Marathon Man; Where is Convicted Conman ‘Youssef Khater’ Today?

Where is Youssef Khater Now

Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever‘ delves into stories of seemingly average housemates who turned out to be hustlers, crooks, and, in some cases, murders, as the title suggests.

As a result, this anthology series not only looks at persons like infamous serial killer Dorothea Puente and murderer KC Joy, but also people like Youssef Khater (in ‘Marathon Man‘).

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the latter, including details about his past, offences, penalties, and current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered.

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Who is Youssef Khater

Youssef Khater, Who is He?

Youssef Khater is a Lebanese-born Danish citizen who has allegedly been deceiving and manipulating people for his personal financial gain for years.

Indeed, the episode implies that he has gone to such lengths in his (needless) ambitions that his family has “kicked him out” and severed connections with him (likely before the 2010s).

Over time, he claimed to be a young football trainer, a war veteran, and an athlete, but the only thing that all reports agree on is that he’s a dangerously seductive man who frequently deceives others with his abilities and appearance.

After all, Youssef had persuaded over 50 people in his nation to donate him thousands of dollars for a trip to a prince-owned “sports city” in Dubai in the late 2000s.

However, as the trip date came, he fabricated a series of excuses for the delay, eventually claiming that every money had been lost in a “fire” at his home.

He was subsequently charged with arson, embezzlement, forgery, and theft, revealing that he’d been dishonourably retired from the Danish Marines after ten years of service — for fraud – at the age of 28.

Youssef, on the other hand, escaped before he was to stand trial for the many scams he’d hatched by posing as a Palestinian origin runner who wanted to represent his heritage in South American ultra-marathons.

He actually persuaded local Palestinian community leaders to fund his entire journey, which is how he got from Denmark to Brazil and finally to Santiago.

Youssef cheated on many more people there, including girlfriends and roommates, and ended up attacking Dominic Rayner and nearly killing Callie Quinn in order to avoid being exposed.

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Where is Youssef Khater Today

What happened to Youssef Khater?

Youssef Khater had effectively buried his housemate, Callie Quinn, 23, alive in order to save face — he’d told his creditors he’d send her a bag full of cash to pay what he owed, so her disappearance would get him off the hook.

But, happily, she survived, returned, and fought hard for justice, even after he’d gotten out from their shared apartment the next morning by claiming his mother had died.

Shortly after, he was captured during a sting operation, and the resulting trial resulted in his conviction for her attempted murder.

Youssef was sentenced to only 600 days

In 2012, Youssef was sentenced to only 600 days in prison, following which he was deported to Denmark to face legal proceedings for the crimes he faced.

The offender was acquitted on three of the five counts, meaning he only had to serve another three months in prison before being let free for good. That’s when he went to Costa Rica and allegedly perpetrated other frauds, but no arrests were made after that.

We only know that Youssef was last positively located in his home country of Denmark in 2018, as there have been no further advancements in the case.

He has previously used the aliases Joseph Carter and Josef Maria, implying that he is now using them, or a new name.

With that stated, no one knows where the man who has been accused of wooing “many lovely, kind, and intelligent ladies along the way” is these days.

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