. Finally, he makes the decision to return the bags and coins to their true owners. Farkhondeh is persuaded by him. Rahim looks for the owner of the bag but comes up empty-handed.

He places some ads in the newspaper and writes his prison cell number on them. When Rahim gets back to prison, he gets a call from a woman who had misplaced the bag. The woman is directed to Rahim’s sister Malileh’s residence.

The woman takes the bag from Rahim and expresses her gratitude for his kindness. Rahim’s nice deed eventually becomes well-known.

Taheri, his prison warden, informs Rahim that a TV station is interested in interviewing him.

Rahim leaves out several parts from the story during the interview after a quick talk with Taheri. Rahim earns some notoriety as a result of the interview’s popularity.

Rahim receives special leave because of his situation and his deeds. Fundraising for Rahim’s debt is held at this time by a local church and charitable group.

They also organize for Bahram to drop his case on Rahim in exchange for a job offer. Bahram, on the other hand, refuses to believe Rahim’s explanation and begins to poke holes in it.

As a result, Rahim’s tale becomes increasingly suspect, and he loses the position he had been promised.

As the situation worsens, Rahim becomes increasingly bleak. Regardless of the events that led him down this route, Rahim must ultimately confront the repercussions of his actions.

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Does Rahim Go to Prison Again

‘A Hero’ (2021) Movie Ending: Will Rahim Go to Prison Again?

People suspect Rahim (Amir Jadidi) of faking his entire narrative once the holes in his story start to generate a stir on social media.

In addition, it becomes clear that Rahim has been duped as he looks for the woman. Rahim suspects Bahram of being the source of his problems and confronts him about it.

The two get into a violent argument, which is captured on film by Bahram’s daughter. The charitable organization’s and prisons’ reputations are in jeopardy as a result of the video.

As a result, the charitable organisation has decided not to assist Rahim any more and is attempting to distance itself from him.

Instead, they want to donate the funds gathered for Rahim to a woman whose husband is about to be executed.

Rahim’s case is likewise being ignored by the prison authorities. Farkhondeh persuades the charity organisation to honor Rahim with the effort to support the woman, which gives Rahim some optimism.

Unfortunately, the efforts are in fruitless because the footage has been posted online, tarnishing Rahim’s reputation.

Rahim makes one last desperate attempt to avoid going to jail, enlisting Taheri’s assistance in creating a video of his son pleading with the people on his father’s behalf.

A Hero Ending, Explained

Taheri decides to assist because she believes it will help the institution regain its reputation. Rahim, on the other hand, has come to terms with his son’s film and refused to let Taheri use it.

Taheri finally gives in and removes the video from the internet. Rahim eventually returns to prison to finish his term.

A person is being freed in the film’s last minutes when Rahim returns to prison. The scene gives Rahim a ray of optimism for his eventual release from prison.

What Was Rahim’s Reason for Stopping Taheri? Did Rahim Learn from His Mistakes?

The entire video is a study of Rahim’s good act, examining whether he is truly deserving of being let out of jail simply for doing the correct thing.

Rahim took out a loan to establish a business, but his partner duped him. He ended up paying for his daughter’s dowry using money Bahram had placed away.

All aspects of Rahim’s ostensibly good deed are investigated as the story unfolds. Finally, we come to the conclusion that we can only sympathise with Rahim but cannot explain his release from prison.

Perhaps Rahim’s last scenario is the director’s method of rationalising the nature of society and how it treat other people like Rahim who really are victims of their circumstances.

However, at the end of the film, the filmmaker makes one final shift in the narrative flow that alters the audience’s perspective of Rahim.

Does Rahim Go to Prison Again

Rahim’s transition from a man with a propensity for fraud to a respectable person is chronicled throughout the film. At certain times in the film, though, viewers are compelled to consider whether society views Rahim with respect or pity.

Rahim’s demise demonstrates his misunderstandings of respect and reputation. In the end, Rahim draws on his past experiences to prevent Taheri from using his son to win sympathy from the public.

Rahim now realises that he was simply making excuses for his mistaken search for honour based on his surroundings.

When Rahim learns that abusing his son is a deplorable deed, he battles Taheri and gains some self-respect in the process.

Rahim’s decision differs from his prior actions, in which he unknowingly sought pity from others and exploited it to get out of his predicament.

Rahim is redeemed as a result of the act, and he returns to prison as a better person than when he went. Rahim’s voyage is a deft parody of a hero’s quest.

A hero’s journey is typically defined as a protagonist’s journey outside of their comfort zone, in which they must pay a price that profoundly alters them in order to acquire something they seek.

Did Rahim Learn From His Mistakes

A jail is typically thought of as a place of discomfort, but Rahim finds it to be a relaxing environment in compared to his stressful life.

Rahim’s desire to be forgiven in the eyes of everyone else leads to new moral and self-respect lessons. His liberty is the price he pays.

Rahim eventually returns to the beginning as a better human, completing his hero’s journey and fulfilling the movie’s name.

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