Hulu’s Aftershock: Where is Shamony Gibson’s Mom Shawnee Gibson Today?

Where is Shamony Gibson’s Mom Shawnee Gibson Now

Where is Shamony Gibson’s Mom Shawnee Gibson Now? – The effects of the nationwide maternity crisis are tracked in Hulu’s documentary “Aftershock.” One of the two tales concerns Shamony Gibson, who passed away a fortnight after having her second child by C-section due to a pulmonary embolism.

She had complained of exhaustion and shortness of breath in the days after giving birth, and her mother Shawnee questioned if it might have been a pulmonary embolism. Prior to being admitted to the hospital due to a worsening of her condition, Shamony’s doctors apparently failed to diagnose her with anything.

Because Shamony’s passing left a huge vacuum in their lives, they made the decision to talk about their sorrow and spread awareness of the issues with the healthcare system that resulted in mostly avoidable losses. The focus of the documentary, which explores various facets of the system that is meant to save people, is Shawnee. We have all the information you need if you want to learn more about Shawnee Benton-Gibson and her current situation.

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Shawnee Benton-Gibson: Who is She?

Shawnee Benton-Gibson is a reproductive rights activist who identifies as “unapologetically black, a fiery being, confident, real and free, and an artist.” She holds a social work license and has several years of experience. She graduated from the Silver School of Social Work at New York University. Along with working on equity and maternal health, she has also worked on abuse counseling and abuse prevention. “Ignite metamorphosis and initiate catharsis” is what she does for a living.

Shawnee discussed the trauma she had experienced in her own life and how it had influenced her pursuit of reproductive justice in an interview with StyleLikeU. When I was young, I had pregnancies released. I decided to disclose a pregnancy. My family supported it, but after it was completed, nobody ever spoke of it again, which was extremely upsetting.

In her subsequent pregnancies, Shawnee also struggled with postpartum depression and encountered a lack of sympathy from those who were, ironically, more worried about the kid. She was able to talk to more people who had experienced comparable things as a result of this. It provided her with a path that inspired her to support the cause and assist others.

Where is Shamony Gibson’s Mom Shawnee Gibson Now?

Living in New York City, Shawnee Benton-Gibson has consistently spoken up in favour of maternal health among people of colour. Co-founding the organisation that seeks to “teach, elevate, and affect positive and lasting development” in the globe is Spirit of A Woman (S.O.W) Leadership Development Institute, which she co-founded. After her daughter passed away, she organised a community service to honour Shamony.

The Association for Reproductive Innovation through Artistry and Healing (A.R.I.A.H. Foundation), which Shawnee co-founded with Shamony’s boyfriend Omari Maynard, aims to stop “the devastation of Black maternal death.” Shawnee finally met “Aftershock” directors Paula Eiselt and Tonya Lewis Lee, thanks to their assistance. She has since pledged her allegiance to the cause, claiming that “I can weep and lead at the same time.”

Shamony’s mother believes it is her duty to continue working towards the cause even though she still feels the pain of losing her daughter. I don’t have time for crying, she stated in a Sundance interview. In this area, there are a thousand people. I have to explain what’s going on and why Shamony died. I don’t have to give up on my mission just because my daughter died. That would be a grave insult to her memory. The Griots Healing Circle’s executive director and CEO is Shawnee as well.

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