The Cursed (2022) Horror Movie Review and Ending Explained

What Did McBride Know About The Curse

The Cursed (2022) Horror Movie Ending Explained – Sean Ellis is the author and director of “The Cursed.” He also handled the film’s cinematography, and he was able to give it a menacing appearance and atmosphere that effectively supported the story. You will be completely immersed in this historical horror/drama thanks to the haunting soundtrack by Robin Foster and the incisive editing by Yorgos Mavropsaridis and Richard Mettler.

The performances, particularly those of Alistair Petrie, Kelly Reilly, and Boyd Holbrook, are able to enunciate what the director intended to say and bring out the essence of the story. Although “The Cursed” may not be the most exceptional horror movie you have ever seen, it is pretty well-balanced in its approach and succeeds in keeping the audience engaged the entire time.

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‘The Cursed’ Ending Explained

The Cursed (2022) Horror Movie Plot Synopsis

The Laurent family learned that some gipsies were camped on their property. When the family’s head, Seamus Laurent, questioned the local priest about the gipsies’ claim to ownership of the land, it was made clear that they had evidence supporting their claim. The document was roughly 80 years old. However, it was decided at the conference that the records would be modified because it was incomprehensible to the civilised people to accept the presence of such a lawless and deplorable community that did not uphold social norms. So the very following day, Seamus was joined by a battalion of mercenaries to drive them out.

The mercenaries used violence as a result of some opposition from the gipsies. Not even the children were spared. The entire neighbourhood witnessed the murder of their loved ones in front of them. The woman, who was supposedly the community’s spiritual leader, had anticipated this circumstance. She had instructed one of the blacksmiths to construct unique silver metal fangs for her. Even before Seamus and his men attacked them, she had begun to pray to that silver fang.

The older woman, who was attempting to flee with another male leader, was eventually apprehended by Seamus’ men after they had pillaged the entire area. The oppressive landowners were scowled at by the man and lady, who also threatened them with a curse. The leader wanted to set a good example so that no one else would ever attempt to trespass on their property. They cut off the man’s limbs and buried the elderly woman alive. She clung to those glittering fangs while the man’s lifeless body was left hanging in the midst of the field like a scarecrow.

All the kids began having dreams about the lady, the scarecrow, and the silver teeth shortly after the murders. One of the first people to experience the gypsy lady’s dream apparition was Seamus’ son Edward. Timmy, a young boy, whose father worked for Seamus, informed Edward and his sister Charlotte that he had seen the locations of the woman’s burial and the man’s hanging. The other children were curious about it, so they decided to follow Timmy to the scene of the crime in order to satisfy their curiosity. The silver fangs were discovered buried in the earth. Timmy became possessed as soon as he held the fangs in his hands. He bit Edward while wearing them.

Timmy caused significant injuries and infection to Edward when he didn’t know what he was doing. There was no other logical explanation for the happenings, so Seamus called for the doctor, who hypothesised that a wild animal had bitten Edward. Although Charlotte had seen what had transpired, she had also told Timmy that she wouldn’t let anybody else know. Later that night, when Charlotte went to check on Edward, she saw that he had clinched his entire body and that something that looked like roots had begun to emerge from his back. Edward jumped out of the window and entered the woods before she could summon her parents.

The Cursed (2022) Horror Movie Review

What Kind of Information Did McBride have Regarding the ‘Curse’?

Charlotte reconnected with Timmy, who Charlotte had begun to understand the significance of the silver metal that the gypsy woman had used to craft those fangs. Because Timmy was in the spell, he could not recall what he had done to Edward. According to Christian legend, Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and did so in the New Testament’s Gospel of Matthew. The same silver that the gypsy woman had used to make those fangs were also used to cast a curse on the entire Laurent family.

Timmy tore the bible page, handed Charlotte the torn page, and then fled hysterically into the woods. He made the decision to pursue Edward when he was seen standing at the edge of the forest. Seamus had asked Lieutenant Alfred Moliere and pathologist John McBride to locate his lost kid, but now there was a new casualty to add to the list. Timmy had been brutally murdered by a demon that had materialised as soon as the children had extracted the silver teeth. When McBride and Moliere saw Timmy’s decapitated body, they were inconsolable.

