Is Nate’s Father (Cal Jacobs) Going To Die In ‘Euphoria’ TV Show

Does Cal Jacobs Die

The ‘Euphoria‘ season delves into Cal Jacobs’ deranged psyche and gives viewers some answers about the sick character’s complicated past.

A huge event in Cal’s life unravels the fabric of his life and leaves him in a terrible place as the teen drama enters its season 2.

Cal is noticeably absent in later episodes, leading some viewers to fear the worst for the character.

If you’re curious about whether Cal Jacbos (Eric Dane) dies in ‘Euphoria,’ and how his death will affect the storey, here are some of our theories!


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What Happens to Cal

What Happens to Cal Jacobs in the End?

Nate Jacobs’ father, Cal Jacobs, keeps his secret sexual encounters with young men and women hidden. Cal’s lack of openness about his sexuality has had an affect on his family, and he is unsure how he feels about living such a life.

Cal’s teenage years are explored in the third episode of Season 2. While dating Marsha, his current wife, he had affections for his best buddy, Derek.

Despite Cal and Derek’s declarations of love, Marsha’s unexpected pregnancy forces Cal to conceal his actual sexuality.

Cal looks for the CD with the video of his sexual experience with Jules. However, Nate sends Cal to Fezco, who has no knowledge of the disc.

Cal takes a pounding from Ashtray, which causes him to reflect deeply on his life. Cal goes on a binge and is completely out of it when he returns home.

Cal tells his family about his infidelity and brags about it. Before leaving their home, he humiliates his family for being hypocrites. Cal does not present in person in subsequent episodes, instead of appearing in Nate’s dream, which creates a new dynamic in Cal’s connection with his son.

Does Cal Jacobs Die in Euphoria

Is Cal Jacobs Going To Die in Upcoming Episodes?

Cal’s disappearance from the scene, as well as the circumstances surrounding his departure from his family’s home, has fueled rumours that the character may be killed off behind the scenes.

Cal’s journey may have come to an end from one perspective, but the character remains important from a storytelling standpoint.

Cal may have abused Nate as a youngster, according to the season’s penultimate episode, which opens up a new avenue for the character’s deranged mind to be explored.

Furthermore, revelations regarding Cal’s background have prompted new concerns, and viewers appear to care about Cal’s relationship with Derek.

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Similarly, the mystery surrounding Marsha and Cal’s third son, about whom we have yet to learn and who merely appears in the family portrait, is one of the show’s unresolved questions.

As a result, killing Cal at this point in the storey would be a risky but ineffective move.

Cal declares that he will return before leaving the residence. Nate and Marsha discuss Cal’s meltdown in the following episode, but their chat does not imply that Cal is in danger.

Cal is, therefore, still alive and well. We haven’t seen the last of Cal on our screens, according to actor Eric Dane, who plays the role.

Cal will appear in more episodes in the future because the show has been renewed for a 3rd season.