In Letterkenny, Do Wayne and Marie Fred Get Together?

Do Wayne and Marie Fred Get Together in Letterkenny

Letterkenny‘ covers the lives and troubles of the quirky citizens of the namesake town, which are usually resolved with a good ol’ punch up.

The frequent brawls are countered by a sprinkle of love, and Wayne, the de facto town tough guy, has his fair share of romantic entanglements.

Marie Fred’s return to Wayne’s life fits in neatly with the show’s tradition of bringing back characters from past seasons.

Before everything fell apart, their relationship lasted a few seasons. Can we foresee a rekindling of relations between the two, maybe bringing English- and French-Canadians closer together?

Let’s see whether Wayne and Marie Fred can reunite.


Do Wayne and Marie Fred Have a Relationship?

When Wayne goes to Anik’s party in Quebec, he meets Marie Fred (short for Marie-Frédérique).

Wayne meets Marie Fred through the elderly man selling tickets at the door, and the rest is history.

We witness the two develop a long-distance romance in seasons 5 and 6, with amusing results, most notably over the English-Canadian-French-Canadian rivalry.

However, Wayne and Marie Fred break up at the end of season 7 after he witnesses her kissing another man (who he promptly beats up).

Marie Fred tries to contact Wayne throughout Season 8, but our hero has a rigorous “no cheaters” policy and refuses to budge.

Do Wayne and Marie Fred in Letterkenny

Finally, in the last minutes of season 9, Wayne emerges from MoDean’s and encounters Marie Fred, who appears to have traveled from Quebec to Letterkenny.

In season 10, we learn that Marie Fred is in Letterkenny seeking assistance in purchasing a truck.

She approaches Wayne for help, and the ex-boyfriend, being the gentlemen that he is, accepts. McMurray also joins them at the car dealership, resulting in some of the season’s best “McMurray moments.”

The truck discussions take up the entire episode and Marie Fred thanks Wayne for his assistance at the end.

She grins and looks up at him lovingly, but all she receives in return is a brief handshake, after which Wayne walks away, leaving her to get into her new truck and drive away.

Marie Fred appears to still have a warm spot for Wayne, although not expressing it publicly.

Though her pretext is to buy a truck, the fact that she travels all the way from Quebec to see Wayne and asks for help with something she knows he can help her with indicates that she has ulterior motivations.

As a result, it appears that Marie Fred has escalated her pursuit of Wayne from contacting him (as she did in season 8) to personally requesting favours from him.

The “no cheaters” policy, on the other hand, appears to still be in effect, as Wayne appears to be having none of it.

He plainly isn’t interested, as evidenced by his business-like handshake as he bids Marie Fred farewell.

Furthermore, in Season 10, Wayne and Rosie are in a very comfortable position in their relationship, and it is doubtful that anyone will be able to separate them.

Of course, Marie Fred will keep trying, and even though she and Wayne don’t end up together, her pursuit of him appears to be a reoccurring theme in ‘Letterkenny.’