Life After Lockup: Are Amber Eggers and Michelle Deaton Puppy Still Together?

Are Amber and Puppy From Life After Lockup Still Together

Are Amber Eggers and Michelle Deaton Still Together? – Nine ex-inmates and their significant others travel on strange and adventurous trips during their Life after Lockup, with the couples from reality tv series “Love After Lockup” as their guides. The stakes in the struggle to remain sober have never been higher, from new jobs and children to family conflict and sobriety. Returning couples must learn how to deal with the growing pains of adjusting to love while managing life on the outside. In addition, they must learn how to deal with travel limits, prohibitions on consorting with old connections, and the temptations of drink and narcotics.

Amber Eggers appeared to be highly interested in Vincent initially, but she quickly found that Michelle Deaton, or “Puppy,” was another prisoner she had love for. Unexpectedly, Puppy returned the favour, and the two started a wonderful friendship that fans predicted would endure. Even so, now that season 3 is over, let’s explore their relationship and learn whether Puppy and Amber are still together.

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Puppy and Amber’s Life After Lockup Journey

The Adventure Journey of Amber Eggers and Michelle Deaton “Puppy,” in Life After Prison

Amber was interestingly presented as Vincent’s partner in “Life After Lockup,” and the two appeared to be deeply in love at the time. Fans believed that the couple were committed to their relationship for the long term because they had expressed dreams of creating a life together. However, fate soon stepped in, and Amber and Vincent’s love started to fade as time went on.

Ultimately, both knew their relationship wasn’t meant to be, and they decided to part ways. However, soon after, Amber, who was still inside, grew close to another prisoner named Puppy.

Puppy and Amber quickly became at ease with one another, and although their connection had begun as a close friendship, there were early signs that they might want more. Naturally, the friendship quickly developed into love when Puppy showed Amber his feelings, and the show even showed them having an intimate moment.

Viewers wondered about the couple’s fantastic connection at that point, and it was obvious that they were dating exclusively. However, it’s interesting to note that even at that point, Amber tried to hide a few things from Puppy and omitted the fact that she was still in touch with one of her ex-boyfriends. They appeared to be unaffected by that, though, and the couple anticipated a bright future together.

Are Puppy and Amber Eggers Still Together

Amber Eggers and Puppy Still have a Relationship?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a romantic relationship going on right now between Puppy and Amber Eggers. Fans had anticipated that they would stay together once they were released from prison, but things did not work out, so they decided to start dating. Soon later, Puppy found a man named Eric, and Amber welcomed her ex, Sammy, back into her life. They both then began seeing various men.

At first, Sammy seemed like a great partner, but he was also an ex-felon. Amber, it is claimed, quickly discovered his authoritarian tendencies and turned down the opportunity to further the relationship. Thus, much to the astonishment of admirers, the two abruptly engaged in a public breakup. In the same episode, it was shown how Puppy often visited Eric’s home in violation of her parole, leading to her re-arrest.

However, despite rumours that Puppy was eager to wed Eric, there is no evidence of a relationship. However, Amber appears to have moved on from Sammy and entered into another relationship based on her social media presence. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell if Puppy and Amber are in contact right now because neither of them has a solid online presence. We nevertheless want to take this chance to wish them the best in the future.

Life After Lockup’s fourth season debuted on WeTV on Friday, July 29 at 9 p.m.

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