Who is Maria? Was She Pregnant in ‘The Last of Us’?

Who is Maria

Who is Maria? Was Maria pregnant in The Last of Us? – In the sixth episode of The Last of Us, titled “Kin,” Joel’s many illogical worries are ultimately revealed after months of being repressed. They are not triggered by the abrupt arrival of a horde of Infected, such as the one that sprang from the ground at the close of last week’s devastating chapter. No infected individuals have been spotted. In this episode, the stoic guardian shows his most genuine feelings since the death of his daughter in the pilot episode. Joel reconciles with his brother Tommy, while Ellie and Joel get closer than ever.

Tommy was once a member of the Firefly, but he is now a family man attempting to blend in with the rest of Jackson, Wyoming. Maria played a significant role in Tommy’s development; he fell in love with her and discovered a cause worth fighting for in a meaningless world. If you want to know more about Maria and her pregnancy, keep reading below.

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was Maria pregnant

Who is Maria in ‘The Last of Us’?

Maria (Rutina Wesley) first appears in the show’s sixth episode, ‘The Last of Us,’ titled “Kin.” In this instance, she refers to Tommy Miller’s wife. Her leadership has contributed to the success of Jackson, Wyoming.

Maria and her father managed a Jackson, Wyoming, colony with the aid of a hydroelectric power plant. As more families arrived at their safe sanctuary, they assumed leadership positions swiftly. Once Tommy and his brother Joel had left the Fireflies in Boston, Maria would finally meet him. These two eventually married after being good friends. Every day, bandits assaulted the dam, leaving the inhabitants extremely distrustful of outsiders.

The sixth episode of The Last of Us showed Joel and Ellie’s future. They have moved on from their time in Kansas City with Henry and Sam, two allies they relied on but ultimately lost. Joel and Ellie traveled to Wyoming for many months before they finally arrived there. They have made progress in their quest for Joel’s brother Tommy, who we know to be Tommy.

Guided by Marlon and Florence, a retired couple, Joel and Ellie, go out to test their luck in a dangerous location. Joel and Ellie arrived to find themselves surrounded by armed horsemen who evidently considered them as possible threats. Maria was one such person. In The Last of Us, who is Maria exactly?

Joel and Ellie first appeared to be a threat to Maria’s gang but later showed that they were merely hunting for Joel’s brother. When Maria questioned about his identification, Joel took the initiative to identify himself. Thus, Maria was able to return the group safely to Jackson, Wyoming.

Compared to the backward Quarantine Zones, where food was scarce, and people were forced to survive on scraps under the dictatorial surveillance of FEDRA, Jackson was a progressive settlement. Here, Joel learned that his younger brother was thriving and living a simple and prosperous life in Jackson. Maria was an integral member of the Jackson movement.

Maria was present as Joel and Tommy reconnected. Joel sought Maria’s absence to have a private conversation with his family. Tommy then revealed that he had been legally married to Maria the entire time. After leaving the Fireflies, he told Joel that Maria had taken him in when he was lost and impoverished.

Joel urged Tommy to take Ellie to the Fireflies because he had a tendency to put those around him in dangerous circumstances, as was the case with Sarah and Tess, and because Ellie was immune to the Cordyceps Brain Infection, making her vital to the future of the planet.

Tommy was invited to bring Ellie to the Fireflies, but he declined the invitation. And this was because Maria was already several months pregnant. He could not take Ellie to see the Fireflies with Maria because he was about to become a father.

When Maria allowed Ellie to freshen up and change into new clothes, she revealed to Ellie that she had been an assistant district attorney before the Cordyceps pandemic caused the end of the world

Was Maria pregnant in The Last of Us?

In this week’s episode, Joel and Ellie are on the hunt for Tommy, who has been on a side mission for the entire season. When Joel was burning the bodies of infected children, Tommy was living in a remarkably habitable community. Tommy even discovered a pregnant partner in Maria; hence, he will become a father. In the beginning, everything is back to normal between Joel and Tommy.

When Joel enlists the help of others to transport Ellie the final distance to the country of the vaccination, the complications begin. After all, Tommy will soon become a father, and he cannot risk injuring Maria. This dramatically frustrates Joel. After a few beers, he becomes irritated and often clashes with Tommy. The last time we saw Joel Miller, he was reconciling with Tommy, who had offered to adopt Ellie but was rejected by her.

In the game, events unfold differently than they do in reality. First of all, we do not receive nearly as much Jackson time as we do on the HBO show. Jackson’s lifestyle and Maria’s pregnancy are revealed at the start of The Last of Us: Part 2. According to Gabriel Luna’s most recent interview with Esquire, the second game shows this information. “There has been a reduction in time between our first meeting with Tommy and Maria in Jackson and our subsequent meeting with them. It is a joy to see what we see so early in Part 2. Most of Episode 6 takes place throughout the winter, allowing us to observe Jackson during the holiday and cold seasons.”

Since Maria plays several roles in the “The Last of Us” video game adaption, we can expect her to play a more significant role in future sequels. In The Last of Us 2, she reappeared when tensions between her and Tommy were high.

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