’65’ Movie Ending, Explained – Is Mills and Koa Able To Escape From Earth?

65 movie ending explained

’65’ Movie Ending, Explained – Movie “65” is a science fiction action thriller released in 2023, directed and written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. Starring Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt, the production is co-produced by Columbia Pictures, Bron Creative, Raimi Productions, TSG Entertainment, as well as Beck/Woods. The plotline revolves around an astronaut who crashes on what he soon realizes to be Earth during the Cretaceous period; to survive there, he must brave through an unforgiving environment.

On March 10th, 2023, in the United States, Sony Pictures Releasing released “65”. Critics gave it mixed reviews. Here are ’65’ movie plot summary and ending explained.

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’65’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

“65,” tells the tale of pilot Mills, who embarks on a two-year space expedition to raise money for his daughter Nevine’s medical care. It takes place 65 million years ago on planet Somaris. Unfortunately, during their return journey back home, their spacecraft crashes into Earth during the Cretaceous period – except for Koa – who survives; Mills decides to care for her despite language barriers preventing communication.

Mills discovers the other half of his spacecraft has an escape shuttle and sends out a distress signal for rescue. To entice Koa to accompany him on their journey, he lies about her parents being alive in order to convince her to join them as they journey toward the mountain where the shuttle resides. Along the way, they form an unlikely bond while facing attacks from terrifying prehistoric creatures.

Koa and Mills spend the night near a cave where Koa watches video messages from Nevine, Mills’ deceased daughter. Unfortunately, they are attacked by an enormous theropod that they manage to injure and hide from inside the cave. After some rockfall separates them, however, they reunite and continue their journey together. Mills learns of an approaching asteroid that will trigger Earth’s extinction event within twelve hours.

Koa and Mills eventually make it to the ship, but Koa is furious upon learning of his deceit. Mills explains that he lost his daughter Nevine and promises to protect Koa. They board an escape shuttle, but asteroid debris causes it to crash down a mountainside. Koa and Mills must battle off several dangerous prehistoric creatures before finally reaching safety aboard their vessel.

As they take off from the planet to safety, an asteroid collides with Earth. The credits show images of the devastation left behind and how Earth’s landscape changed over time due to this impact.

Is Mills and Koa Able To Escape From Earth

Is Mills and Koa Able To Escape From Earth?

In the movie, Mills decides to embark on a two-year space expedition to earn money for his sick daughter Nevine’s medical care. Unfortunately, while on their way back, their ship crashes into Earth during the Cretaceous period, and all passengers except one – Koa – have perished. With his ship damaged and split in half, Mills takes care of Koa as they both attempt to survive in this harsh prehistoric environment. He lies to her about her parents being alive to persuade her to go with him to where they plan to take an escape shuttle.

As they journey to the mountain, they face difficulties such as language barriers, dangerous dinosaurs and an asteroid impact that will change everything forever. Mills nurses a wound on his abdomen while Koa saves him when he dislocates his shoulder. Over time, Mills sees Koa as his daughter, while Koa sees Mills as her parental figure.

However, their journey turns dark when an alien parasite attempts to enter Koa’s body, and they are pursued by what appears to be Tyrannosaurus Rex-like creatures. Eventually, Mills and Koa manage to escape these predators and return to the ship, which takes off from Earth just before an asteroid hits it. The film concludes with multiple images of Earth’s landscape after impact until modern civilization emerges years later.

65 (2023) Movie Ending

“65” (2023) Movie Ending, Explained

“65” has an engaging plot element that creates a feeling of urgency. Set on prehistoric Earth, viewers are not told until later in the movie that an extinction-level asteroid is approaching. Mills and Koa must find a way to leave planet Earth safely; Mills sees Koa as his daughter and wants her back home even though her parents have passed away. Despite falling meteors and dangerous dinosaurs along their journey, Mills sacrifices himself so Koa can escape.

Storytelling-wise, “65” explores the creation of a family during an apocalyptic scenario. Mills loses his daughter to Koa when Koa’s parents pass away, and she finds a father figure in Mills. Through simple setups and payoffs throughout the movie – such as when an asteroid belt indicates planet-killing meteorite damage or a geyser belt saves Mills and Koa from dangerous dinosaurs – create tension and add weight to the story, making it more captivating overall.

Overall, “65” is an engaging film that’s worth watching. The performances from Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt add to the emotional impact of the storyline, without relying on complex plot points or convoluted storylines for interest; instead, it uses straightforward yet effective storytelling techniques to keep viewers hooked. While it may not be one that will be remembered for years to come, those who appreciate science fiction and adventure films should definitely give this one a watch.

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