Explanation And Ending of the ‘Still Out of My League’ (2021) Movie


We can all agree that long-distance relationships are terrible, but do you believe there is such a thing as a “league”?

The melancholy coming-of-age romance drama movie Still Out of My League‘ (‘Ancora più bello’), the second instalment of a franchise in the works seems to suggest the opposite.

The gender-bending film, directed by Claudio Norza, follows childhood friends MExplanation And Ending of the ‘Still Out of My League’ (2021) Moviearta, Jacopo, and Federica as they experience the butterflies and pangs of passion as they approach adulthood.

Marta breaks up with Arturo and falls in love with Gabriele in this sequel to the previous film. Regardless of her illness, she steals the show, and Ludovica Francesconi shines in the role.

Do Marta and Gabriele end up together after all of the lies, betrayals, and misunderstandings?

Let’s go through the heartbreaking conclusion once more.


Still Out of My League 2021 Movie Reviews

Plot Synopsis for ‘Still Out of My League’ (2021)

Marta, a stubborn and dreamy orphan, shares a flat in Turin with childhood friends Jacopo and Federica.

Marta suffers from mucoviscidosis, but that doesn’t stop her from living her life to the fullest.

Her guardian angels are Jacopo and Federica, although she is still hunting for the perfect love following her breakup with Arturo.

She begins a relationship with Gabriele, a tall and attractive man. Gabriele is 27 years old and a graduate of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied painting and scenography.

Federica hosts a poker session at her home, and it is there that she meets Mauro. Mauro gives her a job as an ethical hacker for his company, which necessitates a celebration.

Marta and Gabriele hug, kiss, and dance at the party, while the audience around them seems to vanish. Jacopo, on the other hand, spends the entire night on the dating app Drool texting individuals.

Rebecca, a social media fame and geek Giacomo, ends up sleeping together after a few glasses of Mojito, and Giacomo comes to Rebecca’s house with a bunch of roses shortly after. They start the affair with three clauses.

When Drool fails to deliver, the man of Jacopo’s fantasies shows up at his door with soup and pizza.

Gabriele finds work in Paris. Despite his initial reluctance to accept the position owing to a contract, Marta pushes him to do so.

Their long-distance romance begins to falter, eventually resulting in a full-fledged rift. Meanwhile, Marta’s impending lung transplant offers us reason to be hopeful, but will Gabriele be able to meet her before the procedure?

What Happens to Tommaso at the End of Still Out of My League? Is He a Gay Man?
When Federica returns from his dreadful first day on the job, Marta and Federica notice that they haven’t seen Jacopo in a long time.

In the meantime, he’s been using the app for 16 hours a day, presumably out of dread of losing out.

Marta tells him to start meeting people in person, although Jacopo has worked in a number of places. The doorbell rings as Jacopo relates anecdotes about his dating experiences. The cuisine from ‘So Soup Me,’ as well as the man of Jacopo’s fantasies, has arrived.

Jacopo learns a lot about the delivery boy by ordering from the same restaurant over and over. Tommy (short for Tommaso) is a three-day-a-week worker who recently relocated to Turin.

Marta orders pizza for a virtual date with Gabriele while it pours outside. Tommaso is the delivery person, and he works for the pizza restaurant in shifts.

Despite Marta’s precautions, Gabriele notices Tommaso change his shirt while on the video call. Tommaso has a huge crush on Jacopo, but they don’t know if he’s gay.

When Tommaso invites Marta out on a date, she brings Gabriele and Jacopo along for the ride.

Tommaso shows off his heavenly voice during a karaoke performance of “Nessun Dorma,” a popular opera song from Giacomo Puccini’s “Turandot.” Marta reveals her social media password as “GabriMarta2021” when Gabriele becomes insecure.

Gabriele learns of Marta’s upcoming meeting with Tommaso by hacking into her privacy. Marta believes that her nice deeds are for Jacopo, but she can’t help but lie when Gabriele phones her in the middle of the date.

Gabriele’s snooping irritates Marta, even if she insists on telling the truth. She breaks up with him the moment she sees skeletons.

Tomasso later meets Jacopo for a final farewell. He is about to leave Turin for his homeland, but Jacopo needs to know if he is gay.

