Life After Lockup: Are Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac Still Together?

Are Shawn and Sara From Life After Lockup Still Together

Are Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac Still Together? – Life After Lockup on WE TV, a sequel to Love After Lockup, has returned for Season 4. The program chronicles the transition from prison to freedom for ex-offenders and their partners who had previously been on the main program. Compared to unconvicted couples, these ex-cons encounter challenges. Along with travel and relationship restrictions, these couples also deal with alcohol and drug use.

Exclusive footage from Life After Lockup episode reveals Shawn’s two ex-girlfriends who are planning to crash his wedding to Sara. Before the birth of their first child together, Shawn and Sara want to get married. The new season follows their efforts to convince their families to support the wedding. Shawn had already met Sara’s mother and daughter. However, Sara has only interacted with one of Shawn’s six children, an adult son, at an unpleasant family gathering where they were informed of Sara’s pregnancy. Let’s find out more about their relationship status.

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Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac's Journey

Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac’s Journey on “Life After Lockup”

The most prominent memory of Shawn Osborne is his appearance on the reality show “Love after Lockup.” In the show, Destinie, a different prisoner, initially caught Shawn’s attention. He pursued her romantically and even covered her $5,000 bail bond. His former spouse, Kelly, was unhappy with him for that choice because they had six kids together, and she was finding it difficult to care for them. Later, Destinie made an effort to learn as much as she could from him before breaking up with him in front of the public. Then he continued with Sara.

Regarding Sara’s private life, not much is known. She received a prison sentence for administering heroin to an elderly man. She was jailed for the crime and charged with involuntary manslaughter. Three additional women took part in the crime. She has been the subject of several discussions on the show and has committed one of the significant crimes. Because she has expressed regret, some admirers are ready to forget the crime. However, there are many more who talk about its morality of it.

Shawn found Sara to be a breath of fresh air since Destinie dumped him and publicly humiliated him before she was locked up again. While they were serving their sentences, Shawn met Sara and Destinie. She decided to leave him and grab whatever she could after making an effort to date Destinie and get married. In the end, Destinie was returned to custody, freeing Shawn to continue his relationship with the person he had been speaking to during his time with Destinie. Life After Lockup season 4 has seen Shawn moving to Ohio and pursuing a new relationship with Sara now that Sara is a free woman.

Are Sara Isaac and Shawn Osborne Still Together?

We are happy to report that Shawn and Sara are still together and happy. There is no confirmation yet because the show’s most recent season has not yet premiered. Many rumors and pictures suggest that Shawn and Sara are currently expecting their first child together after getting married. Sara appears to be about five months pregnant. Shawn’s former partner, Kelly, has voiced anger at her ex’s actions. He and Kelly have six kids together, and Kelly has run numerous GoFundMe campaigns to prevent them from losing their homes. Her oldest son is now a soldier. Additionally, Sara has a child from a prior union.

After Destinie, Shawn’s former girlfriend dumped him, Shawn and Sara began dating. When they first started dating, Shawn withheld many things from Sara, but the two seemed to be content with one another. After Destinie and Destinie’s ugly public breakup, Sara was introduced to the audience in season four of the show. Initially, Shawn intended to wed Destinie and establish a family with her. At the same time, Destinie preferred to extract as much information as possible from him before calling it quits. She ultimately returned to prison, where Shawn met Sara.

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