The Showrunner of Ozark Teases Season 4 Part 2 is a Dramatic Finale

Ozark Season 4 Finale

The season 4 of Netflix’sOzark” is halfway over, and anticipation about how the Midwest crime thriller will conclude has reached a fever pitch.

Unfortunately, there are several unanswered concerns about each of the show’s characters and plots, most of which have persisted since Season 1.

Will Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) make it through the ordeal unscathed?

What will become of Ruth (Julia Garner)? Under the pressure of working for a huge crime syndicate, will the Byrde family fall apart or stick together?

As the hit series “Ozark” draws to a close, viewers have been wondering and asking about these and other topics.

Fortunately for them, showrunner Chris Mundy has decided to announce a few details about the approaching finale.

Mundy said in a new interview with THR, “I always want closure,” she continued, “and I don’t want to feel betrayed.” ‘OK, that was the end,’ I want to feel.”

So when Season 4, Part 2 of “Ozark” premieres later this year, there are various things to look forward to, according to Mundy. Just don’t anticipate a nice conclusion.

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Ruth in ozark season 4

The Byrdes & Ruth Will be Tested Also in The Finale Of Ozark Season 4

Fans of the gritty Netflix crime drama “Ozark,” according to writer-producer Chris Mundy, will be served up a family dilemma during the show’s final episodes that will shake the characters and the entire series to its core.

“We’re diving further into the family and their relationships in terms of tone,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “Is there a stronger link than family? Is friendship a thing? Is it possible to get married? Even if you love someone, when does it become virtually unhealthy to stay?”

After that, Mundy revealed, “Marty and Wendy will go into this with us. Hopefully, the second half will be just as entertaining and exciting as the first, but also very emotional for the Byrdes and Ruth.”

When it comes to the show’s conclusion, the showrunner confesses that not everyone will be pleased with the ending he and the creative team picked for “Ozark.”

But, at the very least, they’ll get one that isn’t open-ended. “Hopefully, whether they like it or not, people will sense closure by the end,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

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