Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2 “Buckets of Baggage” : Detailed Reviews

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2 Reviews

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2, “Buckets of Baggage”, aired on 10 Sept 2021 on Netflix. Below is the detailed review of the episode.

Chloe Decker, what the hell happened to her? Is she willing to break the law to solve a low-level mystery that only indirectly concerns the LAPD because of her time with Lucifer Morningstar during the last five years?

The second episode of the last season, “Buckets of Baggage,” is a fun adventure that uncomfortably combines the world of drag queens with Ella and Carol’s growing love.

It’s still a good storey, but it’s not Lucifer at its best.

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2-1

But this is Lucifer, and anything may happen in an instant. So we find ourselves in Hell with a very different storyline and a much harsher tone.

While the season’s fundamental theme of self-discovery remains, it’s evident that Lucifer’s siblings aren’t ready to hand over God’s throne to their fallen brother.

Whether the decision to revisit the celestial siblings’ war for ultimate dominance was the right one remains debatable.

Still, at the very least, we now have a face to go with the fishnet stockings and black leather boots.

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2-1 Recap

Brianna Hildebrand (The Exorcist) joins the cast as a magenta-winged angel on a mission to figure out how to knock Lucifer down for good.

Although Carol has taken Dan’s place on the LAPD squad, Chloe’s ex continues to play a key role in Lucifer’s fate, and what he learns from his latest visitor confirms what we’ve believed all along.

At any point, Lucifer might have retrieved Dan from Hell. I’m not a big fan of bringing dead characters back to life, and while we don’t know what’s going to happen here, I’m curious to see how Lucifer justifies the lie he’s been telling Dan.

Of course, that line of reasoning creates a basic narrative problem – Lucifer does not lie, forcing us to reconsider the angel’s claim.

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Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2 Review

Dan notices the deception right away, so it’ll be fascinating to see if he leverages his prior understanding of human/celestial coexistence to his benefit.

On the one hand, it’s becoming increasingly heartbreaking to watch Chloe struggle with her identity after a great career in the LAPD.

Still, anything can happen when she and Maze get together. Following Linda’s advice to Eve to think about her upcoming life as the Queen of Hell’s spouse, it’s clear that life in the Silver City may not offer Chloe the difficulties she requires.

She hasn’t admitted it to herself yet, so she uses Maze to channel her repressed resentments about her future existence.

Nonetheless, the filthy apartment scene contrasts wonderfully with the opening scene, in which Chloe and Lucifer cause mayhem in the penthouse during a passionate sexual encounter.

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2

Both incidents are similar in nature and point to Chloe’s inner anguish.

Nonetheless, Lucifer’s unwillingness to commit to a life of selflessness has dominated the season thus far, and while it’s admirable that he embarks on a mission that he believes would eventually qualify him to succeed his father as God, it increasingly appears that he’s merely biding his time.

There’s a lot to like about Scott Porter’s Detective Carol Corbett, but Lucifer’s dynamic interplay with Dan is missing.

When they travel to the drag club to interview the Busty Bazoongas, Tom Ellis gets another chance to play the piano and sing, and he doesn’t disappoint, singing a smoky rendition of “The Lady is a Tramp.”

Obviously, the situation has changed dramatically, and perhaps we should simply let Carol and Lucifer work things out on their own.

While it’s true that Lucifer has grown as a person as a result of his time on Doctor Linda’s couch and his work with Team Lucifer at the LAPD, it’s starting to feel like this mission is nothing more than a well-intentioned act of futility.

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2

Nonetheless, there are some hilarious dialogues relating to Lucifer’s predicament. Busty tells Lucifer, “We fought like trailer trash in a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday,” before starting into a sermon about conquering one’s anxieties.

And it appears that this is the root of Lucifer’s problem: he doesn’t believe he’s capable of executing the job, and the closer he gets to rise, the more afraid he becomes.

Not unlike his previous unwillingness to tell Chloe that he loves her.

Ella’s function as Lucifer’s conscience now becomes even more of a driving force in this last season, despite the fact that labelling her character as a supporting player in the broader arc is entirely unjust and untrue.

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2

She fights her own leftover relationship issues while avoiding a serious religious crisis, thus forcing Lucifer to confront his own reasons and ambitions. Lucifer, sitting on Linda’s couch, is acutely aware of his own emotional problem.

He asks, “How can I care about all of them?” and it’s conceivable he already knows the answer. He is unable to do so.

While Carol is questioning his first suspect, Lucifer intrudes, paradoxically, in his selfish desire to assist the investigator he pretends to despise. “This is God’s voice,” says the narrator.

Lucifer’s fear-filled admission to Chloe that he might not be cut out to be God indicates a lot about the series’ closing stretch.

Chloe reacts to Amenadiel’s anxiety that no one now sits on God’s throne in the first scene of the episode.

“Does the cosmos seem to be collapsing? She asks Lucifer’s brother, “Are frogs falling from the sky?” in an attempt to divert attention away from the fundamental issue at hand: Lucifer’s unwillingness to ascend and become God.

Lucifer Season 6 Episode 2

We’re briefly distracted as we follow Carol and Ella out of the theatre after their date at a Jackie Chan picture.

Is it true that we’ve never seen her in a dress? He tells her, “This is the nicest date I’ve ever had,” and kisses her on the cheek.

It appears to be a straightforward set-up for the cute couple’s budding romance. Instead, we go back to Chloe’s declaration in the first scene.

Ella says, “Hey, if you’re still up there, thanks.” Then, by chance, a frog lands in her car.

Does she perceive this as a divine sign? Is it true that the cosmos is collapsing?” Regardless, behind-the-scenes manoeuvring is in full swing, and Lucifer’s path to God’s throne has become far more perilous.

Lucifer Episode 6x02

Even though the season premiere makes it plain that Lucifer is reconsidering his decision to become God, there are enough hints that he will eventually take over the role of the Big Guy.

However, “Buckets of Baggage” reminds us that even the celestials face many of the same issues as their human counterparts.

Dan may hold the key to humanity’s destiny, even if he’s dead and in Hell.