Tommaso does not oppose Jacopo when he kisses him, but he is not enthralled by the kiss either. We noticed that he was intrigued in Marta, possibly because Marta had drawn his attention to him.

They only get as far as holding hands, though. So, do we finally know Tommaso’s sexual orientation? At the end of the day, he comes off as a grey-sexual figure with a smidgeon of bisexuality and even metrosexuality.

He may not belong on either extreme of the spectrum and instead oscillates in the middle.

‘Still Out of My League’ (2021) Movie Plot / Synopsis

Plot: Marta may be an orphan, and she may be affected by a lethal illness, yet she is the most positive person one can meet. She wants a boy to fall for her. Not any boy – the most handsome of them all. One day, she may have found her match.Director: Alice Filippi
Writers: Roberto ProiaMichela Straniero
Stars: Ludovica FrancesconiGiuseppe MaggioEleonora Gaggero

Still Out of My League 2021 Movie Explanation

Do Gabriele and Marta Reconcile their Differences?

Gabriele and Marta’s long-distance relationship is being strained by the misunderstandings surrounding Tommaso.

Rebecca, the social media star, on the other hand, ends up sleeping with Giacomo at Federica’s party after a few glasses of Mojito.

Later, with a bunch of roses, Giacomo pays a visit to Rebeca, geeky but assured. Rebecca first rejects him, but once three conditions are met, she accepts to date him.

Gabriele and Marta’s love is at an all-time low while the graph of their romance continues to rise.

Marta does not answer or respond to Gabriele’s calls after their date night with Tommaso, and she blocks him everywhere.

However, before Marta’s eagerly anticipated experiment, Jacopo and Federica summon Gabriele.

Jacopo purchases a ticket for him, but a Paris air traffic strike puts a damper on their plans. Gabriele, undeterred, rents a car. Despite the fact that no car is available, he strikes it rich.

Marta ultimately decides to unblock and call Gabriele the night before the operation. On the other hand, his phone runs out of battery while in transit.

Jacopo and Federica hope Gabriele would arrive on time the next morning, and smart cuts show Gabriele parking his car outside a hospital.

Jacopo realises he gave Gabriele the wrong address at this point, and Gabriel arrives at the wrong hospital.

Meanwhile, Marta, the patient, has been relocated and is undergoing surgery. The viewer is kept entertained by a criminal cliffhanger and a comforting “to be continued.” Even if Gabriele and Marta reconcile later in the film, the conclusion does not resolve the situation.

Is Federica Capable of Catching Mauro?

Federica’s work life is depicted in the film as a plot arc. She joins Delfina’s office as an ethical hacker intern.

Christina and Silvia, two of her coworkers, are her natural adversaries from the start. Federica complains to her supervisor, Mauro, when they bully her.

Mauro informs her that three former apprentices, Irene, Michela, and Marinella, have quit due to Silvia and Christina’s bullying.

He also implies that Federica will be promoted, and the two will be fired later. Federica, on the other hand, learns the whole situation after questioning her coworkers.

Irena’s voice message to Silvia confirms that Mauro is a predator who harassed and preyed on past employees.

Federica walks into Mauro’s office with a plan, and he invites her to the cybersecurity summit. He approaches way too close, but thankfully, Federica has been warned by her coworkers.

She recalls keeping the door open and stealing important information on Mauro’s phone. Mauro texts her on the eve of the summit, wanting to meet near the lift.

He appears to want to surprise her, and Federica works tirelessly to expose Mauro, even if it means losing her job.

Federica reveals that she has hacked into Mauro’s phone as he asks for a kiss on the rooftop.

Mauro, however, has already hacked Federica’s phone and deleted all relevant data, sensing that Federica might take the action.

He further reveals that in order to avoid scandals, he has turned off the cameras in his office. Mauro’s supervisor, however, urges him to hand over the resignation letter as they descend.

Federica and her colleagues, it turns out, has outdone Mauro. Mauro turned off Federica’s phone, but Christina installed an app that transformed Mauro’s phone into a microphone.

And the cameras took care of the rest. Following the exposé, the company’s owner, Delfina, personally fires Mauro in the summit, while Silvia takes over Mauro’s position.