Where is Jill Evans’ Ex-Boyfriend Dean Jenkins Today?

Where is Jill Evans’ Ex-Boyfriend Dean Jenkins Now? – On a dating website, Dyfed-Powys Police Sergeant Jill Evans met and became friends with Dean Jenkins; she had no idea that this would be her last day of work. Jill was fired in 2006 due to Dean’s arrest for armed robberies because her supervisors believed she should have turned over her lover sooner. In the podcastStolen Hearts,’ Dean’s criminal history is detailed, along with how his activities ultimately harmed Jill’s professional reputation. But if you’re curious about the history of the heists and Dean’s current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered.

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Who Was Dean Jenkins and How Did He Kill Jill Evans

Who Was Dean Jenkins and How Did He Kill Jill Evans?

Kent’s Dean Jenkins was a prosperous businessman. He was working on personal care items such as shaving and shower gels. Before meeting Dean Jenkins, Jill Evans had been divorced twice, but this increased her desire to find love. Jill confessed that she first had skepticism about online dating because she questioned whether or not meaningful connections could be formed through screens. Jill soon fell in love with the successful businessman after meeting and getting to know Dean. Jill was so anxious to take their relationship to the next level that she became pregnant with Dean’s child; she learned of the robberies while she was pregnant.

Jill, an honorable and ambitious police officer, was relieved to see that Dean appeared to share her professional ambitions. Jill never guessed that her boyfriend was involved in a series of robberies since his affection and care always appeared genuine. So, she continued living with the hope that things would change now that Dean was a part of it. The downward trend began on November 1, 2006, when Jill had no communication with her boyfriend. While waiting for Dean’s call, Jill flicked on the television and learned that police had shot and killed an accomplice during a failed attempt to steal a security truck in New Romney, Kent. She did not consider the news at the time because she did not believe it had any bearing on her own life.

Jill realized the truth after receiving a phone call from Dean’s sister, who informed her that her brother had been arrested for robbery. When Jill learned that Dean had been arrested, she assumed he must have been the perpetrator. So she immediately told her supervisors the truth and explained everything she knew about her coworker. Over the course of their careers as armed robbers, Dean and his gang took roughly £339,000, as determined by the police. In addition, additional research revealed that from March to October 2006, Jill’s boyfriend and his associates targeted security officials and vehicles, transferring money to numerous building societies in Kent. While most of the robbers were armed, Jill’s boyfriend functioned primarily as the getaway driver, and the police soon learned that David Jenkins, Dean’s father, was also a part of the gang.

Where Is Dean Jenkins Now?

Dean accepted his responsibility for the November 2006 events when he was hauled before the court in 2007. The defendant also claimed responsibility for four further armed robberies, including thefts from security vans and building societies. The judge convicted him of one count of robbery and sentenced him to 17 years in prison; he also received a 15-year term for conspiracy to commit robbery.

The next year, an appeals court reduced Dean’s prison term from 17 to 15 years, which is an intriguing turn of events. The revised 2008 judgment specified that Dean’s two 15-year prison terms would run consecutively, and the judge gave him credit for one year already served. Dean has been released from prison as of the time of this writing. His private life is shrouded in mystery, but we believe he still resides in Wales.

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