‘The Last of Us’ Cast Details – Elaine Miles as Florence: Character Explained

Who Is Florence? – In The Last of Us, Episode 6, Joel and Ellie’s journey from Kansas City to Wyoming continues. The Wyoming friends they made were crucial in their search for Tommy and the Fireflies. Florence was a woman who fits this description. Who exactly is Florence, and what role does she play in The Last of Us?

Elaine Miles’s character Florence (Elaine Miles) and her husband Marlon (Graham Greene) reside in the Wyoming wilderness. As they had lived there before the outbreak of Cordyceps, they could weather the storm.

While it is true that Florence and her husband assisted Joel and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) at the beginning of The Last of Us, episode 6, it is likely that they will not return in future episodes. However, she did provide a few humorous moments that made her character more likeable. Let’s begin by identifying Florence in The Last of Us.

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Marlon (Graham Greene)

Who Plays Florence [Marlon’s Wife] in “The Last of Us”?

Everyone agrees that what happened to Henry and Sam in Episode 5 of The Last of Us was tragic. However, this is the nature of the world, and Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie will have to deal with it en route to Wyoming. Due to the events of episode 6, we now know that the entire trip from Kansas City to Wyoming was skipped, but the two did likely travel three months straight west.

The sixth episode began with a man named Marlon returning from a day of hunting in the woods. Florence, his wife, awaited him at home when he returned. In The Last of Us, who is Florence exactly?

Old Florence lives alone in Wyoming’s wilderness. She appeared at ease as she sat in her chair during the introduction scene, in which Joel presented himself to Marlon with a gun to his head. He commanded Marlon to drop his weapon so that Joel could interrogate him.

Florence exhibited no fear during all of this; she had no reason to be, as Joel had never harmed her previously. Her husband assured her that Joel had not harmed her, so she reassured Marlon that she was okay. Marlon was still unhappy that Joel was in his home, and he reprimanded his wife for serving soup to the stranger.

Joel was curious about their location, so he had Marlon pinpoint their precise location. However, Joel commanded Marlon to convey Florence’s response to him. When Marlon inquired about their location, Florence informed him that he had been truthful with Joel. Therefore, Marlon showed Joel where they lived, and Joel remarked that it was a great place to escape the pandemic.

However, according to Marlon, he and Florence had lived in their home well before the emergence of the Cordyceps Brain Infection. Florence stated that she was initially opposed to her husband’s desire to leave the world and that Marlon also desired to do so. Nevertheless, it was evident that they had made the correct decision, as they were unharmed in the Wyoming wilderness.

Florence and her husband may have been self-sufficient for years before the outbreak, which could explain how they have survived so long. As Marlon is responsible for hunting, Florence may cultivate her own vegetables or forage for food. Florence and her husband survived the pandemic because they did not rely on conventional human society.

Who Plays Florence in the series The Last of Us

What Role Does Florence (Elaine Miles) Serve in The Last of Us?

While Joel was questioning Marlon, Florence boldly announced that he was accompanied by a woman. Ellie followed Florence’s lead and went to join them. At the time, Joel was curious about his brother, so he asked the couple if they had seen him. Tommy remained a mystery to Marlon and Florence.

The couple advised Joel to avoid the land on the other side of the river at all costs because its inhabitants never return. Nonetheless, Joel and Ellie were required to travel there. When asked if they had seen Fireflies, Florence responded that the insects are not present during the winter.

Due to their isolated lifestyle in the Wyoming wilderness, Florence and Marlon have limited knowledge of the wider world. Thus, neither Florence nor Marlon were aware of the Fireflies.

Florence and Marlon may never appear in the series again, and they played very minor roles, but they showed viewers the benefits of a reclusive lifestyle, which some actual people prefer.

Florence and her husband have practised sustainable, self-sufficient living for years, which allowed them to survive the Recent pandemic. Combining farming, hunting, and gathering with minimal reliance on traditional human culture, they had become sufficiently self-reliant to survive the collapse of civilization.

Those who remained in mainstream society suffered the most from the pandemic, so they serve as a positive example of the advantages of opting out. Those who did not rely heavily on the resources of common human society, such as Florence and Marlon, were largely unaffected by the Cordyceps epidemic.

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