Southern Charm: Where is Jenna King Now?

Where is Jenna King From Southern Charm Now

Where is Jenna King From Southern Charm Now? – “Southern Charm” TV series reveals a world of exclusivity, wealthy families, and their lives based in Charleston, South Carolina. In order to protect their family names from being tarnished for generations, the docuseries follows a number of single people in Charleston as they pursue their personal and professional goals.

To get a firsthand view of contemporary Southern nobility, members of the infamously closed society unlock the gates to their centuries-old estates. The most captivating gentlemen in the city and their Southern-belle equivalents provide viewers with a glimpse into a social milieu tied by tradition and ostentation unlike any other culture in America.

One of them is Jenna King, the odd cast member who only featured in season 1. Due to her outspoken personality, Jenna King garnered huge popularity even though she only appeared in the show’s first season. She was primarily known for her quirky demeanour, but she also kept her personal and professional lives under wraps.

Her supporters are unsure of her whereabouts despite the fact that she has been out of the spotlight for some time due to her inescapable presence. Here is what we know for anyone who has been wondering about Jenna’s current location.

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The 'Southern Charm' Journey of Jenna King

The ‘Southern Charm’ Journey of Jenna King

Jenna King, who joined the programme at the age of 28, distinguished herself from the other cast members by acting and dressing differently from the typical Charleston resident. She was a rising fashion designer who was developing a line of stylish gloves that she also displayed on the show and was interested in launching a designer eyewear company. She stood out for wearing only black, having a unique fauxhawk, and wearing tall black shoes. In the little town of Sumter, South Carolina, Jenna was raised by an animal rescuer mother and an Air Force veteran father.

Regarding her relationships with other cast members, Jenna had a close friendship with Cameran Eubanks and was dating Louis “Lou” Ceruzzi. According to reports, Lou, a wealthy real estate developer who was roughly 30 years Jenna’s senior, paid for her luxurious lifestyle and gave her gifts of high-end items, which apparently upset several people.

Jenna’s friend Whitney Sudler-Smith questioned her about how she could afford her big four-bedroom home and designer clothes, and Jenna’s response was very evasive, “With my bank account.” She maintained good relationships with her other cast members despite their divergent personalities. She particularly got along with her then-bestie, Cameran Eubanks.

What Happened to Jenna King and Where is She Now?

Following her involvement in season 1, Jenna King made the decision to migrate from Charleston to Los Angeles in 2014. A long, colourful hairstyle replaced her unique short haircut with braids in almost every colour, including electric blue, blonde, red, and pink. Despite relocating to California, she made sporadic trips home to see Whitney Sudler-Smith and Shep Rose, two of her former castmates.

Cameran stated on Jenna’s visit, “Jenna is great. I knew Jenna long before the show started, and we do keep in touch. She lives in L.A., but she comes back to South Carolina. Her mom still lives in South Carolina.”

When the cast of “Southern Charm” reunited for the first time, Jenna revealed the reason behind her split from Lou. In 2014, she subsequently began dating Ronnie Radke, the main singer of the rock group “Falling in Reverse.” Then, in 2015, Jenna and Ronnie broke up because she was reportedly once more spending time with Lou.

Sadly, it was discovered in 2017 that Lou had died from cancer. Since 2016, Jenna has also been in a committed relationship with Brazilian woman Janaina Devieira. But in 2019, both of them separated from each other. In 2015, Jenna claimed to have undergone an AirSculpt Laser Liposculpture procedure to reduce her size to 00. She stated, “I’ve probably lost, like, 20 pounds,” in a report The Insider published on the cosmetic treatment.

Jenna, who is currently 37 years old, spends most of her time travelling with her friends and family and unwinding in Los Angeles with her puppies. It’s interesting to see that she’s changed her haircut once more. From what we can see, Jenna has made the decision to keep her private affairs private and appears to be having a good time.

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