Where is Maltese Businessman Yorgen Fenech Now?

Where is Maltese Businessman Yorgen Fenech Now

Where is Maltese Businessman Yorgen Fenech Now? – A businessman named Yorgen Fenech has been accused of helping to kill journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in 2017. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who may resign due to the issue, has been associated with Fenech.

The events leading up to the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and the subsequent inquiry are the main topics of Wondery’s “Who Killed Daphne?” The police had a difficult time because Daphne’s investigative journalism frequently drew threats and created a lot of enemies. As the inquiry progressed, many people were charged with participating in the assassination, with businessman Yorgen Fenech being named as the putative mastermind. Therefore, we can answer your questions about Yorgen’s connection to the case and current location.

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Who is Yorgen Fenech

Yorgen Fenech: Who is He?

Prior to his arrest in November 2019, Yorgen was the leader of the Tumas Group, a real estate and development company, and a well-known businessman in Malta. But Yorgen, who was then a person of interest, was apprehended on his yacht more than a year after Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. The authorities at the time thought he was en route to Italy before continuing on to somewhere else. Conversations he had with his uncle suggested he was considering fleeing the country.

A few months before to the assassination, Daphne had investigated the Panama Papers and written about an offshore firm held by Yorgen by the name of 17 Black. Later, it was discovered that 17 Black provided funding for additional businesses founded by Konrad Mizzi, the former energy minister, and Keith Schembri, the former prime minister’s chief of staff. Furthermore, while Konrad was the minister, Yorgen was granted a concession to operate a power plant.

The police thought Yorgen was in charge of planning Daphne’s slaying. A cab driver named Melvin Theuma was charged with orchestrating the murder and stated that Yorgen was the mastermind. Melvin said that he kept the Degiorgio gang in the dark regarding Yorgen. Authorities detained alleged hitmen Alfred Degiorgio, George Degiorgio, and Vincent Muscat after Daphne died.

Later, Yorgen admitted to the police that Keith was guilty and expressed his desire for a presidential pardon in exchange. He said that Keith was the murderer’s mastermind. Adrian Vella, Yorgen’s physician, was also detained after it emerged through the investigation that he had been relaying texts from Keith to Yorgen pleading with him not to contact the police. Nevertheless, Yorgen didn’t ultimately get the pardon.

journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia
Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

Where is Maltese Businessman Yorgen Fenech Now?

Yorgen, who was 38 at the time, was accused of helping to murder Daphne in November 2019. In addition, he was charged with actively participating in this criminal organization by providing information, organizing, or funding a group with the aim of committing a crime.

The judge added that one of the reasons for refusing bail was Yorgen’s access to cryptocurrencies before taking him into jail and freezing his assets. Alfred admitted to killing Daphne in July 2022 and consented to give testimony. As for Yorgen, he has remained detained by Malta’s police since his arrest in November 2019 and will do so until the conclusion of the judicial process.

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