Where is the Scammer Sarah Delashmit Now? – Podcast by Laura Beil

Where is Sarah Delashmit Now
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Where is the Scammer Sarah Delashmit Now? – Sarah Delashmit presented her heartbreaking story to friends, relatives, and spectators several times: She had muscular dystrophy and subsequently breast cancer, and she was on the verge of death. The truth was considerably worse: Delashmit was fabricating everything. Why do so many women engage in such complex acts? It’s about a lot more than cash.

Sarah Delahsmit’s tale is told in Neon Hum Media and iHeartRadio’s podcastSympathy Pains,’ hosted by Laura Beil. Sarah had a practise of lying and fabricating ailments for years, telling her acquaintances she was sick or saying her child was sick. Sarah’s falsehoods eventually caught up with her, and many people were taken aback by her actions.

So, if you’re curious about what happened to her after that, here’s what we know.

Who is Sarah Delashmit
Sarah Delashmit

Sarah Delashmit, Who is She?

Sarah Delashmit, from Illinois, attended Camp Summit in Texas in 2015 and 2016. It was a non-profit camp for disabled individuals. Sarah was in a wheelchair at the time and claimed to be paralysed from the neck down due to muscular dystrophy. She was confined to a wheelchair and required assistance with even the most basic tasks, such as showering and dressing.

Sarah’s attitude, on the other hand, was well received at the camp, and she fit in perfectly. Someone notified the officials during her second visit that she was lying about being in a wheelchair and suffering muscular dystrophy. Sarah simply stood up from her wheelchair and walked away when confronted. This spurred a deeper investigation into her past, which revealed even more strange information.

Sarah was a member of an online forum for people with spinal muscular atrophy in the 2000s. She pretended to be different people and used different names. She was the mother of a son with SMA as Connie. Other individuals, though, felt something was amiss after reading Connie’s posts and began digging for more information.

Andrea Smith, the group’s moderator, discovered that the identical email had been used by a user on a muscular dystrophy discussion board since 2003; this person allegedly had the disease while posting in the community.

The same email was also used in an online community for cancer-stricken kids. Andrea then contacted the FBI, who directed her to the authorities in Sarah’s hometown of Highland, Illinois. When challenged by the officers, she acknowledged to lying. But, as it turned out, they didn’t know everything there was to know about Sarah.

She lied about healing from leukaemia as a child while in university in 2003 and afterward claimed that it returned. Sarah even claimed on social media in 2008 that she was pregnant and had given birth to triplets by using someone else’s photos.

Sarah was a nurse in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in October 2012, when she lied about being pregnant with twins and losing the infants due to premature birth. Then there was Erin Johnson, who met Sarah at a camp for disabled adults in 2005. Sarah was a counsellor at the time, and Erin, who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, came to visit.

Over the next decade, they remained acquaintances, with Sarah providing photos and stories about her non-existent husband and children. She had even told Erin that she had recovered from three types of cancer, as well as Ebola.

In 2018, Sarah made friends with Liz and Brian Hickox, informing them that she had stage 4 breast cancer and a husband suffering from PTSD. Sarah even paid the couple many visits at their Florida holiday home. The Hickoxes used to volunteer at a breast cancer support group for young adults in New York. Following Sarah’s fake cancer claim, the organisation offered her cash assistance as well as other donated items, including a bicycle.

Where is Sarah Delashmit Today
Sarah Delashmit was sentenced to 18 months in prison and three years of probation in January 2021.

What Happened to Sarah Delashmit and Where Is She Now?

Sarah’s behaviour with the Hickoxes became increasingly weird over time, and she lied to them in March 2019 about being shot by a stalker at a Walmart. They learned about Sarah’s history of lying soon after and even joined her on Dr. Phil. “I have a lying addiction,” Sarah admitted at the time. I can’t recall the last time I met someone and told them the truth about myself.” She then apologised for the lie to Liz and Brian.

Sarah’s problems, however, did not end there. She pleaded guilty to five counts of mail fraud in October 2020. Sarah, aged 36, was sentenced to 18 months in prison and three years of probation in January 2021. She was also sentenced to pay a fine and make full restitution to the non-profits she scammed.

Sarah was freed in March 2022 after an 11-month sentence and has refused to discuss the subject. She appears to have relocated to Highland and reconnected with old friends and relatives. While Sarah’s present job is unknown, she has previously worked for Doordash and Southwest Airlines, as well as an Amazon fulfillment centre.

Smith claims Delashmit displayed less regret than one might expect when she was sentenced and that she doesn’t seem to understand the significance of her acts. Delashmit frequently returns to her personal problems, relying on a victimisation theory to avoid taking full personal responsibility for her acts. Despite the fact that Delashmit is currently behind bars, Smith is determined to keep raising the alarm.

If Delashmit is determined to keep doing what she’s been doing, both online and off, she knows it’ll be a near-impossible struggle to win. “She tried again and again after we chased her away the last time,” Smith claims. “There’s no stopping her.” Like awful old whack-a-mole, [she] will keep reappearing. This seemed to be her entire existence.”