Gary Devore Death Mystery: Who Killed Him?

Gary Devore Death Mystery

Gary Devore Death Mystery – Hey there, mystery enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the enigmatic and perplexing case of Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore. If you haven’t heard about it, get ready for a wild ride into the unknown. This chilling tale caught the attention of the masses, sparking rumors and conspiracy theories that still linger to this day. Our guide on this intriguing journey? The podcast ‘Witnessed Fade to Black’ that delves deep into the twists and turns of Gary Devore’s mysterious disappearance and death.

Gary Devore Death Story

Gary Devore Death Story: How Did He Die?

Now, let’s unravel the events leading to Gary Devore’s demise. Born on September 17, 1941, Gary significantly shifted from truck driver to a Hollywood heavyweight, known for his sharp scripts like ‘The Dogs of War’ and ‘Raw Deal.’ Fast forward to June 27, 1997, Gary was knee-deep in crafting ‘The Big Steal,’ a film centered around the U.S. invasion of Panama.

In a late-night call to his wife, Wendy, Gary mentioned completing the script and set off on his journey back home. However, this call marked the last known contact with him. As the days turned into weeks, law enforcement agencies launched an extensive search, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOD. Despite the urgency and Devore’s high-profile status, no traces were found.

Wendy, grappling with uncertainty, suspected abduction, while rumors of suicide circulated. She organized searches and offered a hefty reward in her quest for answers. It wasn’t until 1998 that the mystery took a dark turn. Devore’s car, with his body inside, was discovered submerged below a bridge over the aqueduct in Palmdale, California. Strange details emerged – his laptop and script were missing, his hands were gone, and the circumstances of the crash raised eyebrows.

Who Killed Gary Devore

Who Killed Gary Devore? – Investigation and Arrest

As suspicions grew, the question of foul play loomed. Detective Douglas Crawford, a relative newcomer to such cases, suggested Devore might have accidentally driven off the aqueduct. However, the peculiarities of the incident raised skepticism. Devore’s car headlights were found in the “OFF” position, and to follow the trajectory described in the police report, he would have needed to drive in the opposite direction for over two miles – an implausible scenario.

Wendy, persistent in her pursuit of truth, faced roadblocks when seeking access to confidential police files. The official account deemed Devore’s death an accident, but doubts lingered. The circumstances were just too peculiar to accept at face value.

The plot thickened with the 2014 documentary “The Writer with No Hands.” Interviews in the documentary hinted at a potential cover-up. The recovered human hands, supposedly Devore’s, were shockingly estimated to be around 200 years old. This revelation, along with warnings from a Department of Defense contractor to halt the investigation, added layers to the mystery.

Gary Devore’s ex-wife, Wendy, disclosed his increasing interactions with government agencies leading up to his disappearance. In the months before he went missing, the frequency of calls from these agencies spiked. A former White House official confirmed Devore’s ties to the CIA, shedding light on his travels to Panama with them. Wendy, unaware of this aspect of his life, discovered he often went on trips with CIA special ops rather than his film production crew.

Did the CIA Kill Gary Devore

Did the CIA Kill Gary Devore?

Now, let’s explore the chilling possibility that the CIA played a role in Gary Devore’s death. The screenplay for ‘The Big Steal‘ hinted at disturbing details behind the U.S. invasion of Panama. Allegedly, Devore uncovered a stash of sex tapes featuring top-ranking U.S. officials that Noriega, the Panamanian dictator, possessed. The invasion, according to the script, might have been a smokescreen to retrieve these compromising photos.

“The Writer with No Hands” documentary fueled the speculation. The British research team’s findings, despite warnings, and the revelation about the age of the recovered hands intensified doubts. Wendy’s accounts of Gary’s association with the CIA, coupled with the confession from a White House official, painted a picture of potential government involvement in Devore’s demise.

While the official police account stands by the accident theory, the circumstances surrounding the crash continue to raise eyebrows. Devore’s expertise as a long-haul driver and his aversion to wearing seat belts added another layer of doubt. Wendy’s insistence on discrepancies in his behavior and the handling of the case only fueled the flames of suspicion.

The CIA, known for its cooperative ventures with Hollywood, raised questions about the extent of its involvement in shaping narratives. The revelation that the agency, through Entertainment Liaison Officer Chase Brandon, influenced scripts unofficially before his appointment added another layer to the complex relationship between Hollywood and the intelligence community.

In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Gary Devore’s death persists, shrouded in unanswered questions and conspiracy theories. The podcast ‘Witnessed Fade to Black’ and documentaries like “The Writer with No Hands” keep the flame of curiosity alive, urging us to question the official narrative and seek the truth behind the Hollywood screenwriter’s untimely demise. The enigma of Gary Devore’s death continues to capture imaginations, leaving us to wonder if the full story will ever be revealed.

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