Linda Damm Murder: Where are Killer Tess Damm and Bryan Grove Now?

Linda Damm Murder -Where are Killer Tess Damm and Bryan Grove Now

Linda Damm Murder – In the dark realm of crime stories, one that sent shockwaves through the quiet town of Lafayette, Colorado, was the murder of Linda Damm. The chilling tale unfolded on the small screen through Season 1 Episode 2, “Star-Crossed Killers” in the series ‘Seduced To Slay.’ Aired on Investigation Discovery, known for its gripping crime narratives, the episode delved into the intricate details of Linda Damm’s tragic demise. In this article, we’ll explore the haunting narrative of Linda Damm’s murder, the individuals involved, and the aftermath that continues to reverberate.

Linda Damm's Murder Story

Linda Damm’s Murder Story

Linda Damm, a resident of Lafayette, Colorado, lived a life that would tragically become entwined with the complexities of family, relationships, and, ultimately, crime. Described as a woman with her share of struggles, Linda’s story is one marked by the challenges she faced, particularly in her relationship with her daughter, Tess.

Tess, Linda’s 15-year-old daughter, found herself in a turbulent dynamic with her mother. Linda, grappling with her own battles, was known to indulge in alcohol, earning her the label of an alcoholic. The strained relationship between mother and daughter reached a breaking point when Tess’s boyfriend, Bryan Grove, entered the picture.

Bryan, adopted from India and brought into a Colorado family during his early years, faced his own set of challenges. High school marked a period of bullying and social isolation, leading to a tumultuous relationship with his adoptive family. Tess and Bryan’s paths crossed in 2006, sparking a teenage romance that would prove to be far more complex than anyone could have anticipated.

Linda, disapproving of Tess and Bryan’s relationship allowed Bryan to move in with them in an attempt to exert some influence over the situation. Little did she know this decision would prove to be fatal.

In February 2007, the wheels of their sinister plot were set in motion. Bryan, Tess, and an acquaintance dined out, and when Linda persistently called Tess, it became the opportune moment to carry out their deadly plan. Bryan, armed with a switchblade and later a kitchen knife, entered Linda’s home, brutally ending her life.

A series of macabre decisions characterized the aftermath of Linda’s murder. Tess and Bryan, along with their friend, grappled with indecision about what to do with Linda’s lifeless body. Failed attempts to dispose of the body culminated in leaving it in the trunk of a car while they continued to revel in the perceived freedom and spend Linda’s money.

As the days passed without any sightings of Linda, suspicions grew in the community. Tess and Bryan, burdened by guilt and internal conflicts, eventually confided in friends about their horrific crime. An anonymous tip to the police unraveled the dark secret, leading to the arrests of Tess, Bryan, and their accomplice.

Linda Damm’s life was not just a tragic tale of a mother’s murder; it was a narrative of complex relationships, teenage rebellion, and the consequences that unfolded when a family’s struggles turned deadly. The scars left on the community serve as a haunting reminder of the profound impact that crime can have on the lives of those left behind.

Investigation - Tess Damm
Tess Damm


The disappearance of Linda Damm did not escape the watchful eyes of the community. When suspicions surrounding her absence grew, an anonymous tip became the pivotal key that unlocked the door to the chilling truth. Investigators, guided by this tip, embarked on a journey that would reveal the gruesome details of Linda’s murder.

As law enforcement delved into the intricacies of the case, the tangled web of relationships within the Damm household began to unravel. The focus turned to Linda’s daughter, Tess, and her boyfriend, Bryan Grove, as prime suspects in this heinous crime. The details of their sinister plan, openly discussed with friends, marked them as the key figures in the investigation.

Bryan Grove
Bryan Grove

Arrest and Trial

The revelations led to the swift arrest of Tess Damm, Bryan Grove, and their accomplice. The legal proceedings that followed brought the dark narrative of Linda Damm’s murder into the courtroom. Bryan Grove faced charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy, while Tess faced the complexities of the legal system as a juvenile involved in a gruesome crime.

