Where is Kamari Bonds From Netflix’s Twentysomethings Now?

Where is Kamari Bonds From Twentysomethings Now

Twentysomethings: Austin,’ as the title suggests, is a Netflix reality series that follows eight 20-somethings as they go to Austin, Texas, to discover themselves in an atmosphere that encourages variety and innovation.

The location is a fantastic fit for them because they are a diverse group themselves, but it is the way they manage every facet of life while supporting one another that melts our hearts the most.

Kamari Bonds was the one person who always seemed to live genuinely while also being kind and loving.

Let’s learn more about him now, shall we?

More About Kamari Bonds:

Kamari Bonds, a 23-year-old from Greensboro, North Carolina, appears to live by the slogan “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

He does, however, appear to be practical in that regard since he is open to change and enjoys exploring new options, which is why he chose to relocate to the Texas capital in the first place.

I’m giddy with delight to be in Austin, Texas.” In the show, Kamari stated. “Um, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the city.

“Out here, there’s a lot of potential.” He’s talking about his modelling career chances.

“I mean, I have a college degree,” Kamari said, noting that every time someone gives him a side glance, he says, “I mean, there’s definitely a stigma that goes along with modelling.”

Is that of any use?” Furthermore, by offering advice on how to be a good model, he implied that it requires a great deal of effort on their part to guarantee that nothing distracts the audience from the purpose of the shoot.

In short, Kamari is a great person to be around since he is not just passionate about what he does, but he is also detail-oriented and a hard worker (along with being a clean freak).

What Happened to Kamari Bonds?

According to our best guess, Kamari Bonds is still based in North Carolina, where he is represented by Marilyn’s Model and Talent Agency.

On his social media channels, he labels himself as a “Creative Entrepreneur” since he claims to have a lot of business ideas, but he hasn’t been able to focus on any of them yet.

With that stated, his attitude, combined with his Marketing degree and experience as a Creative Art Director and Project Manager for a production company, leads us to believe that whatever he chooses to do, he will be successful.

Kamari made it obvious in the Netflix original that he wasn’t searching for or ready for a relationship.

Hence, the fact that his internet presence is devoid of any hint of a romantic connection comes as no surprise.

Nonetheless, he appears to be happy with his life at the moment, especially since he gets to travel all over the country, most recently to Hawaii and Los Angeles.