Who was Maxim Slobodian and How Did He Die?

Who was Maxim Slobodian and How Did He Die

Who was Maxim Slobodian? How did Maxim Slobodian die? – Maxim Slobodian, sometimes known as Maximignite, a professional skydiver, reportedly died on Sunday, July 17. According to reports, Slobodian was 31 years old when he passed away. According to additional reports, a professional skydiver perished in a skydiving accident in Switzerland.

The news of his passing was initially reported by local media outlets. Then, his friends and followers on TikTok and Instagram reposted it. The Ukrainian national, who was a resident of Dubai, had just BASE jumped in Switzerland.

According to regional Swiss media, the incident occurred at Walenstadt in St. Gallen, Switzerland. No other formal confirmation has yet been made public by Slobodian’s family or representatives at the time of publication.

How did Maxim Slobodian die? What was his Cause of Death?

According to Blick, a German-language daily and online news source in Switzerland, Maxim Slobodian died on Saturday night after suffering injuries in a BASE jump incident. According to reports, the mishap happened after he started the leap at the Crack Reminder launch site for Sputnik. Blick’s report states that the mishap happened after he committed to the jump at around 7:00 p.m.

Maxim Slobodian, a native of Ukraine, is said to have crashed after hitting a natural obstruction, most likely a tree or the high-altitude landscape, as he flew close to the “Tieregg” area in his wingsuit. Blick’s initial story omits any mention of his parachute, although other local sources attribute Blick’s loss to a malfunctioning chute. The majority of the injuries suffered by the 31-year-old were caused by a fall of about 300 metres.

Rega, a private air-rescue nonprofit organization, made an effort to save Slobodian there. The BASE jumper was apparently pronounced dead on the scene by their on-site doctor, though. The exact nature and extent of the injuries as mentioned earlier, are not yet known. It appeared that the fall-related injuries were fatal.

According to the relatively small-scale online news source Upto Brain, Slobodian’s parachute did not open as he fell to his death while practicing skydiving. However, no government sources have endorsed the information. As the St. Gallen’s police look into the incident, more information about the circumstances surrounding his death is anticipated. It will be interesting to see whether any recently discovered information is made public.

Friends and colleagues of Maxim Slobodian send their condolences on his untimely passing.

Many people offered memorials to the deceased skydiver when the news of his death spread online. These include well-known figures in the skydiving community.

A few tributes also acknowledged Maxim Slobodian’s accomplishments in the skydiving community. Ofer Yakov, a video producer, sent a touching tribute to Slobodian on Instagram. Yakov said in the post:

“I really wish it wasn’t real, and I didn’t have to say goodbye to you today, Max. You were always so nice to me and always cared about me, and the last voice massage (sic) you sent me will always remain for proof”.
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