The Last of Us Episode 9 [Season Finale] Review

The Last of Us Episode 9 review

The Last of Us Episode 9 – HBO’s hit series “The Last of Us” Season 1 concludes dramatically, revealing that Joel (played by Pedro Pascal) may not be such a good person and is no different than the villains he and Ellie encountered on their journey across America. However, the show also takes us back in time, explaining why Ellie is immune to Cordyceps infection and introducing us to Ellie’s mother, Anna – played by Ashley Johnson, who voiced and provided motion capture for Ellie in the original video games. With over 40 minutes in length and written and directed by Craig Mazin and Ali Abbasi, respectively, this episode offers plenty of entertainment!

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The Last of Us Episode 9 Review

In the finale of The Last of Us, Joel faces his inner demons head-on, ultimately unleashing all that is worst in him. Driven to protect Ellie’s interests, even if it means sacrificing his own moral compass, Joel’s actions reveal a potentially destructive path ahead. The events of this episode shed light on Joel’s uncertain trajectory and suggest there could be devastating outcomes ahead.

Joel and Ellie find themselves at an injunction as the season ends, questioning their place in the post-apocalyptic world. Their journey culminates with an unexpected moment of reflection as they take in surreal sights like grazing giraffes among all of the rubble and destruction.

Joel is reluctant to go forward with their plan of meeting the fireflies, suggesting they return home instead. But Ellie convinces him of the necessity of saving the world no matter what cost it comes at. Throughout this episode, we see Ellie’s change of heart, one who understands sacrifice for the greater good.

Joel and Ellie finally come face-to-face with the fireflies, and Joel realizes it may not be in Ellie’s best interests to act as an immunity source. Despite potential repercussions, Joel unleashes his fury upon the rogue group, providing a cathartic release of guilt and regret.

Pedro Pascal’s performance in the finale is a standout, showcasing his full range as an actor. His portrayal of Joel’s internal struggle culminates in a powerful yet flawed execution, leaving him no other option. It remains to be seen if Ellie will accept or forgive his actions in future instalments.

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