Vigilante Podcast: Where is Laura Miller’s Dad Tim Miller Today?

Where is Laura Miller’s Dad Tim Miller Now

Where is Laura Miller’s Dad Tim Miller Now? – Laura Miller, Miller’s 16-year-old daughter, was kidnapped and murdered in League City, Texas, in 1984. A Texas man who has assisted in the recovery of hundreds of missing people around the country has finally solved the 35-year-old riddle of his own daughter’s abduction. Laura Miller, the 16-year-old daughter of 71-year-old Tim Miller, was kidnapped and murdered in League City, Texas, in 1984.

The true-crime ‘Vigilante’ podcast series, hosted by none other than acclaimed journalist and licenced private investigator Allie Conti (New York Times, Vice), is as complex as it is riveting. After all, it digs not only into the history of search-and-rescuer Tim Miller, but also into his highly unique detective methods in a quest to solve some of the world’s most enigmatic cases.

So now that we know his tragic path began with the loss of his own daughter, 16-year-old Laura Miller, in 1984, let’s learn more about his current situation, can we?

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Who is Tim Miller

Tim Miller: Who Is He?

Tim Miller, while being from Wellington, Ohio, appears to be a true Texan, especially given his forthright approach to any problem the universe throws at him. But the truth is that his life has never been simple, let alone full of unblemished happy times, and it dates back to the 1940s, when he was a child.

After his parents abandoned him, he was supposedly raised by a series of violent relatives, and as an adult, he lost his young son to crib death, his father and brother to suicide, and lastly, Laura to homicide.

Laura Miller
Laura Miller

Tim had managed to bear the grief and trauma for decades, until his lovely Laura vanished on September 10, 1984, only to be discovered 17 months later in her icy remains. Not only had he and his wife officially divorced by that time in early 1986, but he had also let grief, hatred, and a desire for both justice and retribution overtake him.

Then, frustrated that the officials weren’t doing anything or taking his suggestions / suspicions seriously, he launched his own investigations, which led him to his calling as a volunteer search-and-rescuer.

Tim admits to regretting a few instances, hunches, and acts, but each one appears to have been a key guiding element in his non-profit Texas EquuSearch (TES). In 2000, he founded this all-volunteer organisation in memory of his daughter, and over time, he began to become involved in other instances as well, either alone or in collaboration with local authorities.

According to its website, the institute has been able to locate more than 400 missing individuals alive, as well as roughly 240 bodies, in over two decades of dedicated research.

What Happened to Tim Miller and Where Is He Now?

Despite the fact that he is now in his mid-70s, Tim Miller remains the Founder and Director of Texas EquuSearch, as well as being completely committed to his daughter’s cold case. He truly feels he has solved the case and that Clyde Hedrick, their next-door neighbour who was convicted of unrelated manslaughter in 1984, is Laura’s murderer, but he maintains his innocence.

Apart from allegedly locating admissible evidence, Tim appears to be concentrating his efforts on assisting others through his organisation, whether in the United States, Aruba, Sri Lanka, or Mexico, among other countries.

In terms of Tim’s whereabouts, it appears that he is currently residing in Santa Fe, Texas, but TES is located in Dickinson, a Houston suburb. He did have a health scare in June 2021, when TES posted on Facebook that he needed immediate medical assistance (for heart troubles), but he appears to be doing fine now.

He would like to thank everyone for their prayers, incredible support, and messages of optimism,” said the post announcing Tim’s discharge after two procedures in less than a week. He is certain that he is doing well as a result of your persistent prayers.”

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