Hulu’s Aftershock: Who Was Amber Rose Isaac? How Did Amber Rose Die?

Who Was Amber Rose Isaac

Hulu’s Aftershock: Who Was Amber Rose Isaac? How Did Amber Rose Isaac Die? – The acute maternal healthcare crisis in the US is the theme of Hulu’s documentary “Aftershock” series. It attempts to raise this issue to everyone’s notice and bring about the change that could save lives via the stories of various women.

The documentary exposes the racist practices that make childbirth risky for women of color in America, contributing to high infant death rates. The struggle of the families to prevent their daughters and their boyfriends from becoming statistics is also depicted. Bruce McIntrye, who lost his partner Amber Rose Isaac, engaged in one such battle.

Less than four days after tweeting that she should publish an exposé on “dealing with inept doctors,” Amber Rose Isaac passed away.

On April 17, when pregnant with her first kid, Amber Rose Isaac tweeted that she would write an exposé on “dealing with incompetent physicians” in the Bronx.

She was declared dead when a cesarean section went wrong less than four days later. As the coronavirus raged in New York City, she passed away alone.

What happened to her, and who was she? What you need to know is as follows.

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How Did Amber Rose Die

Amber Rose Isaac: Who Was She?

Amber Rose Isaac, a black woman from Puerto Rico, was 26 years old. She worked as a teacher in the Early LIFE program run by Lutheran Social Services of New York. At Concordia College in Bronxville, she was also pursuing a graduate degree in business administration. She is described as “a trailblazer among her peers” by her partner Bruce McIntyre. She simply always had the best advise, and she always pays attention when you speak to her. She will let you know that she loves you if she does.

McIntyre and Isaac had ideas for community service projects. They desired to start a daycare facility, provide art therapy to young people, and establish a school for disadvantaged kids. She was dubbed “an innovator” by McIntyre. She had a unique way of thinking. She had always taken actions that others wouldn’t have considered.

All of this was 100% preventable. All of it“, Isaac’s life partner Bruce McIntyre III remarked. “I feel like she would have got more attentive care if she was a white mother, to be completely honest with you.”

In an interview with the Guardian, he detailed how the staff at the Montefiore Medical Center were inconsiderate and unpleasant to Isaac, a 26-year-old black New Yorker from Puerto Rico, even when she reached out to them in her final weeks of pregnancy.

The National Birth Equity Collaborative’s creator and president, Dr. Joia Crear-Perry, remarked, “We know she did all that she was supposed to do, right? And she’s not the only one. That’s the story of the black maternal mortality issue across the United States.

Amber Rose Isaac’s Cause of Death

How Did Amber Rose Isaac Die?

Amber Rose Isaac passed away on April 21, 2020, following an urgent C-section because of difficulties. Although it was too late for the doctors to make a diagnosis, Amber’s symptoms had already begun to appear for a very long period.

Months before Amber was scheduled to give birth, her platelet count had begun to decline. Her doctors didn’t take her complaints of exhaustion and breathlessness seriously. She sought her OB-GYN to assist her in obtaining an early medical leave, but they listed “personal reasons” rather than the critical health difficulties she was dealing with. Additionally, the epidemic made her treatment more forgiving.

She admitted that when she met Nubia Martin in April to discuss a home birth, she hadn’t seen her physician in person since February. Martin advised her to see a doctor immediately because she was a high-risk case.

She had a high-risk appointment on April 24, which was three days after she passed away. She tweeted about her experience after realizing she wasn’t getting the attention she needed. Days later, she was taken to the hospital, where she was given an induction more than a month before her due date. According to later accounts, her platelet count has been dropping since December 2019, but no one considered this alarming.

She was discovered to have HELLP syndrome, and after a C-section, she passed away as a result of her blood no longer being able to clot due to a low platelet count. If she had taken the recommended care, according to McIntryre, her death would have been “100% preventable.” He added that if she had been white, she would have drawn more attention. The manner that Black women, Brown women, and Indigenous women are being treated and disregarded, he continued, is repugnant and brutal.

In a statement issued when Amber’s mother passed away, the Montefiore hospital, where she had worked for 25 years, expressed their condolences to the family and noted that their “maternal mortality rate of 0.01 percent is lower than both New York City and national averages.” A tragedy is any death of a mother.

Despite the pain of losing his partner, McIntyre has committed his life to preventing additional avoidable maternal deaths. In order to “remove the structural inadequacies within maternal health care,” he established the saveArose Foundation. He is continuing to raise awareness of this disease among lawmakers and plans to create a facility where people may go to receive the medical assistance they need.

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