Is Shoresy Planning to Leave ‘Letterkenny Season 10’? What Has Happened to Him?

Is Shoresy Leaving Letterkenny Season 10

Letterkenny‘ is notorious for juggling a large ensemble of characters, which has resulted in some incredibly amusing side characters who have become iconic over the show’s many seasons.

However, the foul-mouthed Shoresy, who appears with hockey players Reilly and Jonesy on occasion only to insult them cruelly with one-liners, is one of the most unforgettable.

If you’re a fan of the programme, you’re certainly familiar with Shoresy’s graphic go-to remarks, which he employs to break the spirits of his fellow hockey players.

However, in Season 10, there are rumours that Shoresy might be departing Letterkenny. Is it true that those rumours are true?

And, if that’s the case, where is our favourite foul-mouthed sidekick headed? Let’s take a closer look at Shoresy’s situation.


Shoresy 69 in Letterkenny

Is Shoresy Planning To Leave Letterkenny?

Since joining Reilly and Jonesy’s hockey squad in season 1, Shoresy has been a part of the wacky ‘Letterkenny’ group.

Shoresy’s face is never seen, despite the fact that he appears in several episodes over several seasons, and he is only known by his signature number 69 hockey jersey.

Of course, his other well-known trait is shrieking high-pitched taunts about Reilly and Jonesy’s mothers conducting terrible sexual acts on him, much to their chagrin.

In season 10, Tanis informs Wayne that Jonesy is moving to a new place in order to boost his hockey prospects.

On several instances, it has been demonstrated that the foul-mouthed young child is an amazing hockey player whom the coach regards as a “marvel.”

Shoresy’s alarming habit of working out alone on the hockey rink every day till he vomits is also revealed.

As a result, it appears that Shoresy’s talents are finally being put to good use, and both Wayne and Tanis appear to believe that Shoresy is deserving of promotion in hockey.

This is also wonderful news for Reilly and Jonesy, who have longed to be free of Shoresy.

Shoresy, on the other hand, can never completely leave ‘Letterkenny,’ because his character is played by Jared Keeso, one of the show’s producers and primary cast members, who plays Wayne.

Even if Shoresy leaves the town of ‘Letterkenny,’ we might see him return to the show from time to time because Keeso portrays Shoresy wearing a wig and speaking in a falsetto.

The character’s face has remained notoriously unseen since his introduction. However, as his own storey is told in a spinoff titled ‘Shoresy,’ it may not be as frequently after season 10.

Shoresy Letterkenny

What Happened to Shoresy?

Shoresy is headed “North” to join a senior hockey team, according to Season 10. Shoresy is seen departing Letterkenny after a brief fistfight in which Wayne suddenly assists him.

We next watch him enter Sudbury, where it becomes evident that he is there to play senior AAA hockey for the Sudbury Bulldogs.

As a result, Shoresy appears to be in Sudbury, which could also be the scene for the Shoresy spinoff.

He’ll probably return to Letterkenny with his new club, or at least cross paths with Reilly and Jonesy on the hockey circuit for more of his comic, foul-mouthed antics.