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Susan Robin Bender missing

Susan Robin Bender, Missing or Found? Let’s find out. – A young woman named Susan Robin Bender vanished in 1986 after being observed going into a green-colored van at the bus stand. There may have been foul play. According to Bender’s most recent age progression, she is 45 years old.

The Crime Junkie podcast episode “Missing: Susan Robin Bender” in-depth explores the circumstances leading up to and following Susan’s disappearance, leaving one to wonder about this puzzling case. So let’s get out more information and check if the adolescent has been located or not.

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what happened to Susan Robin Bender

Who is Susan Robin Bender and What Happened to Her?

Susan ran into a buddy while she waited for the bus to Carmel. She informed them about her trip to the shore and her intention to return in a few days. A green van arrived ten minutes after the friend noticed Susan making calls at the bus station. Susan boarded the vehicle without appearing to be coerced by the driver, and she was barely heard from again.

Detectives in Modesto have been bothered by Susan’s case for more than 30 years. However, the police revealed in October that they were reviving the investigation in an effort to find the long-lost teen.

In evaluating this case, we found some possible opportunities that could help us advance the case, the agency stated in a statement.” This includes utilizing technological advances. We also think there might be people—previously unidentified—who may know anything important about Susan’s disappearance.

In the 1980s, it wasn’t unusual for 15-year-olds to have a lot of independence. Pat Bender, Susan’s mother, assumed until May 1 that Susan had safely arrived in Carmel and was having a good time with her friends. Then, however, Susan’s mother became concerned when she didn’t phone her as she normally did.

In 1987, Pat revealed to the Modesto Bee that Susan had previously fled twice but had swiftly returned each time. “Before she vanished, everything had been excellent between us for a few months, and there had been no sign that she was planning to leave,” she remarked.

Susan Robin Bender newspaper

Susan was allegedly not missing on her own accord, according to police. In 1987, Detective Richard Ridenour, who worked on the case until he retired in 2000, told the Bee that he believed Susan had most likely passed away. “According to some of the evidence we have, Susan Bender’s disappearance may have been a result of criminal activity, according to Ridenour.

Some important clues about Susan were found from the house of an unknown man. The man’s residence had Susan’s diary, phone book, and clothing, according to Pat Bender. Police questioned the man, but they later let him go; he was never detained in relation to Susan’s disappearance. Pat Bender said in 1999, “The cops indicated there’s not much police could do without a body.

As the inquiry got underway, the police approached Roger because they thought there might be foul play. To their surprise, they found Susan’s diary, phone book, and a few garments in his home. This was important evidence, but it wasn’t enough to prove that he was responsible for the teen’s abduction because the authorities weren’t sure whether she was alive or dead. Nevertheless, Pat persisted in thinking that Roger was somehow involved in her daughter’s disappearance even when the searching for Susan continued. She quickly discovered another possibility, though, which led her to believe Susan had been murdered.

where is Susan Robin Bender now

Susan Robin Bender: Where is She now?

Unfortunately, more than 36 years after she vanished from the Modesto Greyhound depot in 1986, Susan Robin Bender is still unaccounted for. It’s interesting to note that the Speed Freak Killers, Loren Herzog & Wesley Shermantine, were detained in 1999 for four killings and roughly 72 alleged murders committed over the previous fifteen years.

The police and Pat started to worry if Susan was one of their victims because their area of operation, San Joaquin County, was so close to Modesto. Additionally, between 2010 to 2012, remains from a number of casualties, particularly young girls such as the missing adolescent, were discovered at least 3 burying sites Wesley had previously identified.

In 1999, Ridenour reportedly told the Modesto Bee that Susan Bender “simply vanished off the face of the earth.” The story is quite weird because nothing has ever surfaced regarding her in all these years and nobody has ever come forward with any knowledge regarding what transpired to her.

However, this was only a stab in the dark, and the authorities were unable to establish a link between Susan and the Speed Freak Killers. According to the podcast, the authorities at one point also harboured a fleeting suspicion of Lawrence Singleton, a notorious 51-year-old Florida native. He had picked up Mary Vincent, a 15-year-old hitchhiker, in September 1978, just outside of Modesto. Afterward, he viciously raped her, severed her forearms, and left her to die by tossing her from a 30-foot cliff. Fortunately, Mary made it out alive, and Lawrence was caught and given a fourteen-year prison term, but he was released after only eight years.

Because of Susan’s similarities to Mary and the fact that Lawrence was unrestrained when she vanished, the Modesto police briefly suspected him of being involved in the case before abandoning it without any supporting evidence. Surprisingly, the Modesto police revived Susan’s investigation in October 2021, expecting to find new clues to assist them in locating her, even though it eventually became cold owing to a lack of leads or developments. The police believe they may have located specific opportunities to continue the investigation and some new potential interview subjects who might have information.

It’s critical to keep in mind that Susan was a young child with a family,” according to a statement from the Modesto Police Department. “Unfortunately, that family has been without resolution or justice for 36 years. Our agency’s responsibility is to help bring about some measure of closure with the ultimate aim of obtaining justice.”

Detective Josh Grant can be reached at 209-342-9104 or [email protected] if you have any information regarding Susan Robin Bender. Susan was a 5-foot-5 woman who weighed 128 pounds at the time of her abduction. She also had brown eyes and brown hair.

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