They also believed he had been bitten by a wild animal that resembled a wolf. Moliere wanted to end the case because he thought that by focusing on such unimportant issues, he would be unable to ignore the fact that the nation was currently experiencing a cholera pandemic. Cities were unfriendly to outsiders, and trade channels had been shut down. Moliere believed that, given the severe situation, there wasn’t much he could do to help find Seamus’s lost boy. McBride chose to stay and evaluate the problem. He was aware that there was more going on and that it wasn’t just a wild beast attacking.

In the meantime, the thing attacks a different group of workers, and we finally get to see it in all its terrifying glory as it commits the murder. The girl who had survived the assault was Annie Marie, but before McBride could question her, she too fled, just like Edward did. McBride was aware that the werewolf would not stop until he had taken them all out. In order to trap the werewolf, he gave the order for everyone to enter the church and lock the doors.

In Gevaudan, where McBride was sent, wolves were a problem, much like they are currently in the Laurent colony. When Laurent massacred them, the same gipsies had previously journeyed to the northwest and were probably en route to claim the property. Seamus stops Isabelle from alerting McBride about the gipsies who had taken over her husband’s property because he still doesn’t want to accept that it wasn’t just a wild animal but a curse placed on his family as a result of his deeds. The wolf was allegedly a component of the curse, and after exacting its vengeance, it had to be restrained in gypsy silver.

The following day, McBride set the traps and killed a werewolf. He brought it to the mansion along with Seamus and a few other men, where they witnessed Annie Marie, the girl who had escaped, emerging from the werewolf’s womb. The guys shot her down, and the werewolf’s body was burned after that. Anyone who was the beast bit turned evil; that much was evident. Still, in denial, Seamus was sure that he and his troops would track down the monster. On the other hand, McBride was aware that it couldn’t be eliminated so quickly and that he would have to turn to the Bible for guidance.

The Cursed (2022) Horror Movie ending

The Cursed (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Timmy told McBride that he had torn a page out of the Bible and handed it to Charlotte since he was aware that she would someday require that knowledge to break the curse. McBride was aware that Judas had received the same silver. He discovered the fangs inside the church, where Timmy had left them, and he hired a blacksmith to melt them and reshape them into bullets. The werewolf bites Anais, a maid who worked in the Laurent household, but she survives. She was afraid that if the others found out, they would mock her or possibly kill her. She resisted telling anyone about it out of fear.

Even after applying her own bandages to her wounds, the infection continued to develop and manifest its effects. When Seamus discovered her, she had already begun to change into that thing. McBride and Seamus had just gotten into a fight. Although he had been unsuccessful in his pursuit, McBride had advised him against giving up since the thing would eventually pursue him. Before Seamus shoots her down, Anais bites him. Having become infected, Seamus acknowledges that his avarice has led to the murder of the gipsies. He set himself ablaze since he was aware that once infected, there was no turning back.

Isabelle, Charlotte, and McBride sprinted into the chapel. When Isabelle heard her son Edward’s voice, she opened the church door. However, Edward was now a werewolf and waited for the right moment to strike. After slaughtering everyone within the church, he prepared to bite Isabelle. Isabelle was shot by McBride after he failed to properly aim his weapon. The werewolf was struck by the bullet, which was fashioned from the same cursed silver as before. The werewolf changed back into Edward the moment the silver came into contact with it. However, McBride can bring Edward back and save Charlotte even if he is unable to save Seamus and Isabelle.

John McBride would adopt the kids. He treated them as if they were his own kids. After being rescued from that monstrosity, Edward had no memory of anything. He finally enlisted in the military. About 35 years after her parents were killed on that terrible night, Charlotte visits McBride while he is on his deathbed in the opening scene. None other than Edward was struck by a silver bullet during the 1917 Battle of the Somme.

The medical professionals understood that the Germans did not own the silver bullet. Edward had been carrying the silver bullet inside of him the entire time. The curse had followed him for 35 years and finally overcame him. The medics believed that Edward died due to his wounds, but they were unaware that he actually paid the price for the sins of his ancestors.

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