Missing: Dulce Maria Alavez: What Happened to Her? Is She Found?

Dulce Maria Alavez Missing

Dulce Maria Alavez: Found or Missing? Is Dulce Maria Alavez Dead or Alive? – Dulce Maria Alavez (April 25, 2014–September 16, 2019) was an American girl who went missing at a playground in Bridgeton, New Jersey, and is presumed abducted. For discovering Alavez, a reward has been given.

Dulce Maria Alavez, 5, and her brother were playing on the swings on September 16, 2019, while Alavez’s pregnant mother was 30 yards away in her car. She was scratching out a lottery ticket while also assisting her younger sister with her homework.

Alavez abruptly departed from the playground between 4 and 5 p.m. (ET). Alavez’s mother went to check on her children and discovered Alavez’s sibling crying alone on the swings.

Missing: Dulce Maria Alavez,’ a podcast produced by Crime Junkie, digs into this case, analysing the circumstances behind Dulce’s disappearance and her family’s efforts to learn what happened to her. So, if you’re interested in learning more, here’s what we know!

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What Happened to Maria Alavez

Maria Alavez: What Happened to Her?

Dulce was regarded as a cheerful and energetic child who usually wore a smile. Dulce enjoyed pretending to be a princess and spending time with younger children, according to her mother, Noema Alvarez Perez. When the awful occurrence occurred, she was only five years old. Noema and Dulce went out on September 16, 2019, with Dulce’s three-year-old brother and Noema’s eight-year-old cousin.

After getting ice cream from a local shop, the group went to Bridgeton’s city park, which is located behind the local high school. Noema, aged 19, stayed in the car scratching a lottery ticket as Dulce and her brother raced out into the play area.

In addition, she was assisting her cousin with some homework. Noema noticed the three-year-old weeping around ten minutes later, but Dulce was nowhere to be found. When asked where she went, her younger brother pointed to a few buildings. Noema dialled 911 in a panic, but Dulce had yet to be found, despite a thorough search.

Is Dulce Maria Alavez Dead or Alive

Is Dulce Maria Alavez Still Alive or Dead?

An original Amber Alert was issued based on witness testimony from the park. A man was seen escorting a little girl into a red van with tinted windows, according to that person. While initial reports said that this man kidnapped the girl, authorities later emphasised that they only wanted to speak with him because he could be a witness. Unfortunately, the search at the time yielded no further leads as to what had happened to Dulce.

Dulce’s father, who lived in Mexico, was detained by the authorities. He denied any involvement in his daughter’s disappearance. Noema later made an appearance on Dr. Phil’s show. She suspected that Dulce had been taken by an old friend who had previously expressed interest in dating her.

Handwritten messages relating to Dulce were delivered to a public library and a casino in Austintown, Ohio, in March 2020. The casino’s index card mentioned a location in Austintown, but a search turned up nothing.

Another handwritten index card was discovered in the mailbox of an ice cream shop owner in Weathersfield Township, Ohio, in the same month. The handwriting on the card referring to Dulce appeared to be identical to the prior two. The pin code was tracked back to a Mexican city, but the rest of the address was impossible to decipher. Authorities have followed up on several more leads since then but to no avail.

Dulce, on the other hand, has not been forgotten, and her memory is being preserved by the community and the police. “They’re not giving up on her,” Noema said in June 2021, “They keep sharing her postings, and there’s even a tree in the park dedicated to her, so every time kids or adults go there, they see her tree, and there’s a picture of her there.” You must keep your engine running in order to continue on.”

The authorities have stated that Dulce’s case is still active, but they have refused to release any other information. The FBI has been assisting with the case, with Noema claiming that she talked with a federal official about Dulce’s disappearance in January 2022.

For the time being, the detectives are hopeful that the little child is still alive because nothing indicates that she is. “She’s supposed to be eight, and she’s not here with me or my family, and that’s awful, Noema said as the family celebrated her eighth birthday in April 2022. I’m sad and empty because Dulce isn’t here today.”

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