Divorce Attorney Shin Episodes 3 & 4 Recap And Ending, Explained

Divorce Attorney Shin Episodes 3 and episode 4 recap

Divorce Attorney Shin Episodes 3 & 4 Recap – After watching the first two episodes of “Divorce Attorney Shin,” we expected a lighthearted drama that would make us laugh with its humorous antics between two middle-aged men. It had a fun vibe similar to “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” though it was slightly slower-paced. After watching episodes 3 and 4, our opinion drastically shifted. The plot became too slow-paced, and it appeared that justice had yet to be served in Park Ae Ran’s case.

While we are curious to know if this is how the manga played out, we do wonder what its writers were thinking. At least we got some insight into Shin Sung Han’s past that cleared up any confusion we had at the end of episode 2. The humor was spot-on, though we wished there had been more of it to break up the slow-paced plotlines. That pretty much sums up this week’s episodes of “Divorce Attorney Shin.”

Divorce Attorney Shin Episodes 3 recap

Divorce Attorney Shin Episodes 3 Recap

In Shin Sung Han’s past, his sister Ju Hwa was betrayed by her husband and tragically passed away in an accident. Her husband went on to wed another woman named Jin Yeong Gu, prompting Sung Han to seek custody of his nephew Gi Yeong. Yeong Gu eventually bought Sung Han’s lawyer, Park Yu Seok, off and won the custody battle for him. Despite being granted visitation rights, Sung Han felt unjustly judged and was motivated to pursue a career in law to fight for his own custody rights.

Yeong Gu was not pleased with this decision as she wanted no connection to her husband’s old family. Ye Sol, Yeong Gu’s daughter, began asking about Sung Han since Gi Yeong had grown attached to him. Park Yu Seok subtly insulted Sung Han when she informed him of the end of their visitations, prompting Yu Seok to take it as a challenge. Yeong Gu then agreed to let Gi Yeong meet Sung Han one last time for goodbyes after her daughter accidentally revealed that he could no longer visit his uncle.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episodes 4 Recap

Sung Han finds himself in an awkward situation when a video of him playing the piano while drunk is posted online without his consent. He attempts to reach out to the page owner, but they refuse to remove it. Meanwhile, Seo Jin approaches Sung Han about employment to demonstrate her capacity for caring for her son; even though there’s no work available, she proves her worth by fixing a sliding door and offering to help with miscellaneous tasks. After impressing Sung Han with her suggestions about setting up a consultation room and speaking directly to clients, he decides to hire her despite Seo Jin’s initial reluctance.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episodes 4 recap and ending explained

Divorce Attorney Shin Episodes 3 & 4 Ending, Explained

Sung Han is angry that Choi Jun has used his personal information as leverage to get a job, and he takes out his frustration on him. He tells him he doesn’t want to work with someone who would stoop so low; instead, he would prefer taking down the video himself. But Choi Jun insists on getting the job and asks Sung Han to consider whether it would benefit his career in any way. Afterwards, when Sung Han watches the video and sees its many views, he decides to hire Choi Jun and asks him to remove the footage quickly while offering him an incentive if this can be accomplished quickly.

Yeong Gu is determined to get back at Sung Han for taking Gi Yeong away from her. She hires a private investigator to dig up dirt on him, including information regarding his past relationship with Seo Jin. Yeong Gu uses this information in an attempt to turn Seo Jin against Sung Han; however, Seo Jin refuses to believe her. Additionally, Yeong Gu hires another lawyer to handle Park Yu Seok’s cases in an effort to remove him from Sung Han; however Park Yu Seok remains loyal to Sung Han and will not leave him behind.

As the drama progresses, Sung Han becomes embroiled in a web of deceit and lies. He must use all his legal abilities to protect himself and those close to him. Ultimately, however, he may need to make some difficult choices about who can be trusted.

How Sung Han will respond to Yeong Gu’s demand that he be removed from Gi Yeong’s life remains to be seen. Will he attempt to reconcile with Yeong Gu or accept their fate and move on? The dynamics of their relationship remain uncertain, so it will be interesting to watch how it develops in upcoming episodes.

Overall, “Divorce Attorney Shin” has been an engaging drama thus far with well-crafted characters and captivating storylines. While its pacing could be improved, viewers have been kept engaged by its unexpected twists and turns. We look forward to seeing how the remaining cases progress and whether Sung Han can continue upholding justice while navigating divorce law’s complex world.

You can stream “Divorce Attorney Shin” episodes on Netflix.

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