Is Netflix Movie ‘Rescued by Ruby’ (2022) Based on a True/Real Story?

Is 'Rescued by Ruby' A Real Life Story

Rescued by Ruby,’ directed by Katt Shea, is a Netflix drama film. It tells the storey of Dan, a state trooper who builds an odd attachment with his rescue dog Ruby.

He wants Ruby to join the K-9 squad, but her naughty and wild temperament makes it difficult to settle her down and train her for the job. Despite the fact that many people give up on Ruby, Dan stays put and works tirelessly with the sweet dog to achieve his aim.

Rescued by Ruby,’ a wonderful storey of a man’s devotion for his pet and a testament to the faithful creatures that dogs are, is a must-see for animal lovers.

The touching storyline, replete with emotional moments, and the cast members’ realistic performances make the audience question if the film is based on a true storey.

Let’s see what we can do to find out whether that’s the case.

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Is Rescued by Ruby Based on a True Story

Is ‘Rescued by Ruby’ A Real Life Story?

In fact, ‘Rescued by Ruby‘ is based on a true storey. It tells the storey of Rhode Island State Trooper Corporal Daniel O’ Neil and his canine companion Ruby.

In 2004, he enrolled in the police school and joined the K-9 unit in 2011. He met Ruby, an Australian Shepherd and border collie mix, about that time.

The eight-month-old puppy had been surrendered to a shelter when she was only 4-5 months old, and had been adopted five times before being returned due to her uncontrollable behaviour.

“She was a complete jerk… She leapt to her feet and bit her leash. She refused to sit or lay down. She was always on the move. In an interview, Patricia Inman said, “She was exceptional, and she required a special person.”

Patricia was a volunteer with the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), who fostered Ruby every time she was returned and even intervened to keep her from being euthanized.

She also attempted training the dog to rectify her behaviour and came to the conclusion that Ruby needed a profession to make the most of her abilities. Investigator Joseph Warzycha of the Rhode Island SPCA was another individual who spotted scope in the dog.

Warzycha approached Rhode Island State Police Trooper Matthew Zarrella, who formed and assembled the department’s K-9 team, only two hours before Ruby was to be euthanized for being unadoptable.

Rescued by Ruby a True Story

Ruby was adopted by Matthew and paired with Daniel, launching her career as a top search and rescue dog. Though Daniel was intrigued by her intensity and persistence, training her stubborn qualities and earning her trust was a difficult feat for him.

Daniel could also relate to Ruby’s challenges because he suffers from dyslexia and hyperactivity. Despite the preconception that she was not purebred like other K-9 dogs, Ruby defied all expectations and graduated from the academy at the top of her class.

In October 2017, things took an unexpected turn when a teen teenager went missing for 36 hours while hiking near his house in the area.

Daniel and Ruby joined the search and rescue mission, and the police officer was directed to the youngster who had been seriously injured after falling into a gully by the experienced canine.

Despite the lack of a radio or GPS signal, Ruby was able to alert authorities to their location, and the youngster was eventually rescued. He turned out to be Patricia’s son, who was pleased and happy to see her old buddy, much to everyone’s astonishment.

The good efforts of the nice lady were rewarded when the dog she had rescued returned the favour by rescuing her son.

Rescued by Ruby a Real Story

Ruby was ecstatic to see Patricia again, according to Daniel, who said, “Ruby came bounding up, and it was like a long-lost family member… Ears dipped, tail waggled – it was as if they’d never been apart.”

Ruby was named Search and Rescue Dog of the Year by the American Humane Hero Dogs in 2018 for her bravery. Furthermore, this tragedy thrust her into the spotlight, allowing Daniel and others to fight for the adoption of shelter animals.

Daniel and Ruby have been working together for about 11 years and have done countless additional search and rescue missions for their squad. In regards to the film’s veracity, he stated in an interview that it is not at all contrived and is a true reflection of their tale.

He also applauded actor Scott Wolf’s performance as Matthew Zarrella, saying that it reminded him of his senior.

To recap, ‘Rescued by Ruby’ is a lovely account of true events that teaches compassion and the importance of never giving up on one’s ambitions. It also emphasises the significance of giving rescued animals a second chance and the significant contribution dogs make to society.

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