Netflix “28 Days Haunted” Filming Location

‘28 days haunted‘ filming locations

Where is Netflix’s 28 Days Haunted Filmed? –  The trailer for Netflix’s upcoming reality TV show 28 Days Haunted, which will focus on the paranormal, has been revealed. The site will host the investigation-based horror series starting the next month. Joe Berlinger, the director of the true crime documentary series Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, is in charge of the series’ direction.

Three daring teams of paranormal investigators are followed in the six-episode reality TV horror series as they venture to some of America’s most haunted places and attempt to live there for 28 days. To conduct paranormal research, they are overcoming their concerns. The experiment is based on the theories of renowned paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren from Connecticut.

Over the years, the couple conducted notable investigations, some of which served as the basis for or inspired for frightful works of popular culture like The Conjuring. The title of the Netflix series and the exact time result from the investigators’ belief that it takes 28 days to “through the curtain between the living and the dead.”

So, where was the series 28 Days Haunted filmed? And what is the significance of these three haunted places? Let’s investigate.

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Where Was the Netflix Series 28 Days Haunted Filmed?

Three distinct eerie sites were used to film the supernatural reality series 28 Days Haunted on Netflix. These places were “selected because of their dark history and more aggressive hauntings.” The Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, Colorado, hosted one squad, while Madison Dry Goods hosted another in Madison, North Carolina. The last group went to Preston, Connecticut’s Captain Grant’s Inn. The specifics of each site and the theories for its rumored hauntings are broken down below.

The Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, Colorado

The Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, Colorado

Sensitive Amy Parks and paranormal investigators Shane Pittman and Ray Causey stayed in the old Victorian home known as The Lumber Baron Inn and Gardens at 2555 West 37th Avenue in Denver, Colorado. The Lumber Baron is a bed & breakfast offering space for weddings and other special occasions, as well as a restaurant and tea house. The inn is currently accessible to the general public, although its past is rather spooky. According to The Lumber Baron’s website, John Mouat constructed the 8,500 square-foot residence in 1890 for his wife Amelia and their five children.

Its five roomy bedrooms, all of which have private bathrooms, are all on the second story. The mansion’s main ballroom is located on the third story; from there, visitors can ascend a tower with views of Downtown Denver. The house, which also includes a garden, is thought to be haunted, as it is the scene of the unsolved 1970 murders of two teenage girls. Some people think that haunting experiences have occurred there since the building was refurbished in the 1990s. The setting and its past inspired Denver historian Phil Goodstein’s book, Lumber Baron Inn: Denver’s Mystery Mansion.

Madison Dry Goods in Madison, North Carolina

Madison Dry Goods in Madison, North Carolina

Brandy Miller, a fifth-generation psychic medium, and Jereme Leonard, a demonologist, stayed at Madison Dry Goods, which is situated at 104 West Murphy Street in Madison, North Carolina. Madison Dry Goods was established on January 21January 21 of that year. In addition to selling clothing, presents, and other items, the shop has grown to be a well-liked tourist destination where people travel in search of ghostly activity.

According to a decider, the structure had previously been a hotel and a funeral home before the store’s debut. The horrific Lawson family killings on Christmas Day in 1929 used the latter “to prepare the victims of one of the most notorious murders of the region.” Some assert that a young girl still floats around and haunts the store today. The establishment has a modest “museum” that honors the history of the building.

Captain Grant’s Inn in Preston, Connecticut

Captain Grant’s Inn in Preston, Connecticut

Tech experts Nick Simons and Aaron G. Thompson, as well as psychic medium Sean Austin, stayed at Captain Grant’s Inn in Preston, Connecticut. Built-in 1754, Captain Grant’s is a national historic inn and bed & breakfast. A “go-to destination for ghosts and ghost hunters,” it contains five bedrooms, a sitting room, a game room, a dining room, a kitchen, a three-tiered deck, and a four-acre yard. The Ghosts of Captain Grant’s Inn, written by the inn’s proprietor Carol Matsumoto, features a discussion of the several ghosts that roam the place.

However, Matsumoto thinks Mercy Adelaide, the wife of the property’s 19th-century owner, is one of Captain Grant’s spirits, as noted in a local Connecticut news report. Despite Mercy’s death in the 1800s, one of her children and she both still reside in the house, according to Matsumoto in her book. She claims that she is still awaiting the return of the captain. (Hot tip: Book a room in The Adelaide if you want to encounter ghostly activity at the inn.) Deborah, who passed away in the 1700s at the age of five and is interred in the cemetery behind Captain Grant’s, is thought to be another ghost that resides at the inn. The inn is situated at 109 CT-2A in Preston, Connecticut, close to the prominent tourist destination Mystic Seaport and between Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun.

The show 28 Days Haunted is set to be released on October 21 October on Netflix.

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