Love During Lockup Season 2: Release Date and Couples Details

Love During Lockup Season 2: Release Date and Couples Details – The second season of Love During Lockup, featuring four new couples, is scheduled to premiere on WE TV on Friday, October 21, 2022 at 9/8c. The show will also feature a returning singleton and a bachelor looking for love in addition to the new couple.

In the reality series Love During Lockup, every non-con has its own method for falling in love with convicts, but other lonely citizens are just looking for their own “hot criminal.”

The four couples that will be featured in Love During Lockup Season 2 are listed below.

Couples from “Love During Lockup” Season 2

Jessica and Dustin

Jessica and Dustin

After a difficult divorce, Jessica decided to work as a prison nurse to get over her ex and take back control over men. Everything changed when she met convicted felon Dustin and decided to give up her career to follow her heart. Jessica lost her job, but she also met the love of her life. Now that he has been released, she is prepared to uproot her life and move to Tennessee to live with him, but not before getting to know his family.

Melissa & Louie

Melissa and Louie

Journal Girl When Melissa was working as a mail carrier one day, she thought her search for Prince Charming was over until she came across prisoner letters. This introduced her to Louie, her former high school crush, who became an unexpected jail pen pal of hers. Although these two had previously crossed paths, they had moved differently, and Melissa couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get back in touch. Despite her loud family’s objections, her father’s refusal to walk her down the aisle, and loneliness that pushes her to join a group for jail wives, Melissa is still deeply in love and still longs to move to Georgia to be with bad boy Louie.

Chelsea and Mike

Chelsea and Mike

Chelsea joined a Facebook inmate pen pal group because she was lonely and met Michael there. Since Chelsea is deaf, no male had ever attempted to interact with her before, but Michael, ever determined, went on to educate himself in ASL. She thinks that after only interacting via 30-second videograms and letters, a planned visit to the jail will allow them to meet in person and sign. But will the romance be destroyed if she learns the awful truth about Michael at their first meeting?

Emily and Dauri

Emily and Dauri

Being a criminal justice master’s student and all, Emily never planned to fall in love with a criminal. However, it now seems that this guy would overlook everything, including forgeries and cheating, as long as it comes with a large ring…that she’s purchasing with his stimulus money! Although they have been dating for four years, Emily has never really met Dauri, and their friends are left to question if Emily is hiding something or making up the whole relationship. Could the non-con be tricking the inmate once more?

There will be two more characters in this series and these four couples.

Mark, a bachelor from Las Vegas, Nevada

Mark is a prosperous businessman with two companies and a love of travel and adventure. Mark has found time to hunt for “the one” despite his busy schedule. After months of ineffective dating app exchanges, Mark found an imprisoned pen buddy group on Facebook, and his natural curiosity sent him down a rabbit hole. From a passing thought, Mark’s whim has developed into a quest for love, and he is confident that great women who share his kind of personality – “crazy chicks” – are waiting for him. Never one to put all his eggs in one basket, this bachelor hopes to someday use his involvement in numerous prison pen buddy groups to convert an emotional bond into a physical one.

Tai (Buffalo, NY) (Returning)

Tai, the most notorious serial prisoner dater, is back! Even after meeting Hottie’s girlfriend, Boston, Tai continues to chase inmates, including her number-one inmate, Hottie, who pops the question despite her friends’ best efforts to figure out why she always chooses risky individuals.

Tai, who is never a man’s second choice, is conversing with the convict BB and his new love interest, Dough Boy, when Rinaldo, her boss at the funeral home, starts to feel something for her and advises Tai to choose a safe option like him. Tai must strike a balance between her engagement, her numerous prison boyfriends, and a person from the outside. Will one of her boyfriends, who is currently behind bars, find out about their covert relationship?

Sharp Entertainment is the producer of Love During Lockup. Executive producers include Sophie Mallam, Kate Farrell, Dan Adler, Alan Madison, and WE tv’s Kate Farrell and Lauren P. Gellert.

On October 21, 2022, WETv and Fubo TV will start airing “Love During Lockup” Season 2.