Love Is Blind Season 3: Who is the ex-wife of Cole Barnett?

Who is the ex-wife of Cole from 'Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind Season 3: Who is the ex-wife of Cole Barnett? – A fresh group of individuals looking for love in an unusual way will be introduced to viewers in Love is Blind season 3, which is just around the corner. The emphasis of the program is on people getting to know their potential partners without being sidetracked by the physical aspects of courtship. Additionally, it includes the potential for numerous proposals and, if history is any guide, the chance of multiple persons proposing to the same person, like Sal and Jarrette did in season 2.

Although the candidates on Netflix’s reality series “Love Is Blind” can’t see one other’s faces, viewers don’t have to be in the dark about who they are. If you didn’t know, the show follows singles who must get engaged before they can meet in person, so it only makes sense that fans would be curious to learn more about the people who agreed to be subjected to this pandemonium.

Cole Barnett, who is 27 years old, wants to meet someone who won’t advise him to dial it back. Cole is described as being deeply devout and seeking a partner “who lives in trust with God.”

Not to mention, according to what he told Netflix Tudum, he also wants a woman who can drive well and/or utilizes ride-sharing applications. That is a reasonably particular request if you ask us. He virtually seems to have sworn off bad drivers for the rest of his life after dating a woman who was reckless behind the wheel. But that is only a guess.

Cole reveals that he was previously married on the program. Cole enters the pods quite alone, so even if he doesn’t provide any information about her (such as how skilled of a driver she was), we can infer that things went pretty horribly. For all the information we have about Cole’s ex-wife, scroll down.

Who is Cole’s ex-wife from the “Love Is Blind”?

It’s quite typical for each individual to entirely delete any images or videos of their ex-partner from their social media accounts when a pair splits up. Cole undoubtedly did the same because there is no sign of her on his social media platforms.

We were able to find out a few facts about this unknown woman, though. According to their registry on the Knot, Cole’s ex-wife is a woman named Catey Benson, and the two are said to have wed on June 23, 2019.

Apart from that, there isn’t much information online regarding Catey. Cole Barnett from season three of Love Is Blind is seeking a devoted companion.

Cole Barnett, the founder of Bdellium Real Estate, is ready to meet a partner that accepts him for who he is. Cole served as a youth pastor in San Diego for a while after earning a Bachelor of General Christian Studies from King’s University in 2017. Youth pastors typically mentor children and young adults, instruct them about Christianity, encourage them to worship, and include them in charitable endeavours.

Barnett went to Texas and started a real estate profession after completing his pastoral duties. He worked for a year and a half before he decided to launch his own company. Barnett aspires to improve homes, revitalize communities, and offer answers to tenants in the Fort Worth area.

The perspective Love is Blind actor was praised by those who worked with him for being a diligent worker and a delight to work with.

According to his Netflix bio, he’s looking for a faithful, motivating lady who is connected to God. Cole pledges to “add fun” to the dynamics if he can find someone to do that for him. He hates people who can’t drive the most. Instead of someone who wants to “tone it down,” Cole wants someone who can respect him for being “wild and quirky.”

Cole stated that dating is one of the most challenging things he has had to do as an adult in the trailer for Love is Blind. In the trailer, Cole is also seen asking another cast member, maybe to underline how fortunate he is to have met the candidate, rhetorically how he met her on the show. Cole appears to have located someone who meets all the criteria because, in a subsequent film, he can be heard yelling and sprinting in their direction as the big revelation occurs.

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