In the courtroom drama, Bryan ultimately opted for a plea deal, admitting guilt to second-degree murder. This decision resulted in a 40-year prison sentence for the young man, who, at the time of the crime, was merely 17 years old. The gravity of his actions and the consequences he would face became starkly apparent.

Tess Damm, facing a more intricate legal path due to her age at the time of the crime, navigated the judicial system with her own plea deal. Admitting guilt as a juvenile for second-degree murder and as an adult for solicitation to commit second-degree murder, Tess faced a sentencing that reflected the complexities of her involvement.

The trial also brought to light the roles of their friends, Jared Guy and Jared Smith, who had played a part in the aftermath of Linda’s murder. While Jared Guy testified against the couple, revealing Bryan’s claim of self-defense, Jared Smith faced consequences for his role in disposing of Linda’s body.

The courtroom proceedings, while delivering justice, painted a vivid picture of the shattered lives left in the wake of Linda Damm’s murder. The sentences handed down to those involved served as a sobering reminder of the irreversible consequences of their actions.

The investigation and trial, unfolding like a gripping crime drama, not only exposed the dark underbelly of the crime but also highlighted the resilience of the justice system in bringing to light the truth behind Linda Damm’s tragic demise.

Where are Tess Damm and Bryan Grove Now

Where are Tess Damm and Bryan Grove Now?

The aftermath of Linda Damm’s murder left the community grappling with the question of justice and the fate of those responsible. Today, the individuals at the center of this heinous crime, Tess Damm and Bryan Grove, find themselves on divergent paths as they navigate the consequences of their actions.

Tess Damm: A Complex Journey to Parole

Tess Damm, who was just 15 years old at the time of the murder, embarked on a complex legal journey. Her initial plea deal involved admitting guilt as a juvenile for second-degree murder and as an adult for solicitation to commit second-degree murder. This set the stage for a bifurcated sentencing—five years in the state juvenile system and an additional 18 years in state prison.

Over a decade behind bars, Tess faced the challenges of introspection and rehabilitation. In 2018, having served nearly 10 years of her sentence, she applied for parole. In a poignant letter to the parole board, Tess highlighted the transformation she underwent during her incarceration. At the age of 25, she claimed to be a drastically different person, attributing her evolution to the various treatment opportunities she received.

In April 2019, Tess Damm was granted parole, marking a crucial chapter in her life beyond the prison walls. The question that lingers now is whether the years spent behind bars have truly shaped a reformed individual or if the haunting echoes of Linda Damm’s murder continue to resonate in her life.

Bryan Grove: A Distant Glimmer of Parole

Bryan Grove, the perpetrator who admitted to the gruesome act of stabbing Linda Damm 18 times, faces the harsh reality of a 40-year prison sentence. Currently incarcerated at the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility, Bryan’s road to parole is a distant one, with eligibility not expected until 2033, when he will be 34 years old.

The decision to plead guilty to second-degree murder marked a pivotal moment in Bryan’s life, sealing his fate with a lengthy prison term. As he serves his sentence, the community wonders if remorse and rehabilitation are possible for an individual who played a central role in a crime that shook the foundations of trust within a family.

Linda Damm’s Family and Friends: Coping with the Aftermath

While Tess and Bryan navigate their divergent paths, the scars left on Linda Damm’s family and friends remain indelible. The pain of losing Linda, the matriarch whose life was tragically cut short, resonates through the statements of those who knew her.

One friend expressed, “The pain of losing Linda is immeasurable, and knowing that Tess and Bryan played a role in her death adds another layer of heartbreak.” Linda’s family, acknowledging the troubled dynamics within their household, emphasizes that it never justified the brutal act that took her life.

In the aftermath of Linda Damm’s murder, the community is left with a complex tapestry of emotions, legal consequences, and the lingering question of whether redemption is attainable for those involved. The journey of Tess Damm and Bryan Grove is a stark reminder of the long-reaching impacts of a crime that forever altered the course of numerous lives.

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