Ending Explanation & Review of The “Munich: The Edge of War” (2021) Movie

Ending Explanation & Review of The Munich The Edge of War (2021) Movie

Munich: The Edge of War,’ directed by Christian Schwochow (‘Je Suis Karl,’) is a political drama film based on author Robert Harris’s best-selling novel ‘Munich.’

It takes place in 1938, shortly after Adolf Hitler declared war on Czechoslovakia. With the threat of a deadly war looming, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain seeks a peaceful resolution.

Two young diplomats, on the other hand, try to draw Chamberlain’s attention to a crucial document that could change the game.

Here’s all you need to know about the ending of ‘Munich: The Edge of War,’ including whether the duo succeeds in their objective and how they alter the result of the peace talks.’


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Munich The Edge of War Plot Synopsis

Plot Synopsis for ‘Munich: The Edge of War’ (2021) Netflix Movie

Netflix’sMunich: The Edge of War‘ introduces visitors to Oxford undergraduates Paul von Hartmann and Hugh Legat.

Hugh has a great friendship with Paul, a German exchange student. Hugh is now employed as a government worker in Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s office, and the story jumps ahead a few years.

Paul works at the Foreign Ministry in Germany and is a hidden member of the burgeoning resistance to Adolf Hitler.

After Hitler revealed his plan to attack Czechoslovakia, France and the United Kingdom were forced to respond.

However, in order to avoid war and the suffering of his people, Chamberlain decided to talk to Hitler in a diplomatic manner.

Chamberlain arranges a meeting with Hitler and French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier with the support of Benito Mussolini.

As a result of Hitler’s agreement to the peace talks, the resistance’s intentions to remove the dictator from power were thwarted.

When Paul’s associate Helen Winter discloses a document outlining the specifics of Hitler’s ambitious plan to take over Europe, he gains fresh hope.

The text can be used to show that Hitler’s peace talks are a ruse since he plans to wage war on Europe as a whole.

At the Munich Peace Summit, Paul chooses to share the document with Chamberlain. At Paul’s request, Hugh is assigned to the British Prime Minister’s entourage travelling to Munich.

Paul meets with Hugh and shares the papers after narrowly avoiding being detected.

Hitler declared at the conference that all he wanted was the land that formerly belonged to Germany.

Hitler’s demands were accepted by the other leaders. Germany will be permitted to occupy the Sudetenland, and it has been decided. Because the contract is due to be signed the next day, Paul and Hugh must speak with Chamberlain and persuade him not to sign.

The best chance they have is to show Chamberlain the document. Hugh arranges a meeting between Chamberlain and Paul after some setbacks.

Munich The Edge of War Ending

In “Munich: The Edge of War” Movie, Will Chamberlain Sign the Papers?

In the final section of the movie, Paul has a private talk with Chamberlain. He seeks to persuade Britain’s Prime Minister that Hitler poses a threat to the continent as a whole.

The demands made by Hitler at the peace conference will only serve as a stepping stone in his attempt to dominate Europe.

Chamberlain, on the other hand, is not convinced. To begin with, while Chamberlain recognises Hitler as a threat, he sees no clear countermeasures and has little faith in the German resistance.

Furthermore, Chamberlain’s first concern is the security of his people. If Chamberlain refuses to sign the peace treaty, Hitler will declare war on Czechoslovakia, forcing France and the United Kingdom to intervene.

The United Kingdom does not want to engage in the conflict since its forces are not properly prepared. Similarly, the war will harm the country’s and its people’s spirits.

As a result, Chamberlain declines to concur with Paul and goes on to sign the papers.

Chamberlain did take a preventive measure by letting Hitler sign a joint declaration prohibiting the United Kingdom and Germany from fighting each other.

However, as history shows, the quiet only lasted a year, and the turmoil of the Second World War, which Hitler had started, quickly swept the continent.

As terrible and pointless as the Munich Agreement’s outcome turned out to be, Chamberlain’s decision to sign the papers was in the best interests of his country since it allowed Great Britain and her allies to prepare for war.

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Does Chamberlain Sign the Papers

What Happens to Paul at the End? Is He Going to Die?

The film’s main cast, Paul von Hartmann (Jannis Niewöhner), makes a strong case for launching a preemptive attack against Hitler.

Paul was a staunch fan of Hitler earlier in his life. However, when his ex-girlfriend, Lenya, succumbs to the Nazi regime’s anti-Jewish feelings, he changes his mind.

Since then, Paul has tried to depose Hitler and is plotting a coup against the tyrant. His strategy, however, falls apart when Chamberlain refuses to comply with the opposition.

As a result, Paul wants to kill Hitler personally because he has no other choice.

Paul is convinced that Hitler poses a global threat and that his aims will only result in death and destruction.

Nevertheless, Paul manages to find an alone scene with the Führer in the final moments and removes the pistol he was carrying.

What Happens to Paul, Does He Die

Paul, on the other hand, refuses to murder Hitler because he believes he lacks the authority to do so.

Furthermore, his activities will be viewed as cowardly and of no consequence. As a result, Paul is faced with a difficult moral decision: whether to play dirty or to uphold his beliefs. He opts for the latter and avoids Hitler.

Franz Sauer, a Nazi trooper, follows Paul throughout the film and accuses him of plotting against Hitler. Hugh suspects Sauer of having discovered the document and warns Paul that his life is in jeopardy.

Paul expects to be punished when he leaves Hitler’s office but discovers that Sauer could not give evidence of Paul’s scheme.

Hugh’s accomplice successfully recovered the paper before Sauer could get his hands on it. Paul survives the ordeal and resolves to continue battling Hitler.